Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1034 - 1034: Amplifier

"Is she that strong?" Zhiqing asked, understanding the meaning of Long Chen. 

"I had a fight with her. Even though it wasn't a proper fight and I had to finish it faster, I couldn't judge her true strength, but I am sure her true strength is pretty incredible. As for how incredible, I don't believe Meng Qian is capable enough to force her to use her true strength either," Long Chen answered. 

"Alright! You two shall have a battle first, but it won't be a normal battle. In the second trial, all the participating worlds had decided that the battles would be different. Each of the battles will have a specific theme and a specific set of law and rules that have already been pre-decided," General Wuki informed both Qian Yu and Meng Qian, who seemed to be prepared to fight.

"That's fine. So what are the rules and then of our battle?" Meng Qian asked as if he was the leader here. 

General Wuki didn't even look at him as he answered while looking toward the crowd. "The first battle will have a theme of water!"

"As for the rules, that will be told after the arena is prepared for the battle!" he added. 

"Theme of Water? Arena will be prepared? What does that even mean? Isn't the arena already prepared? We're standing on top of it after all!" Meng Qian asked, confused. 

"Of course, that means that the arena will be changed for the battle," Qian Yu explained, understanding the meaning of General Wuki. 

"Changed how? Don't tell me we need to change the location of the fight. It's such a drag," Ming Qian snorted, seemingly annoyed. "Fine. Where do we need to go? Let's leave so the fight can begin. I don't want to delay my sweet victory any longer."

"You don't need to move anywhere. Just wait and watch. You'll understand everything," General Wuki said, grinning. 

He brought a small stone piece out of his pocket. Holding the piece in his hand firmly, he closed his eyes. 

The stone piece started shining. The ground also began shaking and changing shape. The sandy ground changed to a big pond with only three small parts of land that were only big enough to hold a person. 

"What the heck? What did he do?"

Meng Qian exclaimed in surprise as he looked around him at his changed surroundings. The stadium and the sitting area were still the previous ones. But the ground where they were supposed to fight on has disappeared. Instead, what was left behind was a huge mass of water. He couldn't even see how deep the water actually was, but it seemed pretty deep. 

Not only him but almost everyone here was surprised, including the spectators that were sitting on stands.

Not even Long Chen could stay without being shocked. 

But he wasn't shocked because of seeing the ground change. 

Instead, he was surprised after hearing Xun, who had suddenly exclaimed in surprise as she saw the ground change.

"What do you mean by the Law of Earthly Change? Do you mean that man used a Law? Is there something so surprising? We've met many people who could use laws. Don't tell me it's a supreme law or something. Sure as heck doesn't sound like one," Long Chen said to Xun. 

"It's not a supreme level law. Actually, it's a normal grade law. But it is one of the best normal laws. Do you know why?" Xun asked Long Chen. 

"Why? Because I won't ever die of thirst with this thing?" Long Chen asked jokingly since this law could change ground to water. 

"Uff, no duffer! It can do much more than just give you water. It's a law of change. It can change your surroundings to your advantage. If you're master of Flame Law, where would you be more effective, in a place filled with fire or in a place filled with water?" Xun asked. 

"Near flames. Water would counter the flame after all," Long Chen answered. 

"That's right. That's the use of this law. It can counter and weaken the law of your enemies by changing the surroundings to their weakness and changing it to your advantage. That's why it is said to be the law of extreme utility," Xun answered. 

"That does sound useful but certainly not worth going crazy for," Long Chen replied. 

"I'm not shocked because I see that Law. What I'm shocked about is because I saw it with that stone," Xun answered. 

"Stone? Ah, that stone," Long Chen exclaimed, understanding that she was talking about the stone in the man's hand. 

"What's that stone?" he inquired. 

"It's called an amplifier stone," Xun answered. "Do you understand now?"

"Amplifier stone? Wait a minute, don't tell me it's that..."

"That's right. It's precisely the Amplifier Stone you heard about," Xun answered. 

"I was here to steal the key of Saint King, but it seems like I need to steal one more thing. It could be complicated because it's a strong enemy, though," Long Chen muttered, rubbing his chin. 

He has a feeling that this thing was going to become a mess which was going to end with a lot of deaths here.  At Least he had faith in himself and believed that he could take that stone. 

"A stone which can amplify the Laws when using it. This thing is worth the bloodshed," he muttered, frowning. 

He had heard about this stone from Xun a long time ago when she was talking about ways to enhance the Laws. 

There were permanent ways like increasing comprehension or using his bloodline for a one-time permanent boost which he was saving for later.

But there were also non permanent ways to do it. One of those was by using the Amplifier Stone.

When a person held this stone and used any law, the power of that Law was much higher than the actual capacity. 

It allowed a person to draw more strength from his law than he normally could. But this was also temporary as it only lasted until the man was holding the stone in his hand.

Moreover, a single stone had a limited number of uses before it was destroyed. 

"Each stone has twenty uses, I think. Since that stone is still in his hand and not destroyed, that limit still isn't reached, which is good. Looking at the color of the stone, I think he used it less than five times only," Xun further told Long Chen. 

"That's better. Since he said each battle would have a different theme, he should change the ground three or four more times at best. That would still leave ten more uses for me later," Long Chen nodded.