Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1015 - 1015: Blame

"At first, I doubted this. I thought that maybe someone was trying to frame you, a foreign enemy or someone that, but I guess I was wrong. You coming here to kill Wang'er shows that you're angry because he caught you and exposed you instead of staying hush. You really are a vile beast, aren't you?" The Emperor told Long Chen. 

"That innocent son of yours made up this whole story. I'm sure of that. But I don't care about it. I couldn't care any less about an idiot trying to frame me. Killing him for that will only be a waste of time for me. Instead, I'm here to kill him for what he's about to do," Long Chen replied, "But you can keep thinking whatever you want. 

"And what is he about to do?" the Emperor asked. 

"He will kill Mingyu! I will stop him at any cost even if I have to go against your entire Empire for that," Long Chen replied, his tone getting grim. 

"He will kill Mingyu?" the Emperor asked, but he didn't even wait for Long Chen's reply before he burst into laughter. "Hahaha!"

"That's the best cover you could come with for justifying your actions? That he will kill Mingyu? Hahaha! You naive kid! Do you think I'm a young boy who doesn't know my son?"

"That excuse you used is the worst excuse you could've come up with. I might even believe your story of him trying to frame you, but him trying to kill his sister? You lost all your credibility with me," the Emperor answered. 

"I know you wouldn't believe it. But as I said, I don't care what you think. You believe, or you don't, that has nothing to do with me. There's only one truth in this world. And it is that I will cut every hand that moves towards anyone close to me to harm them. At the moment, that hand happens to be your son. And he'll suffer for that," Long Chen replied. 

"Tell me where he is!" 

"Where is he? That's none of your concern. Whatever he is, you'll never reach him. Because you will never get past me," the Emperor said as he also brought his sword out. 

"Don't worry. I won't kill you. No matter how bad you are, Mingyu still loves you. I won't hurt her by killing you. I'll only imprison you for eternity," he added as he started stepping towards Long Chen. 

"You think you can?" Long Chen scoffed at the declaration of Lu Junwei. "I would be happy to oblige, but I still need to find your son. I don't have time to play around with you."


A frown appeared on Long Chen's face suddenly. Something was wrong here. He couldn't understand. What was happening?

No matter how much he tried, his Teleportation didn't work. 

"Wondering why you can't run away?" the Emperor asked Long Chen. "Did you really think I wouldn't have thought of a way to stop you after seeing your Teleportation last time?"

An amused smile was on the Emperor's face as he snapped his fingers. The guards moved to the side to reveal a man standing in the distance with a strange formation painting in his hand. 

The formation in the painting was shining in a mysterious light.

"I can't deny, I was honestly surprised to know that you have a second Law. When I fought you, I thought you only had the Law of Illusion. I also thought that you used that to get to Mingyu's room without being seen by anyone. But I know now, it must be that you used this Law to Teleport to her room that night," the Emperor said, making Long Chen realize that he was wrong. 

Long Chen had thought that the Emperor knew about his Teleportation when he had sneaked out of his room. But he knew about it when Long Chen used it to escape last time.

"We used to have a guy that had this Law. But his Mastery was a bit too weak. Still, he was pretty amazing. He used this law to become the best thief on the continent. He even stole the treasures of the biggest of the Emperor's, making them furious. That was when we came up with this formation. So we could catch him if he tried to sneak in our treasury ever," the Emperor said, smiling. 

"Unfortunately, that man was caught in another Empire, and he was killed. This formation never came to use. But seeing you with the Teleportation, it was clear what we could do. Albeit, we hadn't known in advance about this. Or we would've kept it easy in the Throne Room to stop you from escaping last time," he added. 

"So you stopped me from escaping, is that supposed to scare me?" Long Chen asked lazily. 

Even though he was calm on the outside, inside, he realized that it was going to be troublesome. He had to fight a Saint Realm Cultivator, and he couldn't use his Law of Space. That too when he was only a Heaven Realm Cultivator. 

"You should be. Don't think it would go like our training Battle. We both had the same Cultivation. But now, you're nowhere close to my Cultivation," Lu Junwei told Long Chen. 

"Also, do you want to hear another secret? In that battle, I intentionally went easy on you. I don't want to hurt your ego. Otherwise, I could have defeated you instantly."

"Oh?" Hearing the Emperor's words, Long Chen found himself a bit amused. 

"Honestly, I knew about it. You didn't go hard enough. But do you think I did?" a mocking grin appeared on his face as he replied to the Emperor. 

"Enough of this Sword. Since we're getting serious here, let me get a bit more serious too," Long Chen muttered as the King's Sword disappeared from his hand. 

Instead, a black rusted sword appeared in his hand. 

"Oh? That sword again. I don't know what it is about the sword, but it's a bit special. The way it has broken the walls last time, it seems to be at least a Saint Grade weapon. Surprisingly enough, I can't sense its grade. You do have some decent treasures," the Emperor commented as he once again saw the sword in Long Chen's hand that he had previously used when he broke out last time. 

"It doesn't matter what grade it is. What matters is one thing. Are you going to step out of my way on your own, or should I remove you myself?" Long Chen asked, arrogantly.