Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 837 - 837: Xu Liang Taken

A small wave of energy left the body of the young man and spread out in every direction. Time stopped wherever that wave passed through. 

Soon, the entire town was covered in it. It seemed as if the time had stopped for everyone.

The ones who were walking were still with their one feet in the air. The ones who were drinking water were also stuck in time. 

After stopping the time of the entire village, the boy clapped his hand once. 

The sky above the village turned rad. A crimson must started falling from the sky, which filled the entire town.

After a few seconds, the mist disappeared from most of the village except a few places where the mist had started taking the shape of humans. The mist formed the bandits that had attacked the village. It even included Long Chen and Orion. Even the Xu Liang was formed.

The incidents that had happened previously were being re-enacted by the creatures made of mist.

The boy saw Long Chen killing the bandits. He even saw one of the bandits killing Xu Liang's mother.

So far, he found everything to be normal, but as things progressed, his frown started deepening. Watching the battle between Xu Liang and Long Chen was something he found really fascinating.

The thing he found most special was Xu Liang's power, which was even able to defeat Long Chen.

The enactment ended and the most disappeared after the scene of Xu Liang getting unconscious.

"Interesting. Very interesting. The kid isn't a normal human. The power he showed war far more than what a human is supposed to possess. Could it be that some ancient Monster has been released? It didn't seem like he knew of his powers before. Even when he used it, he was not in his right mind. Just who exactly is the kid? How did he get here?" the boy muttered, frowning.

"How could he not be known to us. It's like even destiny wasn't able to see him. He appeared out of nowhere, breaking the script.  I need to find him. Let's see what his memories can tell me about his identity," he let out as he smirked.

His feet tapped on the ground.

A space Portal opened in front of him. He slowly stepped towards the portal and entered inside.

As soon as he entered, the Portal closed and disappeared.

The sky that had turned red recovered to its original color. The mist entirely disappeared, and the time started flowing like normal. 

The small village returned to normal.

In a different part of the world, a similar portal opened. The same boy stepped out of the portal that had just stopped time.

He was standing inside what seemed like a room. 

There was a bed in front of him where a young ten-eleven year old boy was sitting. The boy seemed like he was cultivating. 

Looking at Xu Liang Cultivating on the bed, the mysterious boy smiled as he nodded his head. 

'So he's the kid? I don't get any special feeling from him as he sits like that. Who would have thought that he would have so much strength? Let's see his memories to find out where he appeared from."

He slowly started walking towards Xu Liang, who was immersed in Cultivation and did not notice it.

The mysterious energy again came out of his body and spread in his surroundings, but this time, it didn't reach far. Instead of freezing the time of the entire town, it only froze the time of the hotel.

The boy carefully reached out his hand towards Xu Liang's forehead and touched it with his fingers.

He had barely touched Xu Liang when Xu Liang opened his eyes and looked at him.

"Who are you? Why are you touching me?" Xu Liang asked softly.

"Hmm? You can move? You aren't affected?" the boy exclaimed in surprise.

"What are you saying? Who are you?" Xu Liang asked again.

Seeing his plan to silently read Xu Liang's memory fail, the boy changed his plan. He decided to get close to Xu Liang for the time being. 

" Well, I am a wellwisher of yours. I found out about your grandma's death, so I came to comfort you. You must've been heartbroken when you saw it happen," he said to Xu Liang.

He thought that Xu Liang knew about his grandma's death since he saw Xu Liang in pain as he called out for her Grandma when she was dead. He didn't realize that Xu Liang didn't remember anything about that and about Long Chen's lies.

"W-what? My Grandma died?! How dare you talk about such ominous things!" Xu Liang roared furiously, refusing to believe his words.

"Hmm? You really don't know? You were there when it happened. How can you not know? It happened a few minutes before you lost consciousness. I'm sure you saw it with your own eyes," the boy asked, softly. He had realized that the boy was living in a misunderstanding.

He clearly understood that Long Chen most probably lied to the boy. This was the perfect time for him.

If he could separate Xu Luang from the boy, then everything would get back on track since Xu Liang's meeting with Long Chen was what screwed everything according to his assumption.

They were probably not destined to meet, or maybe they weren't destined to be close. Whatever it was, the answer remained that the boy was needed to be separated. 

"W-what are you saying? That was a dream! There is no way it actually happened. Brother Chen said that..."

Xu Liang muttered blankly, still finding it hard to believe, but it did make sense. He remembered seeing that happen. After he woke up and found Long Chen before him, he thought that it was a dream. Long Chen's explanation also made it clear to him that it was a dream, so how would the boy in front of him know about it. How can he know?

" It's clear. He lied to you. You don't believe me? Come, let me take you back to the village. You can see for yourself if you don't trust me," the boy said softly. 

A portal opened behind him, which opened the link to the village back home. 

"Come, follow me. This will take you to your home. See for yourself," the young boy said as he gestured towards the portal.

Xu Liang got off the bed with shaky steps. His face was already pale as he walked towards the portal. He entered the portal with the boy.

The Portal disappeared. Time returned to normal inside the hotel.