Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 830 - 830: Assassin

"If I am not strong, then the guy we are looking for should be the brother of the Clan Master. In that case, he should be strong. Wherever there's a big commotion, there should be a possibility of him being there since he's the Second Strongest in the clan after the Clan Master. We just need to stay inside the Clan and keep an eye out for him," Long Chen replied, easily answering the question that was plaguing the head of Ji Shan.

The soldiers of the Royal Army spread out in every direction of the clan while a few of them followed behind Zhi Kong towards the center of the Clan where most of the Elders lived.

Long Chen followed them to the center of the Clan.

Another Battle began between the Royal Army and the Xie Clan members. The Royal Army consisted of many Sky Realm Cultivators and even a few Heaven Realm Cultivators. 

The Xie Clan only had two Heaven Realm Cultivators, which were the Clan Master and his brother. The Clan Master was already killed, leaving his brother, who Long Chen was here to find.

He believed that he would come to face the army like a proud warrior, but that wasn't what happened.

The Sky Realm Elders of the Clan were being killed left, and right but the Clan Master's brother was nowhere to be found.

The air was filled with the screams of the Cultivators who were being killed by the Royal Army.

Some of them were able to give a tough fight, but most were not able to last for even a second against the enemies. 

Bodies kept dropping to the ground as people kept dying. Most of the people that died belonged to the Xie Clan. The Royal Army did have a few injuries, but none of them were seriously injured. 

Looking around, Long Chen grew confused. "He still hasn't come out after all this. Did he run away before the designated time?"

"Who are you looking for here? The person you want to kill, did you not see him yet?" The Princess asked Long Chen as she saw him looking perplexed.

Long Chen didn't answer and simply turned back. He spread out his Divine Sense as he checked for himself if anyone was hiding.

He had received an approximate description from Ji Shan. He believed that he was capable enough to find him on his own even though he wouldn't kill him.

He checked his surroundings but didn't find anyone that matched the description, even amongst the people that were hiding.

'He isn't here,' he thought as he frowned.

Bringing out his Spirit Sword, Long Chen stepped on it.

"You stay here with the Princess. I will come back soon. I'll go look around," he let out before he flew away on his Sword.

He scanned the entire Xie Clan using his Divine Sense as he flew above, trying to find them.

As he reached near the other end of the clan, he finally saw someone. A shadow was running away like lightning and soon jumped above the boundary of the Clan.

"Got him! He can't be anything less than a Heaven Realm Cultivator!" Long Chen exclaimed as he increased his speed and followed the shadow outside the clan.

"Where did he go?" 

As soon as Long Chen left the clan, he noticed that the person had disappeared. He was nowhere to be found at the moment. 

"How can he disappear so fast?" Long Chen wondered as he looked around. 

"He couldn't have gone far in such a short time. I am sure he would be here somewhere."

He spread out his Divine Sense once again as he flew in the direction where he saw that Shadow running previously.

"Ah, there you are." A smirk appeared on Long Chen's face as he noticed something. He was flying above a small house nearby when he saw something that made him smile.

He was happy that he had found the person he was looking for. Even though it seemed as if he had lost the man previously, he actually found him.

Through his Divine Sense, he could see the middle-aged man hiding inside a house.

His hands were around a woman, closing her mouth to prevent him from speaking as he whispered something into her ears, supposedly telling her to stay silent.

After some time, he freed the woman. The woman was shivering, but she didn't try to run or scream. She sat down on the corner while the man sat down on the bed. 

"Those Bastards! The Royal Family dared to attack our Clan! It's all because of the bastards that allowed the girl to run away! If they weren't dead, I would have killed them myself! Not only them but even my brother! He dared to run away without telling us! If I hadn't realized that my brother disappeared, I wouldn't have left the clan alone either, and I would be caught. If I see him, I won't let him go without explaining!" the man kept talking to himself as he wondered what he should do. 

Long Chen landed on top of the roof of the house, breaking it with brute force as he jumped inside. 

He made it so that he would land rights above the middle-aged man's head.

The man was a Heaven Realm Cultivator with a good battle experience. As soon as he heard the breaking of the roof, he instantly moved and punched towards the sky.

A giant golden fist appeared that flew upward; however, it didn't hit anyone. As soon as the roof was broken, Long Chen had instantly teleported behind the man since he had expected that he would be attacked.

While the man was focused on the attack that he expected to come from the sky, it came from the back.


The man smirked as he felt a sense of danger from behind him. Even though he couldn't dodge, he didn't look worried.

'I am wearing the Golden Crown Beast Armor. It's Peak Earth Realm Armor. It can't be broken unless the King himself attacks with his treasure,' the man thought, not feeling scared.

He looked more confident than he had ever looked however his face turned pale as a sword came out of the middle of his chest, barely missing his heart. 

"W-what!" The man was so stunned that he couldn't even react for a few seconds, but that was enough time for Long Chen to cut his arms.

'I like this assassination trick. No wonder assassins were so feared. No worries about facing a tougher enemy, and it's more effective,' Long Chen thought as his Qi Sword disappeared. He also pulled out his Sword of Time.