Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 679 - 679: Lack Of Respect

Also, it was obvious that people were going to believe a crowd more than they were going to believe him, who was known as the traitor's son.

"You bastard! You dare to take this examination so lightly? You should be praising the gods that you were allowed to take part in the examination even though your father destroyed our kingdom's reputation by betraying us, but instead of being thankful, you dare to be mocking towards me and our selection process?" Mu Wan scolded Long Chen.

Long Chen glanced in the direction of the Elders, wondering if anyone was going to say anything. It was evident that the Elders would know who actually said it and that he was being blamed, but as he expected, the Elders were sitting there casually, not saying anything.

Only the female Elder of Silver Spirit College could be seen whispering with Vermilion.


"Master Vermilion, that kid... he was called a Traitor's Son. Is he really the son of that guy? Is he the guy everyone calls Long Chen?" Elder Lia asked Vermillion.

"Yeah. He's Demon's son," Vermilion replied casually.

"Oh? Interesting. I remember meeting Demon before. That guy was just as stern as you. Almost every man looks at me with lustful eyes. Even the ones that don't look at me like that have the eyes of interest towards me. I've only met two people before that don't have any impurity in their eyes when they look at me," Elder Lia said as she smiled.

"Oh? And who are those two people?" Vermilion asked with a subtle smile on his face.

" One of them was Demon, and the other one is you. However, today it seemed like I met the person with similarly pure eyes. I was wondering who this guy was. So he's the son of Demon. Looks like he got the same personality as that guy," Elder Lia muttered as she licked her lips.

"By same personality, do you mean that he will betray us as well if he ever gets an opportunity?" Vermilion inquired with an amused smile on his face.

"Hah, Maybe. He might just be like his father, or he might be different. It's not necessary that a son will be like his father. If he's as talented as Demon and he gets good teaching, he might be a good asset to our kingdom. You're the Leader of the Phoenix Organization. He can be a potential member in the future. Keep an eye on him," Elder Lia said as she chuckled.

"I'm never letting him join the Phoenix Organization. Not after what happened in the past," Vermilion let out, shaking his head.

"Yes. That's the right choice. Why should he be allowed to join the Phoenix Organization? That's our defense pillar. Our kingdom can't make the same mistake and get another betrayal from the son. There was no loyalty in the blood of Demon. His son has the same blood. So he won't have any loyalty either. It's a given," Elder Gu of the Thunder Spirit College chimed in as he heard the words to Vermillion.


While a silent discussion was taking place between the Elders, Long Chen was standing silently, listening to the scolding of Mu Wan.

"I didn't say anything. My voice isn't like that at all. It's obvious that it wasn't me," Long Chen finally responded as he looked in the eyes of Mu Wan.

"You think that I am stupid or that everyone else is stupid? There is no reason for others to lie. It was obviously you. Apologize and accept that you did it. You'll be forgiven," Mu Wan told Long Chen as he refused to believe me.

Long Chen was trying to stay calm, but he couldn't help but get angry as he heard the accusing tone of Mu Wan.  He knew what Mu Wan was trying to do. He had already seen the strange look on Mu Wan's face when he had first seen him. It was obvious that Mu Wan hated him as well, and he was using this to insult Long Chen. 

As he saw this, Long Chen stopped holding himself back.

"Hah, there is no reason for them to lie? Do you really not know who I am? I am the son of the person these people hate! I am the person they want dead, but they can't kill! I am the person that they were chanting to be thrown out of the Examination place before the Exams even begin? If you still don't know what reasons they might have for lying about me, then I really overestimated the teachings of Veritas Spirit Warrior College," he told Mu Wan as if he was talking to a kid who could barely understand his words.

Almost everyone in that place were shocked as they saw the way Long Chen talked to the Spirit Warrior of one of the three major Spirit Warrior Colleges. He even insulted the teachings of Veritas Spirit Warrior College. Almost no one could believe that Long Chen actually did that.

"Hehehe, I like this guy. He is quite bold to mock Veritas College. We all knew that Veritas is not that great. Hah, it's so funny to see a senior member of your college being beaten in the war of words by a normal guy," Elder Lia of Silver Spirit College said as she glanced towards the Elders of Veritas Spirit College.

Elder Ming of Veritas College looked more calm as if he hadn't taken it seriously. In fact, it seemed like he was smiling. Elder Mu of Veritas College, on the other hand, looked angry, but he didn't say anything. He didn't interfere.

Vermilion also didn't say anything. He just looked at Long Chen with great interest.

"Demon was just as wild, not caring about authority and who stood before him. I guess this wild spirit was what helped him reach such great heights that even his name was enough to scare the enemies," Vermilion muttered as he reminisced about the past.

"Hah, this lack of respect for authority should've been the first sign of warning that the guy didn't care about his kingdom and the King. If he had cared about the King's authority, he wouldn't betray the Kingdom. Like father, like son. Father didn't respect authority, and now the son doesn't either," Elder Mu of Veritas College let out in an annoyed tone.

He wanted to go down the stage and beat Long Chen for mocking his Spirit Warrior College, but he couldn't as that would only bring shame to his name if he did that before the other Elders.