Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1021 - 1021: Blamed

The door of the Queen's room opened as someone walked inside the room. 

"Mingyu, I was right. You're here."

A man's voice attracted Mingyu and her mother. 

"Father," Mingyu said as she saw a well-built man standing inside the room. She also noticed a global standing behind him. "Brother."

"What are you doing here, father? And where's Long Chen?" She asked, curious.

She didn't see Long Chen standing with them. He left to meet them. Why didn't he come with them here?

"Oh? You knew about his arrival? And you still let him roam freely? I thought you were unaware but did you really let him do what he wanted?" the Emperor asked. 

"Do what he wanted? What do you mean? I don't understand anything," Mingyu asked in confusion. 

She further explained, "Yeah, he came to meet me first. And I let him go to meet you alone. Are you talking about this? Did he apologize? You forgave him, right?"

"Forgave him? You want me to forgive him for trying to kill your brother? You want me to forgive him for trying to fight me? You want me to forgive him for killing our guards? What do you want me to forgive him for?" Lu Junwei asked sarcastically. 

He couldn't believe it. That man already met with his daughter, but she didn't tell him. 

"Trying to kill him? What do you mean?" 

Mingyu freed the hands of her mother as she stood up to face her father. She couldn't comprehend his words. What was he saying?

"Sigh, do you really not know?" the Emperor asked, sighing. 

"Don't know what?" Mingyu asked. 

"I guess you don't," the Emperor muttered. "That guy came here not to talk to me. He came here to kill your brother because he's upset about his bad deeds being exposed."

"Nonsense. What bad deeds? That whole story was fake. It's a scheme of our enemies that want to break our family. He would never force a woman. As for him coming here to kill brother, that should be a misunderstanding."

Mingyu still didn't believe it despite hearing about it from her father. In her eyes, neither her family nor Long Chen could do something bad. For her, it was some enemy of their family or some misunderstanding. 

"You still don't understand? What misunderstanding? That man had killed our guards on the way to Wang's room. He even broke the door to enter his room forcefully? Do you think he went to his room to talk to me?" the Emperor asked in disbelief that his daughter was so blind in love that she was even doubting him. 

"Maybe he had a reason? It certainly won't be to kill brother.  Let me talk to him. All misunderstanding will be over," Mingyu said. Her face was a bit pale. Even though she said it, this sounded serious. 

She couldn't understand herself. Long Chen told her that he was going to talk to her father. Why did he go to her brother? Moreover, why did he kill the guards inside?

"His reason? After all this, instead of seeing what's right before your eyes, you want to hear his explanation? You want him to give you an excuse? You want him to justify that he's not doing it as revenge on your brother for exposing him but for some other reason? Is that what you want?" the Emperor asked, wondering just how lovesick his daughter was. 

Even after all this, she still gave him the benefit of the doubt. 

"Don't worry. He already gave me his reason. Want to hear his nonsense reasoning when he was exposed?" he asked. 

"According to him, he doesn't want to kill your brother because Wang'er exposed his dark side in front of us all instead of keeping it hidden. He did say that he wants to kill him because Wang is going to kill you. That's his reasoning? Now you still think he is sane?" he added. 

It was at that point, Lu Wang stepped closer to Mingyu and raised his hand slowly. 

He placed his hand on Mingyu's shoulder as he said in a low voice, "Long Chen had gone crazy.  At Least realize the truth now. The person you knew him to be was fake.  And when his real side is out, he lost his mind."

The Emperor chimed in as he asked, "What do you think is the real reason he wants to kill Wang? If you still have to think about it, then I'm disappointed. In your heart, you also know what's the logical answer."


Mingyu knew what logic said. But her heart refused to accept it. She just couldn't get herself to agree. It wasn't possible. 

"So you want to wait until he kills your brother?" Lu Junwei asked. 

Mingyu opened her lips but to no avail. She didn't understand what to say. 


She was about to say something when everyone looked towards the gate at the sound of the footsteps. 

Everyone saw Long Chen there. 

"You are h-"

Mingyu let out as her eyes lit up. Long Chen could tell the truth now. She knew all misunderstanding was going to be over now. 

Unfortunately, Long Chen didn't hear her. Instead, his eyes were on Lu Wang, whose hand was on Mingyu's shoulder. 

He couldn't help but remember his vision about Mingyu being killed by him. And to see that guy so close to Mingyu, it was making him lose his control. 

Without thinking anything, he Teleported beside Mingyu as he kicked the chest of Lu Wang, "Don't you dare get close to her!"

His yell was so powerful that it echoed in most of the Palace.

Lu Wang flew back like a broken kite. Fortunately, he was caught by Lu Junwei, who was standing behind him. 

"What are you doing, you idiot!" 

Seeing her brother be harmed, even Mingyu was angry. She couldn't help but scold Long Chen as she stood before him to stop him from approaching Lu Wang. 

"Mingyu, you don't know the truth! I need to kill that guy. Don't stop me today," Long Chen said as he tried to move her to the side. 

"No, you don't! Don't you dare touch my brother. I'm serious!" Mingyu said, refusing to move aside. 

"I can't listen to you today. No matter who comes in my path today. That guy will be killed!" Long Chen said as he used his strength to move Mingyu to the side before he walked towards Lu Wang. 

"So father was right. You really lost your mind because he complained about you? That's why you're still upset? Because you were guilty? That's why you ran away, leaving me behind?" Mingyu felt a bit hurt by what she saw. Even though she knew these words would hurt Long Chen, she said them.