Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 944 - 944: Dividing

"Let's go. Our competition is with ourselves. No one else," Du Liang told Qian Yu as he stepped towards the portal after Long Chen. Qian Yu did the same.

After the two of them entered, only the team from the Dark World was left behind. 

"That guy... Something is really strange about him. It's as if a shroud is covering him. It's well-hidden normally, but when he saw that boy, there were some fluctuations in his emotions,"  the Leader of the Dark World, Ning pondered as he gazed at the Portal.

"Did you feel the same?" He asked his teammates. 

"Yeah, something is protecting him from us," Han replied.  

"Han, the two of us will go and find the flower. You keep an eye on that guy. Don't let him disappear. If you face a problem, call out to us," Ning told the man as he stepped towards the portal as well.

The team of Dark World also entered the Portal. 

After they all entered, the Emperor turned back to leave. His work here was done. Now everything was in the hands of the youngsters.

He gazed at the envoys one last time before leaving as he commented, "They are all inside now. None of them can leave before two days. Do you  all wish to go and rest, or are you going to stay here?"

"We prefer to stay here." The envoys simultaneously said. 


The Emperor didn't ask again as he left with Master Hu. He had already expected them to answer in no. He also knew the reason why. They were most probably worried that after they left, the Guards of this place would enter the special realm and help them cheat. 

They all wanted to stay here to keep an eye on the Portal to make sure that it wasn't misused. 


"Stay in the team. We can take care of the Saint Realm Beast faster."

"That's right. Together, we can take care of the beasts faster as well and divide the flowers."

Inside the special realm, all teams had a uniform plan. It was to stick with their members. Splitting up seemed like the worst idea. 

Even though the rankings were individual, there was no rule that people couldn't work in teams. 

"Let's go separately." 

While all teams were sticking together, Long Chen's suggestion to Du Liang was to split up. That way, he could use his powers more wisely without his teammates getting suspicious after seeing his different abilities from Pei Zen.

"I don't oppose this idea but are you sure? You're the weakest of us. You would have the hardest time against the Saint Realm Beast," Du Liang phrased as he frowned.

"I also want to move alone, but it's not really bad to stick together. If I'm with you two, I can protect you from danger. I need both of you to stay safe and get a good ranking," he continued.

"Are you saying we can't protect ourselves?" Long Chen asked as he squinted his eyes. 

"I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that you're at risk if you go alone. Everyone else will be in a team of three. If you find the flower, you'll not only have to fight a saint Realm beast but everyone else as well," Du Liang let out once again. 

"This is the last time I'll offer you to go together. If you still wish to go alone, I won't stop you. Think carefully," he continued.

Long Chen just wanted to leave. This his divine sense, he watched Ji Shan leaving with his team. He simply wanted to leave without explaining everything, but he needed them after finishing the trial. So he couldn't create enmity. 

"Heh, they are seriously thinking about splitting up?" 

"They think too highly of themselves. If they think they can take care of a Saint Realm Beast alone."

"The other two are still more sensible. It's the last guy who seemed to be hell-bent on going alone. He's really a duffer?" 

"Let them suffer. Let's not delay. The others have already gone. Let's go as well."

Long Chen could hear the conversation of people from the other teams that were talking about him, but he ignored them. 

"You don't understand. If we split up, we can cover more land. You heard, didn't you? It's not easy to find the flowers. Let's make it a little easier by splitting up. As for taking care of the beast, we can all give our best. I have faith in myself. If you two don't have faith in me, then say it straight," Long Chen alleged, using a different excuse.

Even though this excuse made sense, it wasn't something that would have worked. Fortunately, Du Liang had already said that if Long Chen still insisted on going alone, he wouldn't stop him. 

"Fine. You may leave." He nodded his head.

Long Chen turned back and left.

"You want to be with me or go alone as well?" Du Liang asked Long Chen.

"If he can go alone, why should I take help," Qian Yu alleged before she left in a different direction as well.

Du Liang couldn't help but laugh out loud. "As expected from my team members. They're all good."

He also started walking, taking a different direction from the other two.

The team from Dark World had also entered by now. As they had decided, Han stealthily chased after Long Chen. The other two went together in the same direction Du Liang went in.

Long Chen was walking through the forest slowly. He was looking around to find the flower. He wished to meet with Ji Shan, but he couldn't until that guy was with the Princes. So he decided to wait until they left this place. 

Long Chen had only walked for a short distance when he noticed a shadow following him through his Divine Sense. 

"Interesting. The Darkness Race is following me. Did they really think I wouldn't notice them?" Long Chen muttered as a mocking grin appeared on his face.

He stopped in his tracks and looked back. The shadow which was following him hid behind a tree in haste. 

'How did that guy notice me?" Han thought as he hid behind a tree.

"Maybe because you made it so obvious?"

A voice fell in Han's ears as a sword came thrusting towards his chest.

He once again turned into a shadow and disappeared. He appeared fifty meters away. 

"Is that all you can do?" The voice didn't leave him as he saw the sword shine before his eyes. It came straight to his neck. 

"How are you so fast!" Han yelled as he disappeared again.