Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1205 - 1205: Introduction

His other hand wrapped around Mimi's back, even sliding a little down to rest on her soft butt. 

Mimi's breasts were being pressed between their bodies, but her mind was on something else entirely. This feeling, it was something entirely new, but it also made her feel something at her core.  ​​

She hated it, but at the same time, she also found sweet ecstasy in it. She even felt as if she was growing weak under this kiss. 

As if she couldn't resist or push him back. Her body refused to listen to her as if it just wanted to stay in this man's embrace for eternity, getting the sweet taste of his lips. 

Today she had felt something she never felt before. She wanted to hate it, but she couldn't. She knew she needed to feel hateful, but she didn't. 

The kiss wasn't long lasting though, as Long Chen moved back, freeing her lips. 

Even the female guards were stunned as they saw what had happened. All of them had their mouths opened as they realized that the Emperor was going to execute them if he found out that his daughter was kissed by a stranger in their presence. 

No matter what happened, they needed to make sure that the Emperor didn't find out about this. Most of them had already decided to plead with Mimi to keep it a secret.

Freeing Mimi's lips, Long Chen stepped back. 

"Think you gave that kiss to a beggar. You can leave now," Long Chen told Mimi, who was still in a daze as she looked at Long Chen with her misty eyes. 

Her face was entirely red, not knowing what she wanted to know. Her mind was entirely blank.

She looked at Long Chen as she softly asked, "Who are you?"

"Who I am doesn't matter. At Least not at this moment. Anyway, you can leave. You're free," Long Chen replied. "Oh right. You might want to wear some clothes before leaving."

"Clothes?" Princess Mimi asked in a daze, but she soon realized that she was completely naked. 

She picked up a towel and covered herself again.

"Can you turn back?" She asked Long Chen, hesitant.

"Why? I already saw everything. Does it even matter anymore?" Long Chen lazily said as he sat down with his back resting against the wall. 

Mimi was truly feeling embarrassed now, but she knew that she couldn't stay in the towel forever. 

She took a deep breath as she removed the towel, right in front of Long Chen. 

She started getting dressed as she felt something strange to know that a man was watching her wear clothes. The same man who had kissed her and touched her. 

And now that she looked at him clearly, she realized that he didn't look ugly either. Instead, he looked rather handsome. 

There was something about him that she didn't find in any other guy she met. Her looks were charming. Moreover, he was talented too, even more so than her. 


She believed he wasn't bad if she was ever going to get married. 

'No, no! What am I even thinking! This guy is shameless! How can I marry someone like him?!' she thought as she repeatedly shook her head. 

'But then again, he is hot as well. And there are no men as talented as him in the Empire. Moreover, he already took my first kiss. And I don't feel repulsive when I'm close to him either. He is different.' she further thought, making things complicated for her. 

"Young miss, those clothes aren't going to climb your body themselves. What are you thinking?" Long Chen asked, reminding the Princess who had stopped while wearing clothes. 

At Long Chen's reminder, she came out of her daze as she wore the clothes. She finished getting dressed quickly. 

The other guards also got up and started dressing now. They didn't look for a fight anymore. 

Soon, everyone was dressed properly. 

"Princess, let's leave before he changes his mind," the guards said as they finished getting dressed. 

Princess Mimi nodded in response, but she didn't move.

"Ah, Princess?" The guards said as they tapped her shoulder. 

"You all wait at the exit. I'll be right there. I need to talk to him about something alone,"  Princess Mimi told the guards.


"No, but. Don't tell me you're refusing to listen to commands?" The Princess asked, frowning. 

"N-not at all. It's just that we're concerned about your safety," the guards replied, seemingly concerned. 

"You don't need to be. I'm not a kid anymore. Listen to what I say and wait at the exit," Mimi responded sharply. 

"A-alright. We'll do as told," the guards said as they started leaving. It was only after they left that Mimi breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Can you please tell me who you are? At Least tell me your name. Only the two of us are here. I promise I won't tell anyone," the Princess asked Long Chen, intrigued about him. She didn't feel like leaving without knowing him. 

"Him? He is known as Casanova Chen, who keeps forgetting that he shouldn't kiss strangers!" It was Xun who answered instead, rolling her eyes. Fortunately, the Princess couldn't hear her. Even Long Chen ignored her words. 

"My name is Long Chen. What's yours?" Long Chen asked. 

"My name is Jiang Mimi. I'm the Princess of Western Empire," Mimi answered.

"The daughter of Emperor Jiang? I guess I expected that after seeing your cultivation. Your cultivation is pretty high," Long Chen said, complimenting Mimi. 

"Not as high as you, it seems. Where are you from?" Mimi asked, curious. 

"I guess you can just say I'm a random person from your Western Empire that has just decided to come out now," Long Chen said, smiling. 

"You're from Western Empire? You aren't a prince from other Empires? That's amazing. At first, I thought you probably achieved your high cultivation with the help of treasures, but it seems I was wrong. You got here without the help of theirs. Amazing!" The Princess said, excited.

Getting such a high cultivation without having a powerful background? This only showed his raw talent, which further impressed her. 

If without the support of an Empire he was able to reach here, then with support, he could even reach stars. 

Moreover, she didn't have to worry about anything. Since he was from her Empire, she could even marry him without having to initiate the talks between royalty of two empires for the royal wedding. 

Moreover, she believed she wouldn't even need to shift to another Empire if she married him. 

'Arghh! What am I even thinking! We just met!'  she suddenly screamed in her head.