Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 940 - 940: Fascinating Eyes

The three dark-clothed men were looking towards Long Chen. To be more specific, they were looking in the direction of their group.

Du Liang looked straight into the eyes of the people. There was not the slightest bit of intimidation that was visible on his face. 

Qian Yu also seemed perfectly fine as she gazed back at the men.

'The darkness race of the immortal world. I don't feel anything special about them. There is something strange about them, though. They feel a little too... Ordinary. I don't get a sense of strength from them. It's as if they don't have the least bit of Cultivation,' Long Chen wondered as he gazed at the Darkness Race.

"That's because they don't have Cultivation that you know of. They are a race that has a different method of Cultivation. Instead of storing their Cultivation in their Martial space, their Cultivation lies in their body. 

"Cultivation lies in their body? You mean they are body Cultivators?" Long Chen asked curiously. 

"They aren't body Cultivators either. It's a mixture of both. Martial Cultivation keeps their Cultivation in their Martial space. Body Cultivators also do the same, the only difference being that they use most of the Qi to nourish their body which leaves less Qi for their Cultivation," Xun answered Long Chen.

"These people directly store the Qi in their body. Thus, their body gets constant nourishment even when they don't wish for it," she continued.

"Oh, so they increase the efficiency. Interesting approach," Long Chen muttered softly.

"That's right. It can't work for any other face except them, though. Their skin is perfect for holding their Cultivation. The body of humans is different. Even if you try to do the same thing, you'll fail. The Cultivation of yours will only leak out faster than you can collect," Xun explained.

"A human can't even break through to the Spirit Establishment Realm through their method," she continued.

"That's a waste then," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. 

'I just noticed it now. Why is it that the guardian of all the groups not here? These three people are also without guardians. Some of these definitely had guardians. Strange.'

The people from the Dark World walked through the black mist that was floating above the ground. They soon reached near Du Liang through slow steps. 

Stopping in front of Du Liang, the three pale-looking men stared at him from top to bottom. Even though there was no expression on their face, there was indeed a visible curiosity in their eyes.

"Your eyes are fascinating," the person in the lead commented in his emotionless voice.

'They just have seen him using the Eyes of Death. Do they know about the legend, though?' Long Chen asked Xun.

"It's the Darkness Race of the Immortal World, the elders would certainly know about it, but if they've fallen to the level of the mortal world, I doubt their youngsters would know about these eyes? There are many special physiques related to the eyes. It's easy to confuse even by the experienced," Xun answered lazily. 

"I wish I could say the same about you," Du Liang retorted. 

The leading men in the Dark World team shifted his gaze to Qian Yu as he ignored the taunt of Du Liang.

"You are talented as well. Not bad," he nodded his head slowly as he complimented.

"I don't need your validation," Qian Yu asserted.

The man once again ignored the returning comments as he shifted his gaze to Long Chen in the end.

Resting his eyes on Long Chen for a bit, he frowned. 

"Strange. There is something strange about you. I can't see anything," the man said curiously.

"Should I be proud?" Long Chen inquired lazily. "Get back to your place. Don't act as if you're some god."

The men still didn't seem to be affected by the words. It seemed as if their control of their emotions was really good. Long Chen couldn't have but have an urge to watch them get worried and show their different side.

"All three of you can talk well," the dark-clothed man said to Long Chen as a subtle smile formed on his face.

"Yeah. We all have the talent to climb to the immortal world on our own. And we aren't bad enough that we'll ever be forced back to the mortal worlds unlike a certain few," Long Chen answered vaguely. It was his aim to throw them off.

"You idiot, why are you creating trouble for yourself?" Xun complained in Long Chen's ears. "That's why I don't tell you things."

Long Chen's action seemed to be successful as he saw the faces of these men twitch uncontrollably.

Even Du Liang found it strange. Just why did his teammate talk about such a random thing. And how did he succeed in getting a reaction from them? Was there something he was missing?

"You think too highly of yourself," the dark-clothed man said to Long Chen.

"Of course I would. I'm not you, after all. Now step aside. I don't want ugly things in my view," Long Chen further added to insult them.

Those people were interested in him. He could only do this to change the topic of interest. If he could make them angry, they might not talk about him. Anger short-sighted a person, after all. That was also his partial motivation for mocking these people.

"Hahaha, that's one the Pei Zen I know. Great going," Du Liang laughed out loud as he praised Long Chen. 

"It would be fun to meet you in the trial," the man from the Dark World said before he stood looking at Long Chen.

He started walking away from the group of Fengshu and stood in an empty spot.

Peace once again returned to the place. The black mist also disappeared slowly.

Time kept passing slowly as people waited for the Emperor to come and start the trial, but that man was nowhere to be seen. 

"Everyone is here now. When are we going to start? Did you send someone to call your father?" Du Liang finally couldn't bear with it. He asked right away. 

With his lead, the others also started asking questions to the Crown Prince.

"Yeah. We aren't here to pass the time. I already waited for so long. How long are we supposed to wait?"

"Start it already. Did he forget that we are supposed to have a trial?"

"We came from so far in time, and your father can't even come in time inside his own Palace? What kind of joke is this?"

The complaints soon turned to subtle insults, which infuriated the Princes.