Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 858 - 858: Friends

Long Tian stopped talking and closed his eyes. It was unclear if he was actually seeing what was happening outside or just ignoring the topic.

Long Chen decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. He started looking around since he could finally see, but there was nothing but darkness.

The only thing he could see was the body of Long Tian and his own Spiritual Body. Other than that, it was utterly dark everywhere. 


"Many things changed since you were put to sleep. I don't have time to tell you. It's better if I put you to sleep again," Long Chen answered.

"Why should I go? I accepted to suffer because you promised you wouldn't interfere in the matters of the mortals. When you already broke your promise, why should I still suffer? I also wanted to see them grow. I wanted to see what I created and what it resulted in, but I gave that up. Even after all that, I wake up to you, resulting in their death. What should I expect?" Xu Liang said as his aura started increasing.

The two of them were floating in the vast emptiness of space where their last confrontation had occurred. They were looking into each other's eyes. Time seemed to have moved back as if they were back to where they started.

"It's better if you don't stay up. I don't care what your excuse is. You were punished for eternity. If you don't surrender now, what you feared will happen, and your creation might get destroyed," Long Chen muttered.

"Don't try to fool me. I don't know what happened to you after that time, but I can see that you aren't as strong as before. It might be because you used your powers to entrap my soul and imprison it, or it might be something else. The truth is that you don't even have the fraction of the strength you had," Xu Liang said softly as he looked at Long Chen as if he was able to see the true depth of Xu Liang.

"As for me, even I can't use my full strength because of these restrictions on my soul. They will take a long time to break, which I'm sure you won't let me have," he continued. "Our battle can't harm the fate of this universe anymore."

"That's true. I don't have my strength. As for the exact reason, you don't need to know. It's better if you sleep. Please go to sleep. Don't make things difficult for me," Long Chen said as he gazed at Xu Liang's expressionless face. 

Xu Liang didn't agree and simply shook his hand.

"You will be sleeping now," he muttered. "Don't worry. It won't be a punishment. You will simply sleep for thousands of years and wake up to a better world. The world I would create. Then we can watch that together, as friends, again."

He raised his right hand and slashed with his finger.

His finger acted like a sword that created a distortion in space. Space continued splitting apart as the crack moved towards Long When.. the Crack Split in five directions as if branching out, which further split into five branches each and started surrounding Long Chen.

"You are in a mortal body now. Unlike before, you can't get out. As long as I wipe the mortal body that you're possessing, you'll be even weaker," Xu Liang said.

"Oh? Are you threatening to kill a mortal intentionally just because I'm possessing him? Go ahead. Do it," Long Chen said as he slowly started floating towards the cracks that were acting as a prison. 

It was as if he was confident that Xu Liang wouldn't cause the death of a mortal intentionally.

As he reached near the spatial cracks that were capable of splitting his body in half, the crack disappeared. It was as if Xu Liang had actually made the space return to normal.

"You still haven't changed. Previously you used mortals as a Weapon against me, and now you are doing the same," Xu Liang muttered as he looked at Long Chen. There was anger in his voice, but only light.

" You haven't changed either. Now that we think about it, the mortals are your children. You didn't wish for them to die previously, and you are the same," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

"You know, in your absence, the mortals grew a lot. They achieved so much. It was as you had said. You gave them potential, which was used by them to achieve great heights. Some of them even managed to become Immortals," he continued as he looked towards the sky.

"Sometimes, I feel like I was truly wrong in what I did. I should not have punished you. What you did wasn't wrong, and I saw that after a long time. I managed to learn so much from mortals. Despite the little amount of life, they lived so vividly. I feel like they changed me and this world for the better," he let out as he floated closer to Xu Liang.

"How about we put everything behind us and begin anew? It was so lonely to watch the world grow without you beside me like before. How about we go back to the way we were? We can take decisions as we did before, and we can start making this world even better?" Long Chen asked.

The space near them was different somehow. The space behind Long Chen looked darker, while the space behind Xu Liang looked lighter, as if Xu Liang was acting as the sun.

"Are you really understanding my actions? You are really willing to work together?" Xu Liang asked, shocked.

"Yeah. As long as you forgive me and promise that we won't meddle in the affairs of the mortals," Long Chen said, sighing.

Xu Liang was visibly stunned, but he was happy. He had received the acknowledgment from him. He finally understood that he wasn't wrong. If they both worked for the better of the world, then what could be worse?

Xu Liang softly nodded his head as a beautiful smile appeared on his face.

"I accept," Xu Liang muttered. "Let's improve the world."

"I think you have the mortals' memories as well, right? There is a tradition in mortals where they hug to forget all their ill feelings," Long Chen muttered as he spread his arms. "It's pretty fascinating."

Xu Liang nodded his head. He did know that it was happening in the village where Xu Liang used to live.

He moved closer to Long Chen to hug him.

Both of them hugged each other. That's when a clever smile appeared on Long Chen's face.