Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1094 - 1094: Hot Lady

"Why would I be happy if it was a hot lady? I'm not a pervert," Long Chen replied as he again tried to move his hand. Ahe again suffered a failure as his hand refused to listen to him. 

"You were really badly injured. You should be glad that you're still alive. Only a few of your bones were broken despite a fall from so high. I guess you can give credit to your physical cultivation and the strength of your body. Even after the paralysis, your body escaped the worst," Xun told Long Chen as she sat on the bed beside him. 

"So a girl helped me after I fell and brought me here? Where did she go now?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Wait a minute! My clothes? Where are they?  And more importantly, did that girl change my clothes? She saw me without clothes?" Long Chen asked, opening his eyes wide. 

"You're right. She did all that. Moreover, I still remember the look on her face as she saw you without clothes? Want to hear something? Yours were looking even smaller than it usually does, maybe because of injury. Hahaha." Xun seemed like she was enjoying rubbing salts on Long Chen's wounds as she tried to tease him. 

"Whatever, I'm not going to let that affect me," Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes. 

"My Phoenix Blood Robe and all the other treasures? Where did that girl keep it? Or did she leave to sell them?" He asked. 

"She did take everything outside with her. So I am not sure. Maybe she did go to sell them? It would be a big loss to lose the Saint Grade Phoenix Blood Robe, though," Xun told Long Chen. 

"That girl... Whatever, even if she sold it to someone, it doesn't matter. I'll get it back from the one she sold it to, even if I have to do it with force," Long Chen said as he closed his eyes. 

"For now, I need to think about healing myself. I don't want to be at the mercy of others. Do one thing for me," he said. 

"Do what?" Xun asked. 

"I'll try to bring out the Life Healing Pill. Since you can touch my hand, use my hand to feed me the pill," Long Chen answered. "If it works, I will be healed much faster."

"It won't work. Just forget it," Xun said, shaking her head. 

"Why?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

"You only recently used the Dark Sacrifice. Your body used the dark energy to heal itself many times. The residue of that energy is still inside your body. It would take a few weeks for your body to expel that fully. And until that happens, no healing pill will work on you," she answered Long Chen, taking away his hope. 

Hearing her words, Long Chen was disappointed, but he still insisted, "At Least let me try once. Maybe it'll work."

"Alright. Since you want to try, do it. Just don't keep your hope high," Xun told Long Chen as she agreed. 

Long Chen placed all his focus on his ring as he tried to move one of his fingers.

His forefinger moved a bit as the ring shone. A healing pill came out of his ring and landed on his palm. 

Xun placed her hand on Long Chen's hand and raised his hand slowly. 

"Ow, ow, ow, it hurts!" Long Chen complained as Xun moved his hand. 

"Stop being a child. Bear with it. You've gone through more pain before," Xun chided Long Chen, seeing him complain like a child. 

Helping him hold the pill between his two fingers, Xun placed the pill in his mouth. 

Long Chen swallowed the pill and started waiting for it to take effect.

More than twenty minutes passed as everyone waited to see if the pill was going to take effect. Silence filled the hut as disappointment filled Long Chen's face. 

"It doesn't work," he said, sighing. There was no effect on his body. The pain was still there, and he still couldn't move his hand or body. 

"I hate it," Long Chen said.

"What can I say? Just look at the positive. Instead of being pessimistic, be optimistic," Xun told Long Chen. 

"You faced such strong enemies, but even from death's door, you returned victoriously. So what if you're a little wounded. Even if you can't take any healing supplements, the normal healing of your body will still work as before. It might be longer, but you'll recover," she said. 

"That's what I'm worried about. I thought I'll heal fast with life-healing pills and then call the others out of the fake world. I didn't want them to see me this broken. I guess I have no choice now. It's better to have them as protection," Long Chen said. 

"Are you sure? You don't want to be alone with that hot girl?" Xun asked with an amused smile. 

"What can I even do with a hot girl when I can't even move?" Long Chen asked. "Ahem, I mean, I am a pure man. I don't have any bad thoughts."

"Hahaha, alright. Call out your family now that you can," Xun said. 

Long Chen moved his finger again to make a strange gesture. 

As soon as he finished, the strange Fake World ring started shining before a group of people came out of the strange ring. 

Mingyu and Zhiqing were the ones Long Chen brought out since he believed the two were enough. They were the strongest in his family. 

"Long Chen! You're hurt! What happened to you?" 

Seeing Long Chen hurt and bandaged, Zhiqing was concerned and ran as she reached out her hand to hold his hand. 

"Ow, ow, ow, Don't move my hand! It hurts!" Long Chen reminded Zhiqing, who had abruptly moved his hand. 

"What happened?" Zhiqing asked. 

On the other hand, Mingyu brought a life healing pill out of her storage ring and told Long Chen to open his mouth. 

"The pills are useless. I already tried it," Long Chen answered as he refused to eat the pill. 

"As for what happened? Nothing special. Just some old enemies coming to kill me and ending up like the ones before them," Long Chen answered as he sighed. 

" Also, I got a bit injured in the process. Life Healing Pill is useless for me. I need to have my natural healing help me here. I called you out so the two of you can protect me," he said. 

As Long Chen had finished speaking, there was a sound outside the hut as the door opened. 

Mingyu and Zhiqing hastily brought out their swords which they pointed towards the door.