Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 957 - 957: Jealousy

The black ropes that had come out of the ground wrapped around the legs of Du Liang to stop him from moving. It was keeping him held in his place, unable to move. 

Du Liang didn't seem surprised, though. After the ropes wrapped around his legs, he stood calmly. 

He didn't even try moving as he stood still. Not only that, but he even folded his arms as if he had given up on fighting. Nothing phased him as he watched the girl attacking him. 

"Good! Accept your death!" 

The tiger-clawed woman reached Du Liang as she swung her claws towards his neck. The claws slashed the neck of Du Liang. As Du Liang's neck was sliced, his head rolled over to the ground. 

"So easy. We were worried for nothing," the woman scoffed as she looked back at her partners who were coming behind her. 


A shocked look covered her face as she realized that no one was there. He looked all around her, but not a single person was in her sight. 

"Where did everyone disappear to?" She mumbled to herself. 

She looked back at the body of Du Liang in confusion. She found the body to have disappeared as well. There was no body there. 

She was alone in this place. Her head was spinning as she failed to understand what was happening. 

She was not the only one suffering from that, though. Right behind her, her teammates were similarly standing, unable to see anyone. It was as if they were in a different world of their own. 

"What's that?" Long Chen asked Qian Yu. He saw Du Liang standing in his original position. His eyes were red, but that wasn't the strange part. The thing he found odd was that the ones that had gone to attack him were standing still as if they were in a daze. 

Everyone who stepped within 5 meters proximity of Du Liang had stopped moving. 

Long Chen understood that it had something to do with Eyes of Death but what exactly happened was something he didn't understand. 

"It's his special ability. The ones who get close to him, he can trap them in their own mind. Those people can get out of the trap, but how, even I don't know. Only a few people had managed to get out throughout the years when fighting against him from what I know," Qian Yu explained to Long Chen. 

"Interesting. There's an ability like that?" It was surprising to know about this ability. An unsuspecting guy would easily be trapped. 

Most people prefer to close in on the enemy when fighting, and it was the weakest approach against Du Liang. It was good that he found out about this because even he wasn't sure if he was ever going to be affected or not. 

"What's the range of this attack? Five meters?" He asked Qian Yu to get more information. 

Qian Yu ignorantly raised both her hands as she answered. "I don't know. I've only seen him use it when people are within the range of five meters. Maybe he can cast it on longer range, or maybe he can't."

'She knows, I think. But she isn't going to expose his weakness. Fine.' Long Chen understood that she wasn't going to tell. So just to be safe, he assumed that the range was ten meters, taking double the range for safety. 

"What the hell is wrong with you! Stop dilly-dallying and attack him! I can't stop him for long!"

Watching the Beastkins stand still like puppets, the man who had used the black ropes to hold Du Liang in place yelled. The others also started yelling at them to move. Why were they still?

"They won't move," Du Liang laughed dryly as he gazed at the black ropes with his red eyes. The ropes were destroyed as soon as his gaze fell on the ropes. 

He was freed. He started walking towards the girl who had come to attack him.

Reaching out his hands, he touched the hands of the girl, which had tiger-like claws. 

"You have beautiful claws," he praised gently as he smiled while moving her hand. He arranged her claws near her neck. "Unfortunately, they're dangerous too."

He slowly moved her claws over her own neck, cutting it instantly. The girl died without even knowing what had happened. In her mind, she was still trying to find where everyone had gone when she found it hard to breathe. The last few months of her life were as painful as they could be while she died. 

"You idiots, move! Stop letting him kill you! What happened to you all!"

While Du Liang started moving to the next dazed person after killing the woman, the others shouted to bring him out of his daze. Unfortunately, the long-necked man didn't come out of his trance. 

"You! Attack him! We can't let him kill everyone one by one! We must attack together!"

The Windshock Empire, which was acting as the leader of the union, started commanding everyone to attack. 

"Why will I! Didn't you see their condition? We don't even know his abilities. I'm not stepping closer to him at all. I don't want to die like them! This man's abilities are too mysterious! I don't want to fight him anymore!"

"Yes! I thought he would fight normally! We could have overwhelmed him, but we can't do it when he fights like that!" 

"Let's go! We must find flowers instead of trying to steal from a monster!"

More and more people started walking out of the battle as they gave up. This ability was too mysterious. People, who were so good and fought so properly previously, didn't even move when they were killed? It was a frightening ability, especially when they didn't know how it worked.


"I'm jealous," Long Chen said as he watched everyone leave the battle slowly when it had just begun. A jealous look appeared on his face. 

"Why?" Qian Yu asked curiously. "Are you jealous of his abilities?"

"Not his abilities. I'm jealous of his luck instead," Long Chen answered as he shook his head. 

"His luck? What do you mean?" Qian Yu inquired, not understanding what he was trying to say here. 

"Whenever I fight a group, people only go crazy the more I kill them—no one ever left in fear of death. I'm jealous that his enemies are so sensible," he continued as he smiled wryly. 

He couldn't help but wonder. How amazing would it be if all his enemies were this sensible? Was this a thing about luck or something else?