Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1108 - 1108: Entering Inner World

The inner world that Long Chen had created was a vast Cultivation World with nothing missing that could have been in a normal world.

There were mountains, seas, cities, continents, and everything else. 

The Qi of this world was also purer than the real world. If there was no restriction and if the high-grade Cultivation skills were spread in this world, it was quite possible that people were going to break through to even the Heaven Realm. 

However, Long Chen not only limited the cultivation potential in this world but it also gave the control to himself to give permission to others to breakthrough above the threshold.

He didn't give this to anyone, though, to make sure that no one could stand up to his family. 

Only with the growth of his family was he going to raise the threshold. 

Because his family members became the Heaven Realm Cultivators, he kept the threshold at the Earth Realm. As he had decided that as soon as his family broke through to Saint Realm, he was going to increase the threshold of the world for the others to Heaven Realm. 


Mingyu and Zhiqing entered the World and informed them all about what Long Chen told them. 

Hearing the news that they were going to be shifted to a real world, the people of this world were somewhat excited, especially the Fairy Clan that had been brought here. 

Long Chen's family also seemed happy since they were not only going to meet new people and finally mix with the crowd and society but, more importantly, because of Long Chen. The latter was now able to meet up with them regularly in the world. 

They could finally experience the old times where they were spending time with family. Things were going to return to normal. The calm was finally going to return. 

Everyone started preparing the stuff that they believed they wanted to take to the new world with them. 

Things were kept in the storage ring as everyone finally prepared to leave. 

Long Chen was keeping an eye inside the Fake World, waiting for everyone to prepare. Once everyone was finished, he started right away. 

He sent everyone to the Inner World at once, but he didn't Teleport them right inside the most resourceful city of the Inner World. He had Teleported them right outside the city. 

Long Ren looked around at all the emptiness around him. In the distance, they could see a city. 

"He sent us here? Why not in the city?" Long Jun asked, confused. 

"Let's wait here and not enter the city. I believe he must have a reason to send us here," Long Ren said, nodding. 

"Grandfather is right."

As soon as the words left Long Ren's house, another voice echoed around them before a body started taking shape before them, ending up looking like Long Chen. 

"Little Guy, you're here. Come here," Long Ren said, laughing as he right away hugged Long Chen. 

As Long Ren freed Long Chen, he was taken in an even tighter embrace. 

"Finally, you're here with us," Sima Ziyi told Long Chen as she hugged him as if she hadn't done so in years.

"Don't worry, Mother. Now I can often come here. I'm the god of this world. I can control the laws here and make myself appear and leave. There's no restriction on me here," Long Chen said as he hugged his mother back. "I missed you a lot too."

After a long hug, he freed his mother and looked at Long Jun, who was carrying the unconscious Ji Shan in his arms. 

"Father, are you well?" Long Chen asked his father while he placed his finger over the wrist of Ji Shan, testing his body. 

"I am fine now that you are here. As for your friend, I've been keeping an eye on him as well. He seems pretty stable for now. He should be up soon," Long Jun answered as he smiled. He didn't hug Long Chen since Ji Shan was in his arms. 

"You're right. His body is fine.  As for his consciousness, he can see that it's starting to wake up. Soon, he should be out. Anyway, there are people in this world. It is no different than a normal world, so there's no risk for you all here. No one will be able to harm you or him. All hard times are over," Long Chen said as he freed the wrist of his friend. 

"You became a Heaven Realm Cultivator and even formed an Inner World as grand as this. I can't describe how amazed and proud I am," Long Jun alluded to Long Chen, proud. 

"Hahaha, of course! What's shocking about this! He is my Grandson! He was supposed to be great. It would be surprising if he weren't," Long Ren laughed out loud as he said. 

"Of course, grandfather. I couldn't disappoint you after all," Long Chen answered. 

"I had a question, though. Why did you bring it here and not in the city?" Long Jun asked, curious. 

"That, it's because this world has grown for thousands of years with great history. They have memories and lives of their own. I can mess with everything in this world but not their memories. So bringing you there directly and the consequences of that would have been a bit uncertain," Long Chen explained as he looked towards the city. 

"You're all much stronger than them all, so you can easily do whatever you want, but that's not what I want. I want you all to have a friendly reputation and relationship with this city, without having to stress about anything. I want everyone to see you as neighbors and not as some strange anomaly. So I don't send you there directly." he further said. 

"Then how will we enter?" Long Ren asked.

"Simple. We will enter normally, as travelers from another city. This is my world, and I know everything about it. I can easily set things up," Long Chen answered as he waved his hand. 

With a flick of his hands, tens of carriages appeared near them all, filled with tons of items as if it belonged to the people that were migrating. 

"Go and sit in the carriage. I'm coming with you. I'll handle everything," Long Chen said, pointing towards the carriages. 

Without many questions, everyone listened to him and entered the carriage. 

Long Chen also entered inside one with his parents. The carriage started moving towards the Royal City, which was the most important city in the whole world. 

The carriage was stopped at the entrance of the city by the guards.