Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1314 - 1314: Trick

"Could it be because his cultivation was within the range of that world? He was still in the Saint Realm, which is the threshold of that world's cultivation! My cultivation surpassed that by a lot. It could also be because of that?"

"There are so many questions!" He muttered, frowning. He could also feel a heavy headache slowly creeping in. 

There were many questions in his head and not enough answers. All he knew was that things were going to be hard from here on. 

He could only sigh in disappointment as he closed his eyes and decided to cultivate and calm his head. That was the only thing he could do at this point other than waiting for the morning. 


As Long Chen was coming to terms with his new reality in Heavenly Realm, Zhu Chang was still trying to convince the enemies to attack him. 

He had already finished his count, but the people didn't get up from their knees. 

They kept their heads down.  

"Enough! Are you standing up or not?" he asked, frowning.

"We won't. We aren't worthy to face His Majesty!" The old man replied. 

"Do you really think I won't attack just because you're not attacking? This is the last warning for you all! You either stand up and face me together with your full strength, or I will start killing you!" Zhu Chang warned the old man.

There was still no response. Everyone kept their head down while they remained on their knees.

A frown engulfed the face of Zhu Chang as he realized that these people were too scared. Without them having enough motivation, this wasn't going to be fun.



He started laughing out loud, holding his stomach.

After a long time, he stopped laughing. 

He raised his hand and cast a barrier around him and the Snake Monarch. 

"See? I told you this was easy! Wherever we are in problems, this story always does the miracle! Hahahahaha, these idiots really think I'm a Heavenly Beast! Watch how I kill them one after another, and they won't even resist. Aren't I a genius?" Zhu Chang asked the Blood Dragon Emperor, laughing. 

"Uh?" Even Blood Dragon Emperor didn't understand what Zhu Chang was trying to say. What lies? What story? Wasn't it the truth?

"Oh, are you worried that they'll hear us? Don't worry; I cast a special barrier. They can't hear our conversation. Now you just stay here and don't speak a word. Watch me kill the enemies easily! That's how things are done," Zhu Chang further added, smirking. 

Outside the barrier, all the enemies had a frown on their faces. In fact, the old man's face was twitching unwillingly as he heard everything. 

'So this bastard and the Snake fooled us with the stories? This man must also be a beast from the Immortal World and not a Heavenly Beast! This bastard! Why did I believe him so easily? Just because of his knowledge?'

'Many Heavenly Warriors must appear in the Immortal World to capture criminals. He must have known about this artifact from there. And there are stories about the Heavenly Beast Tournament. He must have heard them too!'

'He used both of them to fool us? What a scheming enemy! Fortunately, his barrier didn't retain the sound for some reason! This fool doesn't even know that we can hear everything!'

'He's still a powerful enemy from the Immortal World though. But at least he's not a Heavenly Beast fortunately. If we give it our all, we can take him out!' he thought as he stood up. 

He didn't realize that the only reason he was able to hear the words of Zhu Chang from inside the barrier was because Zhu Chang wanted him to hear them. 

This was all a plan of his to rile up the enemies. He knew that the only reason these people didn't dare to attack was because they knew he was from the Heavenly Beast Clan. But if they thought that it was a lie, they could easily face him. 

Moreover, just for the sake of it, he restricted his cultivation to the Emperor Realm, which was much weaker than the Saint Realm that these people were in. It was all so he could enjoy the battles.

The old man sent the plan to everyone about what they needed to do. Most of the people started flying high in the air, taking positions. 

"So, where was I?" Zhu Chang asked, turning around. 

"Oh right. Are you not going to face me? I'll start killing you one by one! So you might as well face me. But if you don't, that's fine too. I can understand. I'm a Mighty Heavenly Beast after all," Zhu Chang let out arrogantly.

"You think this will work on us now? We already know that you were lying!" The old man declared. 

"Uh? Lying? What lying? What do you mean?" Zhu Chang asked, taken aback. It was as if he was shocked that he was exposed. 

"What lying? Do you call a Heavenly Beast a liar? Don't tell me you really think that?! What did I lie about?" he asked, shocked. 

"Enough! The truth is out! You're not a Heavenly Beast! We know the truth! I can't believe I was stupid enough to fall for it! But not anymore! I won't fall! I know about you now!" The old man declared.

"Nonsense! How could you know about me? Of course, I'm a Heavenly Beast! You can't doubt me like that! Did you forget I knew about that box? And you yourself accepted that I was a Heavenly Beast! What makes you turn around on that statement?"

"Don't be stupid! I'm really a Heavenly Beast! And my father can destroy this whole world! So come down and face your deaths!"

The old man didn't budge though. "I already know the truth! In fact, you confessed it yourself just now!"

"I did? What do you mean? Wait a minute! Don't tell me you heard what I said? But the barrier...? Did it not work on you? Arghh! I should've been careful!" Zhu Chang yelled, frustrated, but on the inside, he was extremely happy. 

"It's too late for you to be careful now! You're exposed!"

"Heh, so what! I might not be a Heavenly Beast, but I'm still a powerful beast from the Immortal World! I agree that facing you all won't be as easy as it would have been if you had accepted death like before, but the outcome won't change!" Zhu Chang declared. 

"That's what you think! But so what if you're from the Immortal World! We shall still protect our land and kill you!" The old man declared.