Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1306 - 1306: Spirit Flower

His voice resounded like the clap of thunder, "Charge of the Victory!"

For a moment, nothing changed in the place except for his disappearance. The marching Dark Spirits continued to march forth, heading towards the place he had been standing upon until now. 

But, a second later, there was a sudden change. The Dark Spirits that had been running from one direction, covering a massive area, suddenly stopped as faint arcs of lightning flashed around their bodies.

Suddenly, the patch of land under them vanished as if a trench had been dug under. As for the Dark Spirits above the patch of land, they vanished. The trench spanned a couple of hundred meters in breadth and spanned for dozens of kilometers in length.

And, at the end of the trench was a large pool of black goo, probably the resultant that remained of the innumerous Dark Spirits that had been killed by the attack. 

Another couple of seconds later, Zhu Chang appeared beside the end of the trench with a calm look on his face.  .

He observed the entire surrounding, but he wasn't able to find even one Dark Spirit. It was as if they were all gone now. 

Holding the spear firmly, he observed it. He could see a single crack on the spear, but that wasn't something new. This Crack was only minor, and it was something that the spear received long ago. 

"Ah, the scratch. It reminds me of the good old days. I hate that I was defeated by that White Tiger Brat that day. One day, I shall defeat him with the same spear. He won't be lucky every time."

As he talked, he remembered the battle he had with the White Tortoise heir around hundred years ago. Unfortunately, he was defeated in the battle. At the same time, the Phoenix Princess was defeated by the Dragon Clan Heir. 

Ultimately, there was a battle between the White Tiger heir and the Heavenly Dragon Clan heir. Their battle had no outcome though, as the day was over, and the battle had to be stopped.

That was the last time they fought in the Heavenly Heir Tournament. 

It was a tournament that happened every hundred years in which the Heavenly Clan Heirs fought to show their supremacy. 

"That reminds me. Hundred years are soon going to be over. It shall be my time to enter. I can't enjoy my life in the Mortal worlds since I need to win back my glory that I lost last time. I'll have to go back near that time," he muttered, sighing. 

"It doesn't matter though. I can probably escape again after winning. The old man shouldn't be able to stop me even then. Man, I can even take Long Chen with me. He would get to see something new as well. This would be fun!"

Zhu Chang started thinking of many ideas about the future, some of which involved Long Chen as well. 

He wanted to take him to the Heavenly Realm so he could see him win. 

"If I win before him, he can finally experience how mighty I am and how hard the battle of heaven is."

"Huh? There is one more left?" he soon noticed one more Spirit in the distance.

It was also a fearless spirit as it wasn't running away. 

The Dark Spirits appeared in front of him, slowly walking forth until they stood right near his legs. And, the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit arrived right at this time, positioning itself at his front, cackling humanely. 

Zhu Chang's hand flashed for a fraction of an instant as a blade of grass—resembling the one his spear had charred—appeared atop the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit's head, as if it had been growing there all along. 

Upon seeing it, Zhu Chang's eyes lit up with hope. 

Seeing his actions, the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit commanded the others to swarm him once again. 

More Dark Spirits appeared nearby. 

"Good. Very good! This is even better!"

"Tortoise's Might!" He yelled, raising his spear again. 

Immediately, his hair grew out, turning white as his face aged. His body turned to skin and bones, frail, lacking any semblance of his former primordial strength and valour. His essence gushed out of his body as a tiny green sphere, one rich with lifeforce, the culmination of his entire life. 

It flew into the air, exploding as the projection of a green turtle appeared. It immediately took in a deep breath, exhaling a green smoke that traveled through the entire region instantly, covering everywhere. 

And, anywhere in the green smoke, the Dark Spirits dropped dead one after another, their bodies turning into mud as trees sprouted out immediately. After it had exhaled all the green smoke, the tortoise shattered into numerous fragments, causing Zhu Chang to cough out blood. 

Collapsing to the ground, he grew surprised, noticing that the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit was still alive, "You are still alive? That's very interesting."

As it had been standing under the tortoise when it unleashed the green smoke, the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit had evaded most of the attack. 

Only a bit of the green smoke landed on its body. But, once all the other Dark Spirits in the region had been killed off, the remainder of the green smoke rushed towards the final Dark Spirit, the unsymmetrical one, gushing into its body.

Alas, its power wasn't enough to kill the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit. After the green smoke had been extinguished, it was still alive, now collapsed on the ground, struggling to live. 

He stepped closer to the body, raising his spear. "Have a great trip to hell. And thanks for giving me a great time."

He thrust the spear in the dark spirit. 

As the unsymmetrical Dark Spirit was stabbed, its body vanished; Zhu Chang gently grabbed hold of the blade of grass, muttering while smiling, " I truly found it. This was what I had been looking for all along. This…"


Laughing, he got up with a start, his appearance changing, returning to his pristine state from before. Throwing the blade of grass to the side, he laughed as he scanned around, "It seems all the Dark Spirits are dead."

He then pouted in disappointment, "I wish there were more. I wonder if I should have gone a bit easier on them. I might have been able to enjoy it more."

"This is really disappointing. I wonder if I can find something else like this," he muttered, but suddenly a frown appeared on his face as he looked in a certain direction. 

"That's intriguing. A battle is taking place there. Is Long Chen fighting someone there?"