Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 168 - 168: Family Against Family

As soon as his hands touched the orb, his head started aching as he felt like his head was being crushed by someone. Long Chen noticed that his surroundings were changing. The previous room had disappeared and instead of that, buildings and shops kept appearing in his surroundings. Xun had also disappeared from her original spot and now she was nowhere to be found.

Soon, the changes to his surroundings stopped along with his headache and he found himself sitting on the streets of a city.

The city looked exactly like the city Long Chen had resided in... Dragon City of Shui kingdom. The strange thing was that this city was completely empty. Every direction Long Chen looked at was completely void of people.

"What's happening here... This place is completely different from the place I was sent to when I had used the orb of space." Long Chen muttered as he kept looking around but he found not even a shadow of a living being.

After thinking for a while, Long Chen began walking. He walked towards a certain direction in which resided the insane he knew the best. The sun was high in the sky when Long Chen stopped in front of a large mansion.

"As expected, This is dragon city" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the mansion ahead. It was the Long clan mansion which still looked exactly the same. There was not even a minor change.

"How am I supposed to learn the law of illusion in this place..." Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face as he walked towards the mansion but he suddenly stopped in his tracks as he looked ahead. 

The door of the mansion was suddenly opened as two beautiful girls came out from the inside. Both the girls looked to be in their early twenties. 

"Xue? Mei? How are you here?" Long Chen exclaimed as he looked at the girl standing at the doors of the mansion.

Long Chen was just about to say something when Xue started running towards him. As Xue was running, a knife had appeared in her hands midway. Xue swung this knife towards Long Chen's chest but Long Chen dodged it easily. Xue kept attacking while Long Chen kept dodging.

Long Chen was busy dodging Xue's attacks that he didn't notice that Mei had silently appeared behind him. As she attacked him from behind, Long Chen sensed something as he dodged to the side but Xue's attack came from the other side.

Although Long Chen dodged their attacks, a wound appeared on his chest. Blood started flowing from his wound.

"That actually hurt! How can I learn the law of illusion this way? I might even die instead of being able to find out a clue about what this orb wants. " Long Chen let out with an annoyed look on his face as he kept dodging their attacks.

"Alright, that's enough! Although I know that you two are just an illusion and not real, I didn't really want to attack you. But I still can't keep taking attacks like this. Even if you're the illusion of the women I like, I would still have to destroy you" Long Chen finally came to a determination as he made a decision.

He brought out his 'Mountain Destroyer' as he attacked towards the neck of Xue. Xue tried dodging but the sword was too fast for her.

Just before his sword could touch Xue, Long Chen sensed danger. He changed the direction of his sword in midair as he swung it in a different direction.

A clunking sound came as his sword struck another sword. It looked like Long Chen was defeated in that clash as he flew away like a broken kite and crashed on the ground.

"Grandfather is here as well. This place is getting worse by the second." Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face as he stood up and looked towards the front.

He saw an old man standing there. The man had a long shiny white beard and a head full of white hair. He was wearing a golden robe with a dragon symbol on its chest, which was the symbol of the Long Clan. He was Long Ren. Long Chen's grandfather. Behind him stood Xue and Mei.

"So now I have to face a Second Stage Earth Realm cultivator as well who looks like my grandfather, along with the women that I like. Such great luck. Looks like I will have to go all out" Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

He put his Mountain Destroyer back inside his storage ring and brought out his King's Sword.

A heavy sword aura spread in the atmosphere as soon as the sword came out as if it was telling everyone that it was the ruler of this land and no one would think of ever resisting him. Long Chen's own aura rose as soon as he held the sword in his hands.

"Heavenly Demon Wings" Long Chen muttered as two beautiful wings appeared behind his back. One of the wings was black while the other one was golden. Long Chen flew towards Long Ren with his sword in his hand as he attacked with his full strength.

Long Ren used his sword and struck out as well. As the swords struck each other, a loud sound was made. Both the men were forced to take a step backward as they looked at each other.

Although Long Chen's sword looked the same, Long Ren's sword was dented a little when it collided with Long Chen's sword.

Long Chen again moved towards Long Ren and attacked. The strength of both of them looked to be similar. Although Long Ren was a 2nd stage Earth Realm cultivator, Long Chen was in the 9th stage gold core realm and his red core made his actual strength many times stronger than the strength an average 9th stage Gold Core Realm cultivator is supposed to have. His demon Monarch Physique strengthened his body, which further added to his strength. All such things made his strength equal to Long Chen if not stronger.

As Long Chen and Long Ren collided, Xue and Mei also kept attacking in between. Long Chen easily handled their attacks on most occasions but still, he was wounded many times. Long Chen was fighting a three to one battle but he was giving them all a tough fight.

Soon, Long Chen found an opportunity as he attacked Xue. The attack was so fast, that although Xue tried dodging, her chest was penetrated. Instead of bleeding, she disappeared.

Without wasting time, Long Chen attacked Mei, but this time he was intercepted by Mei. His battle with Long Ren and Mei continued again.

Mei once again appeared behind Long Chen as she found him distracted by Long Ren. she thrust her knife at his back. Long Chen moved to the side as he swung his sword. His sword hit Mei and she disappeared as well.

"Looks like only you and I are left. I really hate myself for fighting you even if you are just an illusion" Long Chen muttered as he looked at Long Ren. 

"I'll use something I was finally able to learn recently. Let's see it's actual strength." Long Chen smiled as he got into an attacking stance. The Qi in the atmosphere began getting restless.

"Seven Forms of Saint Sword: Fifth Form: Chaos! " Long Chen roared loudly as he fiercely swung his sword.

A blinding arc of blood-red light escaped from his sword and moved towards Long Ren. Everywhere this attack passed through was left behind with nothing but destruction. Every structure in its path was disintegrated into nothingness as the arc of light moved forward like the sole ruler of chaos.

Long Ren retaliated with his own attack. As both attacks met, Long Ren's attack was instantly disintegrated. Long Ren used his sword to defend himself but his sword broke as well as soon as it came in contact with Long Ren's attack.

Long Ren wanted to dodge but before he could move, a sword stabbed his heart from his back. Long Chen had attacked him personally from behind as he didn't want to take a chance and drag out the battle.

Soon, the blood-red arc of light landed on Long Ren's body and cut it in half. The body disappeared soon after.

"I'm sorry" Long Chen muttered with a serious look on his face as he looked upwards.

Suddenly Long Chen noticed something. A bright pillar of light appeared in the direction of the south.

"Heavenly Demon Wings" Long Chen muttered as two wings appeared behind his back. He began flying towards the south.

Long Chen kept flying south until his wings disappeared from the depletion of his Qi reserves. He came down as he decided to travel on foot as he recollected his Qi.

In the search of that pillar of light, Long Chen kept moving south. He even exited the dragon city as he kept walking. After collecting enough Qi, he again began flying.

"It's that place?" Long Chen let out as he reached near the Heavenly Cliff.

He flew downwards as he landed at the bottom of the Heavenly Cliff. Long Chen noticed that everything still looked the same. The lake looked just as beautiful while the trees looked just as many in numbers. Long Chen gazed at the pillar of light which was now in front of him.

He walked towards it and touched it. The light started dimming as soon as he touched it and soon, it completely disappeared. Long Chen finally got a clear view. 

"Oh, Shi* ." Long Chen cursed his luck as he saw ahead.