Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1197 - 1197: Accepting The Truth

As Long Chen laid on the grass, the others also laid down. Soon, everyone was lying inside the Herb Garden, looking at the roof.

The Snake Monarch was also looking at the roof.  ​​

"So, how is the Immortal World? Did you meet new people?" Long Jun asked after a little while.

"It's a good place but a little boring. I'm not even sure if it's the place that's boring or I'm getting tired. Not many things excite me anymore," Long Chen replied, signing. 

" It might be because you have faced so many things already. You have seen so many of the places and met so many people that you're tired. I think you really should take a month or two off just to relax and enjoy your life with your family," Long Jun reacted to Long Chen. 

"Will that help?" Long Chen asked, curious.

"Of course. You have traveled so much that even your exciting life is becoming boring. Only when you live a truly mundane life with your family will you realize what boring actually means," Long Jun replied, laughing.

Long Chen couldn't help but smile.

"Mother, look what he is saying. He is implying that life with you is boring for him," Long Chen said.

"Hey, are you looking to get me killed? In what universe did I mean that?" Long Jun said, rolling his eyes. 

"I'll take his class later, but he is right about one thing. You should come and live with us for a month at least," Sima Ziyi reacted, agreeing.

"Living with family, huh," Long Chen muttered, remembering that he had another family back on earth. As he remembered that, he also realized that he wasn't actually their son, but none of them knew about this.

"Mother, Father, I want to tell you all something," Long Chen said after a brief pause. 

"What is it?" Long Jun asked. 

"It's a secret that I kept for a long time even though I should have told you before. After listening to it, you'll be sad. You might even hate me for keeping you in the dark," Long Chen said softly. He had decided that it was the right time to accept the truth when none of them could see each other's faces.

"What is it? It can't be that bad," Long Jun let out. 

"I'm not Long Tian, your son," Long Chen replied.

"Hahaha, Are you drunk or something?" Sima Ziyi started laughing. "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"I'm not speaking nonsense. It's the truth. Your son's mind never healed. He had died when he was only ten years old. At the same time, I have also died in another place. My soul accidentally possessed the body of your son. Since then, I've been living as him," Long Chen explained. 

" You saw my brain heal after I went missing? It didn't heal. It's just that I'm a different person in the same body," he finished up. 

"That's something I kept hidden from you all this long. You can scold me now," Long Chen said as he stretched his arms, ready for the barrage of reactions. 

Even though this revelation about a soul possessing a body was shocking, none of the ladies reacted. They had met Long Chen when he was normal. 

They understood that the person they knew was before them. It didn't matter if his name was Long Tian or Long Chen since they knew him as Long Chen from the start.

The ones who were truly shocked were Long Jun and Sima Ziyi. The two of them sat up in disbelief. 

"You're joking, right?" Sima Ziyi asked, shaking her head. "There's no way I won't recognize my son."

"There is a way if that son was mentally affected for the last five years and healed suddenly. You are so happy that you didn't understand how it happened. Also, my personality wasn't suspicious either," Long Chen replied, not looking at them. 

Long Jun understood that Long Chen was serious. He hadn't seen his son through his tough years, so he didn't understand how to react. His real son died in his absence? 

"How did he die?" Long Jun asked Long Chen.

"He was poisoned," Long Chen replied. "As for who did it, I already took care of that. The person is dead as well."

Sima Ziyi felt her heart thumping faster as she heard it. Her son was poisoned to death, and she didn't even know this?

She was heartbroken as she muttered, "I'm a really bad mother."

"So you weren't related to us. Why did you put yourself in so much danger for us?" Long Jun asked, frowning.

"I don't have the answer to that question," Long Chen replied, shaking his head. "Probably because I consider you my family even though you aren't."

"By the way, you don't have to be so sad. Your son isn't entirely dead," he further said.

"What do you mean?" Long Jun asked, frowning. "Do you mean that he's in someone else's body just like you're in his body?" 

"That's not what I meant. But yeah, his soul is still alive. I met him recently as well," Long Chen replied. "As for where his soul is, I can only say that it's in a safe place where no one can harm him. And maybe one day I can bring him back too," Long Chen said, frowning. 

" He can come back?" Sima Ziyi asked with tears in her eyes. 

" It's possible, but not anytime soon. I need to be able to control the place where his soul is first. And it'll be a long time for that to happen,"  Long Chen said, frowning. 

"How was he when you met him?" Long Jun inquired. 

"He seemed good. He wasn't sad about me taking over. Instead, he said he was happy that I was able to help his family," Long Chen explained. 

He further started speaking about the conversation that took place between the two of them that day. 

Hearing the story, Sima Ziyi started crying even more. Even though she had been with Long Chen for so long and considered him her son, hearing about their real son being concerned for them was hard for her. 


While Long Chen was telling the truth to his parents, the four Generals had reached the Royal Palace of the Northern Empire where their fellow team members were staying. 

As they reached there, the Northern General went to give the update to the Northern Emperor. 

As for the other Generals, they also sent their men to inform their Emperors about this important development while they stayed here. 

Everyone knew that things were going to change now. The Immortal World was facing the risk that it never faced before. The return of the Blood Dragon Emperor was on the horizon.