Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1178 - 1178: General's Decision

"Are all of them able to tame beasts?" Long Chen asked, seemingly curious.

"I think yes. It's not hard," The King replied.

"Alright. The last battle will be the battle of Beast Taming. Take me to where your strongest wild Beasts stay. All of them will try to take a beast. The one who tames the strongest beast will get the best rank. I think it can be interesting," Long Chen told the King. 

"That... The trip itself will take over a day, but there is a Nightmare Cliff where most of the beasts stay," The King explained. Generally, he wouldn't have agreed to stretch the event to something this unnecessary, but he couldn't say no to Long Chen.

"If you're not against the delay it'll cause, I'm happy to get this event. What do you say?" He asked Long Chen. 

"I have free time. Don't worry," Long Chen replied. In any case, he wasn't in any hurry until he healed his core. So he decided to relax in this kingdom. 

"Alright then. Only I, the Sect Masters, and Great Master Chen will come with us since that place is dangerous. The others can stay here. We should be back in a day or so," the King declared as he stood up. 

It was final that it was going to be a Beast Taming Battle. 

After everything was finalized, Long Chen also stood up. 

Ignoring the King's words, he asked Ji Shan, "Are you going to come?"

Ji Shan shook his head. "I would prefer to stay here."

"It'll be fun, though. What would you even do here?" Long Chen asked Ji Shan.

Ji Shan raised the book that was in his hand, giving clues to Long Chen about what he was going to do. 

Long Chen stepped closer to Ji Shan.

"We're going to the land of beasts. We can learn how they tame beasts. You can also tame one for yourself. It'll be good for you," he whispered, making sure that others didn't hear him. 

As Long Chen talked about something that could make Ji Shan stronger, he was instantly interested. The entire aim for his life was to get stronger now so he could keep everyone close to him safe. 

"Alright. I'll come," Ji Shan agreed as he stood up.

"Can I also come?" Gu Lin asked too. 

"You can't. Or it'll be unfair for others who will also request the same thing. As they said, that place is dangerous. I can't protect two people. You stay here," Long Chen told Gu Lin, refusing. 

"Shall we leave now?" He asked the King, who nodded his head. 

"Of course," the King said, nodding. He couldn't complain in any case. 

The King made a simple gesture to bring out his Golden Swan. The other Sect Masters also brought out their beasts. 

"Great Master, do you want to travel on our Golden Swan?" The King asked Long Chen as he noticed that he hadn't brought a beast. 

"It's fine. I have one," Long Chen said, smiling. "Snakey, get to work."

"Only if you allow me to speak," the Snake Monarch said, rolling his eyes. 

"That snake can speak?" The King had the same expression as the others who heard the Snake Monarch speak for the first time. 

"It can do much more," Gu Wang told the King. He had been to that place where the King was at the King. 

"Fine. You can speak. I won't send you back," Long Chen replied, rolling his eyes. 

"Hahaha! That's better! The Monarch is back!" 

Hearing Long Chen's confirmation, the Snake Monarch excitedly flew in the sky as he started getting bigger while also circling in the sky. 

"Amazing. Is that the rare Snake Monarch Species?" The King asked, frowning. 

"You know about him. Pretty interesting," Long Chen let out, nodding in affirmation. 

"I read about him in the books of extinct species. I didn't know one of them still existed. It was said that they went extinct thousands of years ago. Only a few records of them could be seen now. That's why not many people know about them," King Lu said, rubbing his chin. 

" Such a rare beast. Something so rare can only be with someone as strong as you," he further said, nodding in praise. 

"You take the lead since I didn't know where that Cliff was. I'll follow after you," Long Chen said to the King as he flew up to the Snake Monarch. 

Even Ji Shan folded the book, which was in his hands as he flew up. 

The others also started climbing their beasts after the King did so. 

The King was the first one to fly. Long Chen flew behind him. As for the others, they flew further behind. 


"If we progress at this speed, we should be in the Northern Empire in four days."

"There's no time limit on us. Why even think about days. Just think about the journey and enjoy it."

In the sky, five fierce looking Golden Dragons were flying, advancing towards the north. The person in the lead seemed to be more relaxed as he enjoyed the scenery along the way. But the others behind him appeared more serious. 

"I know we don't have a time limit, but General, it's the task given to us by Western Emperor himself. We should try to finish it as fast as we can," The person on the Second Dragon said again. 

"And what then? It's not like we're going on a war. It's not that important. It's just a casual meeting of the Four Empire's Generals. There's no benefit in getting there in advance. I, as the Western Empire General, need to make a grand entry in the end. So you can relax. No need to hurry," the General again replied. 

The General seemed to be dressed in a long golden robe, inside which he was wearing white clothes. 

His beautiful golden hair were so long that they came down to his waist, complimenting his robe. As for his black eyes, they seemed to be filled with a strange sparkle. 

A powerful aura was emanating from the General of the Western Empire, who was the second strongest person in the Western Empire after the Western Emperor. 

His men couldn't help but shake their heads. Why was it that they were more serious about this momentous occasion than the General himself who needed to take part in the meeting. 

"I'm also getting tired. I think we should stop in the next kingdom and eat something," the General further said. 

"We brought enough food. We can eat right here.  Also, what tired? We've been sitting on the Dragons, not doing anything," the men replied.