Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1062 - 1062: Plan

"Where did you get the bracelet from?' Long Chen asked the shop owner as he picked it up. 

The bracelet seemed highly familiar as it reminded him of the bracelet he used to wear in his previous life. It was a gift from his father on his birthday. He could see a few minor differences in this bracelet, but for the most part, it looked similar. 

"This bracelet was created by my daughter. She just started crafting. For now, this bracelet doesn't have any uses, unlike our other artifacts. This one, however, is only for show," the man replied to Long Chen. 

"Tell your daughter she has a good talent in crafting," Long Chen said, nodding his head. "How much is it worth?"

"It's worth only two silver coins. But since it's Prince Consort, you don't need to pay. My daughter is already lucky enough that Your Highness is taking it," the man told Long Chen. 

He had already known everything. Long Chen was someone who was the son-in-law of the Emperor, but that wasn't all. He was someone who had anger as well. Just like last time he had kidnapped the Prince. He had killed the General as well. 

The seller didn't want to displeasure Long Chen and made him angry. He didn't want to die just for a few gold coins. 

"Two silver coins? I don't have two silver. Here, take this gold coin and give it to your daughter. She is really talented," Long Chen replied as he placed the gold coin on the table and turned back. 

He knew there was going to be back and forth since the seller was going to say that he didn't want money. So just leaving the money behind was a better option since that guy was most probably going to pick it up. 

Long Chen was also sighted by the guards that had already gone to inform the Royal Family about his sighting. As for the other guards, they were keeping an eye on him without getting too close to him. They were thinking that Long Chen hadn't seen them yet. 

Albeit they were unaware that Long Chen was already aware of them. He just was too lazy even to react. He has more important things to be concerned about. 

"You like my choice? Aww."

Seeing Long Chen pick the necklace he selected, the Snake Monarch seemed proud. He didn't know that his suggestion wasn't the reason Long Chen selected it. 

"Tell me one thing. I know I liked this bracelet because it reminded me of the one I used to possess before. But why did you select it? Did you find something special in it?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch, curious why he had selected this bracelet. 

"I chose it because I think this looks good. Why else would I select the bracelet?" The Snake Monarch replied, laughing. 

"Did you think all things I select will be treasure or something with mystical properties? Hahaha, it's funny," he continued. 

"Sigh, you never learn," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. "Just when I was starting to find you less annoying..."

"Hey, I have an idea," the Snake Monarch called out. "I know what you can tell them about Lu Wang to get out of trouble."

"What can I tell them?" Long Chen asked, curious. "What plan do you have?"

"Destiny Crystal! Isn't that what sent Mingyu to an unknown world to her destiny which proved to help her?" the Snake Monarch asked, grinning. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" 

Long Chen couldn't help but stare at the Snake Monarch in amazement before he burst into laughter. 

"Hah, you little evil thing. You're pretty clever! You're right! This is a perfect idea!"

"Of course. This monarch only gives perfect ideas. Now you don't need to worry about anything. Just tell a little lie," the Snake Monarch said proudly. 

"I was planning to stay here and wait for the Emperor while I thought of an excuse. But now that I have already thought of one, we don't have to wait. Let's go to the Palace ourselves," Long Chen laughed as he started rising in the air before he shot out towards the Royal Palace. 

The Emperor, the Queen, and Mingyu were all inside the Royal Palace. It was just now that they had heard about the appearance of Long Chen. 

Emperor Lu expressed his desire to go to Long Chen himself since only he was strong enough to handle any unlikely scenario. 

He had left the Royal Chambers, and he was walking towards the exit while a few guards followed behind him. 

"Wait! You're not going alone! We're coming with you!"

As the Emperor was leaving, he heard a voice from behind. Turning back, he realized that it was his wife who was standing with his daughter. 

"Why am I not going alone?" the Emperor asked. "Are you worried that I might be in danger?"

"No. I meant that you're not going alone. We're coming with you. Our entire Royal Family has hurt our son in law, all because of our son's lie. We hurt him, and now we need to make up for it and calm things down, so he not only comes back to the family while forgiving us but also free Lu Wang," the Queen answered as she started striding towards the Emperor. 

Mingyu walked with his mother. "We're all bringing him back."

"Fine! Come with me. We will all apologize to him and welcome him back," Emperor Lu agreed. 

In his mind, he knew that things could never return to normal now that he knew that Long Chen was from the Heavenly Demon Race. He had already informed the Immortal World. The dream of having a complete family was already over now. There was no chance of making that the reality now. 

He knew that Long Chen was going to die. But he also knew that he couldn't let him escape. That guy was pretty good at running away and rather tricky to find. 

Emperor Lu knew that he needed to hold Long Chen back until the team from Immortal World arrived here. If he couldn't do that, they were still going to find Long Chen, but it was going to take longer. 

Moreover, if he himself handed over Long Chen, he might even get some big reward for not only informing them about this guy but for also handing him over. So keeping Long Chen back was beneficial. 

Even if it meant that he had to pretend to Long Chen that everything was fine, it was worth it.