Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 861 - 861: Whereabouts

"Yeah. Is he safe?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen, wondering if he was hurt. She still didn't realize that it all started because of him. 

The only reason Long Chen was hurt was because he had to fight Xu Liang.

"He left. He was talking about going on a journey of his own to gain strength. I let him leave," Long Chen laid through his teeth since it was better that way. He didn't wish to go over the details about how he had to fight a kid and got wrecked.

"He left?" Ming Lan asked suspiciously.

"Yeah. We would not be seeing him again, most probably since he's going in the direction opposite to us," Long Chen explained as he sighed.  "We have a path of our own which is different from him."

After explaining, Long Chen sat down and started giving rest to his feet. He let his body relax.

Ming Lan looked at Ji Shan, who was still lying on the ground.

"He is unconscious, but he isn't hurt. I already checked. Don't worry," Long Chen told Ming Lan as he saw her worrying.

Ming Lan nodded her head as she sat down beside Long Chen.

"Lan'er, can you look outside and see where we are?" Long Chen asked her as he noticed the window at some distance.

Ming Lan nodded as she stood up. She walked towards the window and looked outside.

"We are in a town, it seems. The buildings are much less lavish than they were in the city. The people are also dressed differently," Ming Lan described what she saw.

"So we are Teleported elsewhere. It's good. We don't have to worry about anything, I guess. He probably thought it would be better for us to be here. Not bad," Long Chen muttered, understanding that it was the work of the one that was taking over his body.

"You can come back. Let's just relax for a moment before we start getting to work," he muttered as he smiled. 

He closed his eyes and started relaxing.

Ming Lan also sat beside him. She was about to place her head on his shoulder but she stopped as she realized that it might hurt her.

She sat straight and kept gazing at him.

Only an hour had passed before Long Chen fell asleep. He was finally feeling like he could relax after so many things have happened.

Ming Lan didn't sleep as if she was guarding him. 

Another two hours passed away before Ji Shan finally woke up.

Ji Shan slowly opened his eyes as he sat up. "Hmm? Where am I?" 

"Long Chen?" He exclaimed as he saw Long Chen sleeping.

"He is fine. Just sleeping," Ming Lan explained to her.

'We were under attack. How did we end up here?' Ji Shan thought as he stood up. He walked over to the window to look outside, wondering if they were hiding in the city somewhere from the enemies.

"What the heck?" 

He grew stunned to know that they weren't there. The outside looked utterly different. Instead of the heavily populated city, they seemed to be staying in what seemed like a desolate town.

"Where are we?" He asked Ming Lan.

"I have no idea. I don't think even he knew since he asked me a similar thing," Ming Lan answered, shaking her head. 

"Sigh, I guess he used his power to bring her to a random place in the last moment. After waking up, he would need to know where we are," Ji Shan muttered as he gazed at Long Chen.

"I will go outside and try to find out where we are. Maybe I can even get some maps. You stay here and protect him. I'll be right back," he continued before he walked towards the door that let out.

He left the room and went downstairs. There seemed to be no one in the building as if it was an abandoned one.

Ji Shan walked out of the building and tried to find people on the streets that were mostly empty. 

There seemed to be barely anyone in the town, or people weren't outside. Ji Shan walked to a house since he couldn't find anyone on the streets.

He knocked on the door.

Soon, the door opened. 

An old lady opened the door and gazed at Ji Shan. 

"Yes?" She asked.

"Ah, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I am new here. I think I lost my way. Can you tell me where we are and where I can find a map here?" Ji Shan asked the old lady.

"Oh. I was wondering why our old town would see a new face. So you have lost your path. This is the abandoned town of Desmes. No one comes here. Not many people live here either. The people who live here are also leaving slowly," the old woman sighed as she told her peril.

Since Ji Shan wasn't interested in the wellbeing of this town or the problems here, he didn't ask in detail. He kept his focus on his own business.

"Can I get a map? Or can you tell me how far we are from the nearest kingdom?" He asked.

"You can't find a map here, but I can tell you that if you go in that direction, you can find the nearest kingdom. After three days of walking, you'll reach the Royal City Tianme Kingdom," she told Ji Shan. 

'Tianme Kingdom? There were two kingdoms between the Tianme Kingdom and where we were. If it's three days of distance, we must be right about there,' he thought as he found his approximate position. 

"Thanks for telling me," he thanked the old lady before he turned back.

Ji Shan walked back to the abandoned building where Long Chen and Ming Lan were staying.

As he was walking, he heard the noise of horse grooves coming from behind him.

He looked back only to see a group of people coming towards him on horses.

From their clothes, it seemed like they were bandits.

"So they are the reason which caused the streets to be empty. Sigh, they aren't that strong, but it looks like this town has no Cultivators. That must be why they rule in fear," he muttered as he gazed at the bandits. 

Not looking for a fight, Ji Shan moved to the side of the street to let the bandits pass.

"Boss, that seems like a new guy," one of the bandits said to the one who was leading. 

"Yeah. He seems like a new kid. How did he come here? The entrance and exit have our people. How can someone enter?" Another bandit explained.