Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 989 - 989: Lucky

"Which of these is for your son? Golden one?" he asked the Emperor. The Golden one seemed more luxurious. So there was a chance that it was for his real son. 

"The answer is for you to decide. At the moment, none of these boxes belong to any of you. I'm giving you the first chance to choose to make it fair to you. But you can't see what's inside them. It can only be your luck and destiny what you receive," the Emperor told Long Chen calmly.

'Interesting. So I get to choose, but it's just a random guess without seeing what's inside. There's no benefit of selecting first since I don't even know what I'm selecting,' Long Chen thought as he stepped closer to the boxes.

He stopped before the golden box first before he gazed at the Emperor, "Can I see touch them?"

"You can," the Emperor nodded, giving Long Chen permission to touch the boxes while wondering if there was even any use to touch the box?

The boxes didn't matter. What mattered was what was inside the box. 

Long Chen touched the Golden box and felt its smooth texture. His fingers gently grazed over the box that was lying in front of him. 

Touching the box was only an excuse though, his main purpose was to get as close as the box as he possibly could to give his Divine Sense as batter range. He was curious if he could see inside the box.

It was a failure. His Divine Sense failed to penetrate the box. Just what was it made of that even his Divine Sense couldn't see inside?

As he failed, he realized that it would be useless to try it on the silver box as well since that could have the same characteristics, but he still tried it. 

He removed his hand from the golden box and moved over to the side to the silver box, and tried the same thing.

Even though his Divine Sense once again failed to see inside the box, he was still able to find a difference. This box seemed smooth, just like the other box from the distance, but his finger touched it; he realized that it was unusually rough, so much so that it seemed somewhat strange.

"Have you decided?" The Emperor asked Long Chen after giving him some time.

"It's tough. But yeah, I decided," Long Chen answered, nodding his head. 

"Good. So what did you decide?" The Emperor asked Long, Chen, wondering what he had chosen. 

"I choose this one," Long Chen said calmly as he pointed towards one of the two boxes. 

"The Silver one?" the Emperor asked, frowning. A smile formed on his face. "You sure you don't want to go with the gold one? It looks better and more premium."

"As you said, the box looks premium, but I'm not taking the boxes. I'm trying to choose the treasure inside. I don't judge a book by its cover," Long Chen answered as he gazed at the silver box. 

He had decided to go with the unorthodox silver box that seemed a bit strange even though the gold box seemed more luxurious. 

"Alright. The Silver box is yours," the Emperor let out as he waved his hand again. The Gold box disappointed, leaving only the Silver box there. 

"Can I open it now?" Long Chen inquired, wondering if he could open it right away now that the box was his. 

"Of course. It's yours. Open it," the Emperor said as he sat straight, excited for Long Chen's response after he saw the treasure. 

That man hadn't reacted as he had expected when he heard about the treasures, but this should be different when Long Chen actually saw it, he thought. 

Long Chen stepped closer to the box and opened it slowly. The box seemed a bit heavy. Even after all the strength he possessed, he still had a hard time opening it. 

It took a bit of effort, but he did manage to open the box, which was hard to open. 

The Emperor nodded in appreciation as he saw Long Chen open the box so soon. He had thought that Long Chen was going to take longer considering how the box was, but he took less time than Lu Junwei had assumed. 

As Long Chen opened the box, he saw a black cloth inside that was properly folded. 

What was it? He wondered. He had thought it would be a weapon or something but a piece of cloth? Was Lu Junwei kidding him?

He reached his hand inside the box and pulled the cloth out, finally getting a good view at it. 

It was a robe. He was given a robe, but he could feel that it was only a Gold Grade artifact. What the heck? This guy was messing with him?

What inheritance treasures? It was a freaking gold-grade robe. His Phoenix Blood Robe was on a much higher level and a Heaven Grade Robe. This seemed too useless before that. 

"What is this?" He decided to ask the Emperor. 

"It's the inheritance you chose," the Emperor told Long Chen as he smiled.

"Do you want to know something fun? The golden box had a Half-Saint grade artifact."

As if to burn Long Chen even more, the Emperor told him about the other box, and it worked. 

Long Chen's face twitched in frustration. The other box had a Half Saint Grade artifact? Was he really this unlucky? He chose a Gold Grade artifact instead of a Half Saint artifact?

"So you regret not choosing the gold box now?" The Emperor asked Long Chen as an amused smile appeared on his face. 

Long Chen's expression proved to him that the guy did feel a bit of regret. That means he did care about the treasures. That gave a bit of satisfaction to Emperor Lu Junwei, who was constantly wondering why Long Chen didn't care for the treasures. 

Finally, he felt like Long Chen was normal. 

"Regret?" Long Chen asked the Emperor, wondering if what he was feeling was actually regret. 

He fell in deep thought. Was he actually regretting over a treasure?

After a deep thought, he finally realized that it was a bit different. What he was feeling wasn't regret but something else. 

"It's not regret but a bit of disappointment to see my luck failing me," he answered. "Anyway, what's this robe? Why is your inheritance a Gold Grade Robe? Isn't it too low grade?" 

"Is it?" The Emperor asked as he rubbed his chin with an amused look on his face. 

"Whatever, it's not like I need treasures in any case," Long Chen let out as he placed the robe inside his ancient ring.