Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1223 - 1223: Barging In

"I mean, don't tell me you really expected me to free his hand after he attacked my friend?" Long Chen asked, amused. 

"This Snake cursed him!" The blue-haired leader said.

"If we're going by the blame game, your friend called him ugly first. Even though it's true, he shouldn't have said it out loud," Long Chen retorted. 

"Ah, are you aiding me or using this as an excuse to insult me?" Snake Monarch asked, looking weirdly at Long Chen. 

"Of course it's both," Long Chen chuckled as he replied. He turned his focus to the youngsters. "Be glad that I'm in a good mood today. I'll leave you all this time. Leave and don't annoy us. Also, step away from my room."

"Your room? Is this where you stay?" The blue haired youngster asked, stunned. So this guy was actually the one that was going around, impersonating to be from their Sect?

"That's right. It's my room. Get to your room and stop disturbing us," Long Chen replied lazily.

" Brother Tian, I think he's the one! That's the one we're looking for!" Another disciple told the blue haired guy, smirking. "The idiot came to us himself."

"So you're that bastard who's impersonating to be our Sect Master! Kid! You have no idea what a kid mistake you made! Go down to your knees and start apologizing to us!" Tian told Long Chen arrogantly as if he was looking down at him. 

"Say again?" Long Chen asked, chuckling. "Now, this is new. That came out of the blue. Are you guys out of your mind or something? Why would I impersonate anyone?"

"Enough excuses! Accept your wrongs and apologize to us! Otherwise..." Tian threatened. 

"Otherwise, what?"  Long Chen asked, laughing. "Enough toying around. Step aside now. I'm sure you have some misunderstanding. I never pretended to be someone else."

As he finished speaking it, he remembered that he had pretended to be someone else in the past. But that was long ago. These guys couldn't be here because of that. 

These guys certainly misunderstood something from what he understood. 

"Were you the one that fought in the restaurant in the morning?" Tian asked. 

"That's right. It was me," Long Chen answered. They were right about that. But what did that have to go with pretending to be someone else? He hadn't pretended?

"Then you're the culprit! I'm asking for the last time! Apologize and swear to never do something like this again!" Tian repeated. 

"Who do you think you are to tell your father and your uncle what they should do? Scram out of here before we get angry!" Snake Monarch also snapped. Long Chen wasn't beating them up, so they had started becoming more arrogant with each passing second, and he couldn't bear it. 

"Are you doing something about it, or should I?" he asked Long Chen. 

"By all means, be my guest," Long Chen lazily answered as he stepped back to give Snake Monarch the stage. 

Snake Monarch's mouth opened wide as he saw Long Chen's action. He hadn't thought that Long Chen would actually step back and let him fight. Instead, he thought that he would try to be a man and take the lead. 

"On second thought, today is the day of your punishment, so I'll let you fight," Snake Monarch replied as he flew back as well.

"Fine! I'll do it then," Long Chen said lazily. He casually waved his hand. 

With a single movement of his hand, heavy winds appeared, seemingly from nowhere. The winds were so powerful that the youngsters couldn't resist them. They were blown away by the wind like flies, crashing far away.

Long Chen stepped closer to his room and opened the door. 

"Don't make the same mistake again," he reminded the Sun Sect disciples before he stepped inside. 

"That's right! Don't embarrass your father like this again!" Snake Monarch also said as he stepped inside as well.

The door was closed. 

"That wind. It was powerful. We couldn't resist it at all. I think this guy is actually too arrogant. He doesn't care about the influence of our Sect. Moreover, he already is somewhat strong. Should we wait for the Elder to come?" 

"Fine! We'll wait for Elder Lu to come. Then we'll see how he can be so arrogant."

And thus, the wait began. The youngsters didn't leave and again surrounded the room of Long Chen, in wait for their Elder to return. They had previously thought that Long Chen would be intimated after knowing that the people from the real Sun Sect were here. 

They thought just the symbol on their chest was going to be enough to make Long Chen shake in his boots, but that didn't happen. It made them even more upset since they felt like Long Chen disrespected their Sect even more. 

After what seemed like twenty minutes, their Elder finally came, following another disciple of their Sect that had gone to inform him. 

"Did he not return yet?" 

"He returned. He also insulted us!"

Tian started explaining to the Elder about what had happened. He even exaggerated a few things to make the Elders even angrier. 

"Did he really say that he can destroy our Sect any time he wants?" The Elder asked, frowning. 

"That's right!" Tian answered. 

"Let me see who dares to be so brazen!" The Elder roared as he kicked the door of Lond Chen's room, breaking it. 

"These guys again?" Long Chen asked, frustrated as he looked at the broken door. "It looks like you people won't understand unless I kill a few of you."

He had just sat on the bed after finishing a shower only to find these intruders. 

"Do you really believe you can destroy our Sect anytime you want?" The Elder asked Long Chen. 

"Well, that wouldn't be a total lie, actually. I think I should be able to," Long Chen answered.


Without thinking twice, the Elder attacked Long Chen. 

Tens of Qi Swords flew towards Long Chen, trying to impale him. 

"Wrong decision," Long Chen muttered as his figure disappeared. He appeared in front of the Elder that had attacked him as he pushed his hand inside the chest of the Elder. He crushed the heart of the Elder before the Qi Swords could even hit the wall.

"Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted?" Long Chen asked as he kicked the stomach of the Elder, pushing him out of his room. 

The youngsters that had come proudly with their Elder suddenly turned purple in fear as they saw what had happened. They ran out of the room.