Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 947 - 947: Heaven Realm Breakthrough

"You duffer, did you really think a Saint Realm Beast won't be able to fly? How naive can you be? Anyway, it seems like Snakey wants to play with you more. Have fun with it while I steal the Golden Flower." Third Prince Meng Huling laughed openly as he saw the attention of the snake on the Second Prince.

Ignoring the beast, he flew straight towards the Golden Flower that was in some distance.

The Giant Snake saw Meng Huling going towards the flower. It instantly turned his attention to Meng Huling and changed the direction he was flying in.

Meng Huling noticed the snake coming towards him.

"You idiot! What are you doing? You were supposed to distract the snake!" He yelled in anger. He was stunned. The Second Prince wasn't even attacking the snake or trying anything that might attract his attention.

"Oh? Was I supposed to attract his attention? Who came up with such a rule? From what I remember, the plan I made was for you to distract the thing. Everything's going according to the plan," Second Prince Meng Qian let out innocently as if he had done nothing wrong. "Enjoy the beast."

As it was an individual event first, he wanted to be the one who took the flower as it would increase the score in his account. If Meng Huling got the flower, the score would belong to him, and he would get nothing.

While Meng Huling thought of the team, he thought of himself. 

"You duffer! You're still a hateful guy. Fine! You steal the flower. I'll take care of the beast. But be fast!" The Third Prince wanted to curse the guys openly, but he stopped. 

Since there was no other choice now, he could only do it for the team and distract the beast. At Least it would increase the score of their world. He could get a flower later as well. 

He stopped flying towards the flower and flew back towards the giant snake, which was flying in his direction. 

The snake opened his mouth as it watched the Third Prince flying towards him. 

A light started shining near his mouth as if he was collecting something strange to attack.

"Heck? It can even attack using Qi?" Third Prince grew shocked as he saw it.

He had believed the words of the Second Prince and thought that this beast didn't have any attacks because of his high defense. Only now did he realize how wrong he was.

The Second Prince found this situation fun. He used the same words that the Third Prince had used for him. 

"You idiot, did you really think a Saint Realm Beast won't be able to attack? How naive can you be? Anyway, it seems like the Snakey wants to play with you more. Have fun with it while I steal the Golden Flower."

He laughed as he flew towards the flower.

The Snake was almost ready to attack. The Third Prince decided to dodge. He didn't take the attack of a Saint Realm Beast head-on. However, that was when he heard a soil stirring screech of the beast. 

The snake looked up in the sky while screeching as if it had lost all senses; it shot the attack in the sky.

A powerful beam of light shot out in the sky thousands of meters high before it disappeared.

"Such a strong attack," the Third Prince complimented. This attack... It was even stronger than he thought. Why was it that the beasts in this realm were stronger than they thought? 

He had seen Saint Realm Beasts outside as well, but none seemed this strong. More important, what was happening to this guy? Why was it screaming? What happened to make it so mad? 

The Second Prince also wondered the same as he frowned. 

That was when both of them saw something. A sharp object came stabbing out of the snake's stomach, which seemed like a sword that was covered in blood.

The Sword started moving as it kept cutting the skin of the snake. The snake kept screaming in pain as its stomach was being cut open, but it couldn't do anything. How could he stop the enemy who was inside him?

" Ji Shan?" Third Prince Meng Huling muttered as he took a guess as to who this guy might be. 

Soon, his guess turned out to be right as the snake was cut in half. A blood-covered Ji Shan came out of the snake, which had lost the shine in its eyes after being cut in half. 

The snake dropped to the ground. 

A blood-covered Ji Shan stood in front of the Snake, gazing at it lazily.

"Hahaha, I got the flower!" The Second Prince's laughter echoed in the surroundings as he picked the flower and kept it in his storage.

He flew back to Ji Shan with a happy look on his face. "Good Work, Ji Shan. You did well."

He praised Ji Shan while he kept the body of the snake in his storage ring.

"What are you doing? He killed the beast. The body and the points of the beast belong to him!" The Third Prince complained as he saw this sly trick of the Second Prince.

"Don't worry. I'm only doing this, so our world gets the High ranking. If no one has collected the flower and I get to rank one without this body, I'll give it to the two of you. Now stop delaying us anymore. Let's continue," the second Prince answered lazily as he refused to comment any more. 


In a distant location, Long Chen was walking in the forest when he suddenly stopped.

"Is this... I'm about to break through to the Heavenly Realm? It seems like I'm ready," Long Chen muttered as he got the feeling that he was ready for the breakthrough.

Now that he was ready, he didn't wish to delay for even a single moment. 

"I need to find a place where I can be safe," he muttered as he looked around. When he was going to break through, he needed peace and, more importantly, safety. This was a place where enemies were everywhere. He couldn't just be careless.

"A hole... I need to make a hole," he decided on a plan of action. 

He started digging a hole that went down into the Earth, where he created a proper cave. It only took him half an hour to make a working thing.

Even though the cave was big enough, the hole was only enough for a person to enter. 

He picked up a big stone with which he covered the hole. After being done, he Teleported inside the cave he had created.