Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 963 - 963: Young Master

"I can take this as your defeat, right?" Long Chen asked the girl as he frowned. 

The tip of his sword was touching the neck of Qian Yu. Fortunately, Long Chen's control was good. The sword didn't penetrate her neck. However, it was evident that if he applied just a little more force, her neck was going to be penetrated. 

"You cheated," Qian Yu complained. "How shameless!"

"What shameless? There's nothing shameless about it. In a war, all tricks are allowed. You said yourself that you were treating it like a real war where we were allowed to kill. Isn't that why you attacked me so openly?" Long Chen told Qian Yu as a mocking grin appeared on his lips. 

"If it's a war like that, do you really expect the enemy to be considerate?" He further added. 

"You decide the seriousness of the fight, and I just followed your lead. If you still don't consider your defeat, then I don't know what to say anymore."

He lowered his King's sword and kept it back in his storage ring. He did the same for the heavy black sword before he turned back. 

"What are you doing?" Qian Yu asked. 

"As I said, I don't care what you think. In my eyes, you're already dead. And I don't fight dead people," Long Chen let out as he lazily glanced back at the girl. 

"I already finished my promise. I should be allowed to leave now. And you can't stop me even if you want. If you tried, then you'll be the one who's truly shameless," he further added as he started walking away. 


Qian Yu was stunned for words. Long Chen's words did make sense, and she didn't know how to react. She was being shameless? That's right! She was the one who made it a fight to the death. What cheating in a battle to the death? This is all his ability. It wasn't cheating. Who was she to call it cheating?

Many thoughts floated in her head as she realized what had just happened. She took a deep breath before she breathed out a sigh of disappointment. 

"You're right. I lost!" Qian Yu declared. 

"It's good that you're sensible. Now I am going," Long Chen answered as he nodded his head. He started walking away. 

He unlocked the door that was locked by Qian Yu. He was just about to pull the door open when he heard Qian Yu's subsequent request. 

"You won the battle, but you don't need to leave. I will do as I promised. You won't be exposed, but I still have a request for you. I hope you'll listen," Qian Yu answered as she lowered her head.

"A request?" Long Chen squinted his eyes as he turned back. He asked curiously, "What request?"

"Stay here. You're not really the Prince of Tricion. If you go there, you'll be recognized. It's easy for a father to realize that you're not his son. It would be best if you stayed here," Qian Yu explained. 

"Don't worry. I am not going to Tricion," Long Chen answered casually. 

"You're not going to Tricion? Then where are you going?" Qian Yu inquired. 

Long Chen couldn't help but rub his forehead as he smiled wryly. 

"Answer me one thing first. Then I'll tell you after that," he said as he gazed at Qian Yu.

"Ask," Qian Yu said softly. 

"When did you become my wife?" Long Chen inquired. 

"Your wife? What do you mean?" Qian Yu was confused by what Long Chen had just said. His wife? Why would she be his wife? Or was he trying to say that he wanted her to be his wife?

"Of course, I didn't become your wife," she continued. 

"You didn't? Interesting," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his chin. He further asked, "So you fell in love with me?" 

"What! Have you gone crazy? I don't think I hit you in the head yet as fast as I can remember," Qian Yu asked in stock as she took a step back. 

She didn't understand what happened to him. Why was he asking questions like an idiot?

"So you're neither my wife nor do you love me? Then duffer, why do you think I should tell you where I'm going? Have you gone crazy instead? I'm not related to you. And we're not friends. Why should I tell you anything?" 

He scoffed at her before he turned back. He pushed the door open and stepped outside. 

As soon as Long Chen stepped outside, he found a woman standing at some distance. The woman was none other than the Envoy that had escorted them here.

The woman was walking back and forth, seemingly concerned as she imagined what might be happening inside the arena. She didn't try to look inside as she didn't want to be shameless. Thus she could only imagine. 

Unfortunately, her imagination only grew lewder with each passing second. She could already see Qian Yu and Long Chen rolling on the ground, naked as they screwed each other like wild rabbits. 

She took another glance towards the arena as she heard the door open. She saw Long Chen standing at the gates. His clothes were covered in sweat, and his breathing was somewhat unusual. 

Her face couldn't help but turn red as she saw Long Chen like that. His situation made her think that her imagination was entirely true, especially when there was not even a single wound on his body to make her believe otherwise. 

She didn't think that Long Chen went inside to fight Qian Yu and came out without even a single wound on his body. 

Long Chen watched the red face of the woman. A thought popped up in his head as he realized what that woman was thinking. An evil scheme entered his head to mess around with this woman to have some fun. 

He looked back at Qian Yu, who was standing inside. 

"Qian Yu! You were too good. You're so intense. I'll definitely come again someday to do again," Long Chen let out as he grinned. 

Qian Yu thought that he was talking about the battle. She responded, "I'll wait for it!"

She didn't know that Long Chen was talking in a double-meaning manner to tease the woman who was already misunderstanding everything. 

Long Chen left the place. He had remembered the path they came from. He followed the same path to leave. It didn't take him long to leave the Royal Palace. He had already taken a map from Qian Yu before leaving, so he knew where the Esteria Empire was. 

The only thing he needed to do was inquire about the relationship between the Esteria Empire and the Qiandi Empire. 

He walked through the streets of the Royal City, trying to find a person who looked idiot enough to tell him everything without getting suspicious. He knew that looks could be deceiving, but that's the only thing he could go by. 

Long Chen soon found a person he thought to be suitable for this purpose. It was a chubby man who seemed like an arrogant young master from his expressions. 

Fortunately, the man wasn't wearing anything expensive, so it was evident that he wasn't actually from a big family, but he only had the arrogance. 

Long Chen approached the blonde man slowly, who seemed like he was in his late twenties. 

'Excuse me, Young Master!" Long Chen called out. 

"Young Master?" The chubby man couldn't help but look back as he heard Long Chen's words. He wondered which young master was walking behind him. 

"There's no one," he muttered in confusion. 

As Long Chen called out the young master, the man thought that there was one behind him. But now that he knew that was none, he misunderstood Long Chen. He thought that Long Chen was trying to mock him. 

"You bastard, you dare to toy with me!" the chubby man exclaimed as he pointed his finger towards Long Chen. He was so furious that even his chubby cheeks were shaking. 

"Young Master, what do you mean? Are you toying with me instead?" Long Chen asked as he stepped closer to the chubby man. He held both hands of the man.

"The wisdom on your face, It's evident that you're someone from a grand family. No ordinary person can have this much wisdom on their faces! You can't fool me!" Long Chen exclaimed with a fawning look on his face. 

The chubby man was taken aback in surprise. He couldn't help but take back a step back. He thought for a little while and realized that Long Chen had misunderstood his identity. 

He received so much praise for the first time in his life. He couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"You have good eyes. You recognized me already. Hahaha, You're right. I'm from a big family. But I'm trying to keep a low profile. Don't tell others," the man let out as a wide grin spread across his entire face. 

He placed his right hand on Long Chen's shoulder.