Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 931 - 931: Golden Potato

Long Chen has just offered to tell Pei Zen some secret about the upcoming tournament, which stunned Pei Zen.

He let out a burst of hearty laughter as he asked, "What do you want for such a secret? A treasure? Some Cultivation resource or anything else?" 

Long Chen chuckled like a greedy salesman. "You know how precious this information is. I can ask others as well, and they'll pay me any resource in exchange for it."

"Don't worry. You won't need to go to others. You came to the right person. I can afford anything. Just tell me the price. I'll make you happy," Pei Zen told Long Chen.

"I wish for you to make an offer instead. You know what this information would be worth. Make an offer. If I'm happy, I'll tell you about it," Long Chen answered with a bright smile on his face.

"Hahaha, don't worry. I have just the thing which can satisfy you," Pei Zen declared.

He sent his consciousness inside his storage ring and brought an item outside which he thought could sway Long Chen.

It was a bottle of wine. He showed the wine bottle to Long Chen.

"What is it?" Long Chen asked curiously.

"It's the really rare wine that was created by an ancient wine expert in our Empire. He only made wine enough to fit the bottles before he elevated to the immortal realm. It's a really rare item. Fortunately, all three of those bottles are inside our Empire. The other two are with my father," Pei Zen explained to Long Chen.

"If you can tell me the way to get the first rank, I'll give you this thing," he continued.

"What's so special in it?" Long Chen asked, seemingly confused.

"It's very special. It helps increase your enlightenment. If you drink one bottle of this wine, you have extreme comprehension for one day. On that day, your comprehension would be a hundred times better. Your Cultivation speed will be simultaneously five times better."

"There are many more benefits, but the benefit to comprehension is the best. Just imagine, comprehending the toughest of martial skill in only one day after drinking this wine," Pei Zen let out, trying to lure Long Chen.

Long Chen didn't really care about what the man would offer since he was going to accept it in any case. His end goal was completely different entirely. Still, he needed to make it convincing.

"You must give me a good Martial Skill that would increase my strength by leaps and bounds with this," Long Chen said.

"Sure. I will offer you that as well," Pei Zen said. A booklet appeared in his hand.

"It's the Buddha Fist. It's one of the strongest Martial Skills of our Tricion Empire. When you use this skill, you should be able to defeat anyone," he explained.

He did over-exaggerate it a little, but he was sure that Long Chen wasn't going to notice. It was a strong skill but not the strongest. It was also the first attack that he had used against Bing Lui. Let alone defeating her; the attack didn't even reach her. He didn't care about being fair, though.

The wine was definitely a treasure worth more than anything. As he was giving the wine to that man, it was already enough. The additional gift didn't need to be as expensive as the main either.

"Incredible. An attack that can defeat anyone. This is certainly worth it. Give me," Long Chen let out excitedly as he reached out his hand.

He was mostly faking his excitement, but he really did find that wine interesting. If this was actually as he described, then this could be really useful.

Soon, he was going to use the Law orb of destiny to comprehend the last of destiny. If he used this wine before that, he should be able to decrease his comprehension time by a lot.

Pei Zen gazed at Long Chen as he grinned. The wine bottle and the booklet disappeared from his hand.

"What are you doing?" Long Chen inquired, seemingly confused.

"Did you really think I was going to give this to you so soon? First, tell me what you know about the first trial. And you can get the first rank. As long as you tell me everything, I'll give you the things I promised," Pei Zen said.

Long Chen looked at the man for a few seconds.

'I guess he's not that stupid,' he thought.

He nodded as he answered, "Alright. I'll tell you what will help you get a win. There is one thing that will help you win the first position. It's the Golden Potato."

"Golden Potato?" Pei Zen asked in confusion.

He had heard of potatoes, but what was this golden Potato?

"You don't know the first trial, right?" Long Chen asked.

" Yeah. The content of the trials are kept a secret. Only the hosts know. It will only be told when it's the time to start. But you apparently know since you people are the hosts," Pei Zen explained. 

"The first trial is a treasure hunt. I only accidentally managed to hear recently. Since then, I've been trying to use this information to my advantage," Long Chen explained as a sneaking grin formed on his face.

"His Majesty owns a special treasure realm. It's a giant forest. In the forest, there are tens of golden potatoes hidden. Even His Majesty doesn't know how many of them are actually there. The only thing we know is that they are truly difficult to find."

"The task is to find the golden potatoes. The Ranking is decided based on the number of potatoes that everyone gets after forty-eight hours," he finished.

"So you have me this information? How am I going to benefit from this? Wouldn't I be told all this before the trial just a few hours later? As you said, I'll still have to locate these freaking potatoes that are supposedly difficult to find. This is such a nonsense trial," Pei Zen let out, seemingly frustrated.

He wished to go to the Emperor and curse him on his face for selecting such a childish trial. How did the leaders of other worlds even agree to have this as the first trial? He wanted to curse them all. 

"We're playing treasure hunt? So frustrating. I thought it would be a battle. Won't this mean then the weakest of them will have a chance to win?" He let out.

"No, you won't have to search for them. As I said, I have a way to help you get the first rank. You won't even have to move a finger for that," Long Chen alluded to Pei Zen as he grinned.