Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 994 - 994: Caught

Long Chen had finished talking to his father and informed him everything he wanted to. After finishing informing the man, he started walking back, unaware of the changes that had happened behind his back. 

He was already framed for something he didn't even do. What rested before him now was to handle the problems that were going to arise because of that. 

He walked back towards the room they were assigned while thinking of an excuse.

'Lu Wang should be back in the room. He'll definitely ask me where I was. I wonder if I can use a dumb excuse like I went to pee,' Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly. 

As he reached back near the room, he saw a big crowd in front of the room. 

'What happened? Is that Lu Wang so famous that he attracts so much attention even here? Well, he is a Prince, so that might be true as well,' he thought as he assumed that they were here for Lu Wang. 

He approached the crowd. 

"Can you step aside? Let me pass?" he told the crowd to reach the room.

His voice attracted the attention of everyone who looked at him like they had seen the ghost. Even though they thought they knew what he did, they still froze for a few minutes as they stepped aside subconsciously. 

Long Chen was a part of the Royal family now. 

"Why are we scared of him? He might be a Royal Family member, but he is a rapist too. He needs to face the consequences!"

"That's right, you bastard! How dare you force that young lady so brutally?"

"If you still have a bit of shame, go and jump off a cliff! This world doesn't deserve a beast in human skin like you!"

Soon, the crowd came out of their initial shock and started cursing Long Chen. 

"Hmm? What are they talking about?" Long Chen wondered, not understanding their words. Something felt suspicious here and didn't make sense. 

Were they talking about him? Rapist? What did he even do?

Even though he was confused, he knew he hadn't done anything. Only Lu Wang could explain what had happened here.

He reached the entrance of the room where he saw a woman lying on the ground, covered with clothes. 

The woman was unconscious, but looking at what he saw, he understood what might have happened. The words of these men gave him even more trust in what he believed. 

Apparently, the woman was forced by someone, and they thought that he did it.

But he wasn't even here? Who could have done it? He wondered. 

"Lu Wang." 

Seeing Lu Wang inside the room, a frown covered his face. Was it this guy who had done this heinous act and was now blaming him after getting caught?

Lu Wang gazed back at Long Chen and frowned. This did make a whole lot of sense but still, for the Royal Prince to do this? Something still seemed missing. 

Lu Wang gazed back at Long Chen, a hateful look filling his face. 

He waved his hand as a sword appeared in it before he appeared right in front of Long Chen, who also did the same. 

Long Chen also brought a sword out to protect himself. Both swords clashed with each other, but it didn't seem like anyone was actually trying to kill. 

"You! What did you do? Just when I was starting to think that maybe Mingyu wasn't wrong for marrying a stranger, you did this? How low can you fall?" Lu Wang asked Long Chen. 

"I would have killed you right now, but only Father will be your judge, jury, and executioner for what you did. Stop resisting and surrender yourself," he added. 

"You idiot, why are you blaming me? I did nothing. After you left the room, I also left and just came back to find you here. So who knows, it might even be you who did it," Long Chen replied in a serious tone as he glanced at the unconscious woman. 

"Shameless bastard! You dare accuse me? I had gone out because I had lost my ring. I just came back. These women are my witness who helped me find the ring!" Lu Wang thundered as he pointed towards the women who worked here.

"That's right. Prince Wang was with us. He couldn't have done this. You must be the one. Oh, how wrong were we about you. You should be ashamed of yourself!" The Woman replied after gathering the courage to talk back to a Royal. 

But in their eyes, the just and righteous Lu Wang was here. So they just needed to be honest. 

"What do you have to say now? Without me, you should have been the only one here!" Lu Wang said, frowning. 

"But I didn't do it. If it's not you either, it must be someone else who did it. I really wasn't here," Long Chen replied as he frowned. 

"So you claim to be innocent?" Lu Wang asked, squinting his eyes. 

"Yes. I am as innocent as one can be!" Long Chen responded. 

"Alright. Even though I'm suspicious of you, I'll trust in you because of Mingyu. If it wasn't you either, it might be someone else who did this heinous act," Lu Wang muttered as he rubbed his chin. "Only this girl can tell us what the truth is now."

"We will wait for her to wake up. The truth will be out before you all then," Lu Wang said as he nodded his head while lowering his weapon. Long Chen also did the same. 

"Agree. Whoever it is shall be exposed soon," Long Chen said, still not understanding that he had no way out of this. 

"In the meantime, you can't come close to that woman. I don't want you to kill her to get rid of the evidence. So you shall stay with me while she is treated away from here," Lu Wang said. 

"No. I disagree. What if I'm away from her and the real culprit killed her? The truth will be buried, and I won't be able to prove my innocence. Both of us shall stay near her to keep her safe," Long Chen suggested. "You can keep an eye on me while I keep an eye on you."

"Alright." Lu Wang agreed as he gazed back at the women. "Take her to be treated. We'll be right behind you."


Three hours had passed. Long Chen and Lu Wang were standing inside a room. In front of them laid a bed inside which the unconscious woman was lying, covered in a bedsheet.