Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1317 - 1317: Enraged Zhu Chang

"We will tell you. We will tell you everything!"

Now that the old man knew the identity of Zhu Chang, he didn't even dare to resist. What could he even get after resisting since he was already at the mercy? In fact, he found himself lucky that Zhu Chang wasn't killing them right now. 

The mercy Zhu Chang took on them was more than enough. As for their clan, so what if it was mostly destroyed. As long as he was alive, they could establish their clans in other places as well and ultimately win. 

"I'll bring the person who knows here and get you that stone! Just give us a few seconds!" he said as he stood up and started flying back. 

"Are you not going to stop him?" Watching the old man fly away and Zhu Chang not stopping him, the Blood Dragon Emperor flew closer. 

"Why should I stop him? He's bringing the stone to me," Zhu Chang replied.  .

"What if he runs away? Aren't you concerned about that?" The Blood Dragon Emperor asked. 

"Run away? He would have to be crazy to even think about running away. Moreover, where can he even run to? He can never get out of my reach," Zhu Chang replied. "Moreover, this girl is still here. He would return for her."

"Now we are going to get the stone. Using that, we should have an easier time getting to the. Heavenly Realm. But that's also a mess," He added, sighing. 

"Why?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, confused. Why was Zhu Chang worried about going to the Heavenly Realm?

"Because of my father. He has sent people to get me back to every place. I've been avoiding them so I could spend more time freely. I'm sure my father has informed about my disappearance to the Heavenly Emperor as well. As soon as the Heavenly Emperor sees me, he will capture me and inform Father!"

"So? Just don't let him see you? It's simple."

"What do you mean? How can I not let him see me? I'll need to ask him to release Long Chen from his prison. I'd have to meet him for that!" Zhu Chang stated. 

"I mean, do you really have to? As you said, Long Chen wouldn't be harmed there. Moreover, you don't have to save him. You can continue your journey and have fun. Why bother saving him?" The Blood Dragon Emperor asked, smiling.

"Are you seriously saying that?" Zhu Chang asked, frowning. "You're asking for me to abandon him?"

"I mean, why can't you. You've just known him for a little while. And it's the same with me. With him gone, you won't have to finish his ten wishes. Moreover, you don't have to go through the insult of calling a mortal your friend," Blood Dragon Emperor explained.

"It's the same for me. I've only known him for a little time too. His absence isn't that bad. I'll be free with him gone too. We both get what we want. Just leave him in the Heavenly Prison!" he added. 


Zhu Chang rubbed the back of his head before bursting into laughter.

"I understand what kind of a being you are!" He let out after he stopped laughing. "You're nothing but a cowardly traitor! And there is nothing in hate more than cowardly traitors!"

As he talked, he caught the Blood Dragon Emperor by his throat while glaring in his eyes.

"Long Chen is a thousand times better than you can ever hope to be! He is the person who defeated me! Moreover, unlike you, he wouldn't have tried to run away from his responsibility! I'm sure I would be free of following his requests if I let him stay trapped, but that's not the kind of person I am!"

"I promised to fulfill his ten wishes as he defeated me fair and square! I'm not a person who runs away from my responsibility! Moreover, he isn't an ordinary mortal! He is a special mortal because he's my friend!"

"He could have destroyed my self respect by making me call him boss! It was well within his rights, especially after I acted so arrogantly with him! But he didn't! Instead, he let go of that condition and just asked me for friendship!"

"For you, that might have been an ordinary gesture, but that was the moment he won my true respect! The person you call a mortal, he's not just that! He not only had the strength to defeat me in my own bet, but he also had the wisdom and self awareness to not Insult me!"

"So, even if I spent a few days with him, those few days were enough for me to know what kind of person he is! That's something a traitor like you can never know!" 

Zhu Chang kept tightening his grip as he scolded the Blood Dragon Emperor while expressing his displeasure. 

It not only shocked Blood Dragon Emperor but also frightened him. He had thought that Zhu Chang didn't care for Long Chen since he wasn't on the same level as him, but it appeared that he was wrong. 

"I-i didn't mean that!" Blood Dragon Emperor weakly let out. 

"Then what did you mean?" Zhu Chang asked, glaring. 

"I was just testing your loyalty to see if you really cared for him! That's why I had to lie like that! I also want to save him! He's my partner too, I swear!" Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed to save his life. 

That was the only excuse he could think of in such a short time. 

Fortunately, that seemed to be working. 

Zhu Chang's grip weakened slightly as he asked, "Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course! In fact, I'm his tamed beast! His death means my death! Who would care for him if not me!" The Blood Dragon Emperor responded. 

"That's true as well. Fine, I'll free you. Next time, don't pretend to be like that!"

Zhu Chang released the Blood Dragon Emperor before shifting his attention to the girl. 

The girl kept her head down, not even daring to look at Zhu Chang. But she was actually wondering where Long Chen went. She wasn't here when he was sent away, but she could get some hints from Zhu Chang's words. It seemed like he was somewhere far away, trapped. 

She couldn't help but wonder if it was the work of the Patriarch of her clan. If that was the case, then it was surprising that the Patriarch was still left alive. It seemed like these people weren't as bad as she thought. 

She even wondered if she had overreacted before.