Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1090 - 1090: Getting Thoughts Through

Orion started to wake up slowly. As he opened his eyes, wondering where he was, he saw the body of Emperor Lu lying in the distance. 

He seemed confused. What had happened after he lost consciousness? Did the guy die on his own? Or did someone help him?

As Orion thought about help, he realized that there was only one person who could have helped him. 


Long Chen and the blue-eyed man continued his battle throughout the Royal City, leaving destruction behind them. 

Throughout the battle, something strange was happening. Long Chen's body was being wounded by each attack that was landing on him, but a strange dark energy was also healing him faster than usual. 

As for the blue-eyed man, his body was even more resilient. There was a strange Protection around him that was decreasing the impact of all the attacks that were made by Long Chen, protecting him from being seriously wounded. 

The dark aura around Long Chen was slowly decreasing as if it was being used in healing him so much and that it wasn't going to last for long. 

The time was running out. It was just as the man had said; the Dark Sacrifice couldn't last for a long time. It was going to run out. 

As for his Destiny Protection, it didn't have any such problem. 

In that regard, Long Chen was at a disadvantage. That was precisely the reason why the blue-eyed man hadn't attacked Long Chen previously since he knew that without his Destiny Protection, he was going to be at a big disadvantage.

On the other hand, at the moment, he was in a better position because he had waited and didn't lose his protection. If he had, he might be in the same position as Wu Lia. 

For now, he only needed to make Long Chen's energy run out faster by wounding him as much as he could. 

As long as he did what he planned, the battle was going to be over. 

Unlike the scheming enemy, Long Chen was completely without a plan since his clever self didn't have the control of his body. 

Even though Long Chen couldn't control his body, he could still see everything this time, unlike the first time he had used the Dark Sacrifice. Seemingly, his body was better adjusted at the moment for Dark Sacrifice. 

Long Chen's real consciousness was floating in a dark place where he could see nothing but darkness. 

Inside the darkness, there was a strange mirror floating before him from which he could see everything that was happening outside. 

"He is clearly stalling! That bastard! Fighting him straight is a waste of time! Come on, use the Illusion or the Space!" 

Long Chen was constantly cursing as he watched the mirror which was floating before him. 

As he watched everything, he realized the plan of his enemy. Even he knew that he needed to kill the enemy before he ran out of time. 

The problem was that this information was useless for him. Even when he knew about it, this didn't matter since he didn't have control of his body.

He knew what he had to do, but how could he since he couldn't leave this place before Dark Sacrifice ran out. 

And even in the case Dark Sacrifice ran out, this wasn't going to help since Long Chen was going to be temporarily paralyzed if things happened like last time.

That was why Dark Sacrifice was the last skill he wanted to use. Since this also came with more disadvantages like fighting like a being that did have immense strength but no battle experience. 

And if he couldn't kill his enemies before the Dark Sacrifice ran out, he was dead. 

"Xun! Can you hear me?"

Long Chen screamed in the dark space, wondering if Xun was able to hear him. If she did, he wanted to make her think of a way to help him or at least tell his body what to do.

He kept screaming as he called out for Xun again and again, but no one responded. 

Frustrated, Long Chen packed his fist and threw it towards the mirror which was floating before him. His fist passed through the mirror as if it didn't exist at all. 

The mirror seemed like an illusion that wasn't affected by the punch of Long Chen. 

Long Chen was about to pull back his fist when he stopped. 

There was a voice in his head that was repeating, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"


He was confused about what this voice was. It seemed like his own voice, but at the same time, it also seemed different. 

He pulled back his fist and realized that the voice had stopped. It only lasted for as long as his hand was touching that illusory mirror.

He couldn't help but rub his chin as he gazed at the mirror, trying to make sense of this whole thing. 

Normally he would have thought that the mirror was trying to make him go mad or influence him with that voice, but there seemed to be no such effect. The voice was like a normal voice which had no impact on his head. 

He thought for a few seconds before he once again touched the illusory mirror. His hand once again passed through the mirror. 

As the illusory mirror remained around his hand, he realized that the voice had returned. 

He could once again hear the voice, which was only repeating one word. "Kill."

"This mirror shows me what my body is seeing. Could it be that the voice is the thoughts of my body that I can hear through the mirror? That would make sense since I'm sure at the moment, my body is only thinking about killing that person," he thought as he again pulled back his hand. 

This was a new discovery, but he also found it to be useless. It didn't matter if he could hear the thoughts of his body. 

"If only this mirror worked the other way around, this would be so much more useful. If he could hear my thoughts instead of me hearing his."

Long Chen couldn't help but sigh in disappointment.

"Wait a minute, what if that's also possible through it?" He suddenly exclaimed as he realized that he had an opportunity here.

"I must try! If I don't, this guy will ruin everything!" 

With great determination, Long Chen placed his hand inside the mirror again.

"Listen to me! Stop attacking blindly! Stop attacking blindly! Listen to me!"

Long Chen also started repeating his thoughts to make his body follow through if it could hear him.