Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 257 - 257: Searching For God Beast

"Every day your heart demon is inside the cocoon, which is another day for you to get stronger to face it. So no killing and no sex for the next 14 days! " Xun glared at Long Chen as she said as if she was giving an order.

"Yes, my queen." Long Chen chuckled as he lay down on the bed. 

"Hmph. Finally, you learned to address me properly." A proud smile formed on Xun's face as she heard Long Chen call her queen.

"Hahaha. If it makes you that happy, I don't mind calling you queen, but only if you call me King." Long Chen responded jokingly.

" Hmph. In your dreams." Xun said.

She disappeared again, leaving Long Chen alone.

"She's quite fun to tease." Long Chev muttered as he smiled.

"I can hear you, bastard!" Xun's angry voice appeared in his head.

"I was kidding." Long Chen replied with a wry smile on his face. Xun didn't reply.

Long Chen fell asleep after some time.


Far, far away. There was an illusory palace that was over 1000 meters tall. Its walls were so long. They went as far as the eyes could see.

The palace was covered in clouds.

Inside the palace, a man was standing on the balcony. He was gazing at the sky. There were 10 brightly shining stars in the sky, but one of them looked more special than the remaining nine.

The 10th star was shining brighter than the remaining 9 and was in a higher position than the others.

The man had white hair and light blue eyes. He was bare-chested. Although he looked human, it was clear that he was something else.

The man had claws in place of normal humanoid hands. His skin was white and there were black stripes on his body

"Did  you find out about the 10th God Beast?" The man asked someone, but it was unclear who he was talking to.

" No, Your Majesty. We tried using all our resources, but we can't find the energy source of the 10th beast. It's like he has been swallowed by the deep abyss and not even an ounce of his godly energy can leak outside the abyss." Someone replied.

" Talk to the Phoenix clan and the others. See if that found anything." He said lightly. Even though he spoke in a low tone, his voice contained a strange energy that made people obey him unconditionally.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I will go right away" Came the reply.

There was nothing said after that and the man just kept staring at the 10th star silently.


The night passed away silently. It was early morning as Long Chen woke up.

He changed his clothes and got out of his room. He knocked on Mingyu's door and found out that she was up and ready to leave as well.

He was about to knock on Ziqing's door, but before his hand could even touch the door, the door was opened.

Long Chen's door struck Zhiqing's chest instead of the door, making Zhiqing let out a shocked sound.

"I didn't know that darling could be so aroused this early in the morning. Well, we still have some time. How about you come inside?" Zhiqing said in a seductive tone as he gazed into Long Chen's eyes.

" Sorry, but it's not the time. It's good that you're ready. We would be leaving soon." Long Chen said.

He ignored Zhiqing's advances and turned back. He walked towards Ji Shan's room and knocked on the door.

"Are you looking for someone?" 

The door didn't open, but Long Chen was tapped on his shoulders by someone. He recognized that voice.

"You're already outside?" Long Chen smiled as he turned back. He found Ji Shan standing behind him. 

"Yeah. I left for a morning walk and checked us out of the hotel in the meantime. We are free to leave at any moment" Ji Shan replied.

Long Chen nodded his head in appreciation. They all left the hotel and began their journey again.

They traveled without taking a break and after 4 hours of travel, they finally reached the Beast Mountains.

Beast Mountain was the place where the Beast Hall was situated. It was said that the beast hall was situated on the peak of the Beast Mountain.

Long Chen and the others were standing at the bottom of the mountain as they stared at the path ahead.

"The carriage can't go any further. We will have to travel to the top of the mountain on foot." Ji Shan exclaimed.

" It looks like it. The condition ahead is too bad. We can only walk ahead." Long Chen responded.

" Ron. We will be leaving on foot now. Stay here for two days and if we don't come back, go and rest in the nearest town." Long Chen said to the carriage driver.

Ron nodded his head in affirmation.

They all began their journey towards the peak of the mountain on foot and left Ron behind.

Ji Shan had kept his Soul Devouring Wolf inside his beast bag to accompany Long Chen and the others.

They were all strong cultivators, thus they didn't have any difficulty in climbing the mountain.

They finished the journey towards the top of the mountain in less than two hours and finally got the view of the Beast Hall.

Beast Hall looked less like a hall and more like a full-fledged sect. It was multiple times larger than the Glorious Blossom Sect.

"If a single branch of the Beast Hall is this big, just how big would the Main Beast Hall be?" Long Chen couldn't help but wonder as he looked at the Beast Hall.

"Magnificent, isn't it?" Ji Shan chuckled as he saw the amazed look of Long Chen.

" It's pretty good." Long Chen replied with a smile.

They walked towards the entrance of the sect.

 The guards at the door noticed them.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" They asked as Long Chen and others walked closer.