Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1158 - 1158: Jade Rabbit

Long Chen was sitting on the ground, meditating.

As for his security, he only had Xun outside to warn him if someone approached him. Other than that, he had no idea where he was or what he was doing.

As for the forest he was in, he didn't know that it was the private property of a Clan in the Immortal World, and the people of that Clan had just entered the forest. 

A group of seven youngsters were walking beside each other. Two of them carried bows and arrows with them to hunt. As for the other five, three of them carried a sword while one carried a spear. 

The person in the lead seemed to be a dark-haired girl who seemed to be nineteen or twenty years old. A man in his early twenties was walking right behind her, occasionally glancing at the girl. As for his eyes, a fascinated look was clear in them.

It seemed like he was in love with that girl. 

"Sister Lin, I heard that it's going to be official? You're going to become the confirmed candidate to become the next Clan Master?" The boy asked the girl. 

"I'm not sure, but there are indeed rumors about that. It doesn't matter if I become a Clan Master or not. It's just a position anyway," the dark haired girl answered.  "What about you, Gu Ren? I heard they're talking about getting you married to Princess Lia?"

"What? Where did you hear that from? I don't want to marry Princess Lia! If anyone asks me, I'll straight up say no!" The blonde man answered.

The five youngsters that were walking behind the two couldn't help but laugh. 

One of the girls controlled her laughter as she said, "Brother Gu Ren, could it be that you like someone else? You can tell us. No need to be shy."

"Shut up, Yin! If I like someone, I'll handle everything myself. I don't need to tell you about it," Gu Ren answered as he rolled his eyes. 

He knew that these people knew he had a crush on Gu Lin. They were just teasing her. The only person in the group that didn't know about him liking Lin was Lin herself.

"I think I heard Father talk about it. The Elders are interested in establishing a close relationship with the Royal Family," Lin answered. 

"Since they want me to lead the Gu Clan, they won't get me married to the Royal Family, fortunately. So that only leaves you, the son of the Supreme Elder of Gu Clan. Anyway, that's only the rumor I heard. I don't know if it'll become a reality or not. I just thought I should tell you,"  she further said before she finished speaking. 

"Thanks for telling me. I'll make sure this doesn't happen," Gu Ren answered. "By the way, what are your plans for tomorrow? Do you want to come with me to the Nature Pavilion?"

"That place? Why do you want to go there? I heard only romantic couples go there?" Lin asked, frowning.

Behind the two people, all the rest of them kept their mouths silent as they heard their conversation. 

"Ah, it's not that. It's a beautiful place. I thought we should see it. As for the thing about only romantic couples going there, that's a lie. Anyone can go there. So will you come?' Gu Ren asked again. 

"I..." Lin was about to answer when she suddenly stopped.

"Shh... A beast is nearby. He's my prey. No one do anything," she said, whispering as she stopped any movement. 

She raised her treasure bow and placed the bow that was made from one of the rarest trees. Closing her eyes, she started listening even more carefully to where the voice came from. 

"There!" She said as she started walking in a certain direction with silent steps. 

As she came out of the bushes, she noticed a rabbit-like beast. 

Her eyes opened wide as she saw the rare rabbit. She took an aim and was just about to fire when a loud voice broke her focus. 

"Jade Rabbit?" Gu Ren exclaimed as he also saw the rare rabbit. 

His loud voice alerted the Jade Rabbit that started running away.

Gu Rin fired an arrow, but it missed as the Jade Rabbit had started running. 

"You idiot! You made it run away!" Gu Lin yelled furiously as she started running after the Jade Rabbit. 

"Sister Lin, I'm really sorry. I couldn't control myself as I saw such a rare beast. I'll help you!" Gu Ren said as he started running after the girl. The others also started running after them.


Only three hours had passed since Long Chen started meditating, and he was actually feeling better. His red core and his cultivation had started stabilizing. 

He couldn't meditate anymore, though. He suddenly opened his eyes. 

"What happened?" Xun asked, noticing Long Chen. 

"I can't. I feel very hungry. I guess it felt like I hadn't eaten for a long time. I'll eat a little before starting again," Long Chen said as he brought a golden apple from his storage ring. 

He started eating, but as he was a little bored, he also brought Ji Shan and the others from his family out. 

"This place?"

Everyone asked in confusion as they looked around. 

"This is the Immortal World," Long Chen answered as he started tossing apples at each one of them. 

Everyone was there, his grandfather, his father, his mother, and all his wives. All of them caught the apple Long Chen gave them. 

"Please sit. I thought since it's my first day here, we would have a picnic here. After that, you can go back," Long Chen told everyone as he took another bite from his apple. 

"It's the Immortal World?" Ji Shan inquired. "The air does feel purer, but the difference isn't as big as I thought. It looks so..."

"Ordinary?" Long Chen asked, finishing Ji Shan's sentence. "Of course, it would be ordinary. In essence, it's simply a world occupied by the strongest of beings."

"The history and the lineage of this world all trumps aura. In a true sense, it's the land of opportunity, but other than that, I don't think you'll see anything different from our world," he further said. 

"Of course, I might be completely wrong as well. But the difference in this world isn't that it will have ground instead of the sky. It's not even the purity of Qi. Of course, the Qi here is purer, but that's not it. It's that the Qi in this world contains a slight speck of Origin Energy, I believe. That's what truly helps," he continued.