Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1153 - 1153: Dragon

"That is if he managed to survive this," the first envoy said. "The Seventh would be at least seven times stronger. That should be enough to affect even the space and time of this place."

" I wonder why his Heavenly Tribulation is so strong. Even if he is using a weapon, it shouldn't be this strong," the Second Envoys muttered as he saw the bright light in the sky as the lightning bolt advanced towards the sky. 

The lightning bolt fell like a trident from heaven. But Long Chen also seemed prepared with one of the mightiest weapons in existence. He was prepared to face the Heaven itself. 

Without delaying for even a second, Long Chen clenched the sword firmly as he prepared to face the lightning bolt. 

The lightning bolt and the sword clashed, fighting for dominance, but it seemed as if the Sword was doing something strange. Not a single speck of lighting managed to get past the sword as it held the entire lightning bolt back.

In fact, it only seemed like the strength of the Lightning was decreasing. The Sword of Time was actually absorbing the strength of the bolt! It was absorbing the massive pool of energy. 

While some of the absorbed energy was consumed by the Sword of Time, the rest of it was sent to the body of Long Chen. 

Long Chen's mouth opened slightly as he felt the massive amount of energy flowing inside his body. 


A pained scream left Long Chen's mouth as he faced the overwhelming pain, which was making him feel like his entire body was slowly being destroyed, but he knew, as long as he didn't give in to the pain, he wasn't going to die. He needed to persist. He needed to hold on and not lose consciousness. 

As long as he did that, he was going to have a better future. 

Thinking about his future and how he needed strength to face Tian Shen, he gained his strong will as he held on. 

As for his cultivation, it was shooting up like a rocket.

First stage of Earthly Saint Realm... Second Stage of Earthly Saint Realm... Third Stage of Earthly Saint Realm. 

Soon, the entire lightning bolt was absorbed by Long Chen. As the powerful lightning bolt disappeared, Long Chen also dropped to his knees, breathing heavily. He had managed to hold on.

He succeeded; moreover, he had achieved many breakthroughs at once. 

He was now in the First Stage of the Sky Saint Realm, which came after the Earthly Saint. He had achieved eleven breakthroughs with just one lightning bolt. 

Long Chen breathed heavily as he gave his body some rest. Unfortunately, the Heaven didn't seem like it wanted Long Chen to rest. 

An even more powerful lightning bolt appeared in the sky, which fell towards Long Chen, intending to destroy him altogether. 

The lightning bolt seemed to be three kilometres long, three times the size of the first bolt. 

Long Chen once again stood up as he took a deep breath. His whole body was aching, but he knew he couldn't rest. He needed to face the lightning bolts. Only then could he rest. 


"What happened? He survived?" The third envoy exclaimed, watching the thunderbolt disappear.

"I have no idea either," the Second Envoy replied.

As for the first envoy, he kept his silence as he frowned.


The Second Lightning Bolt also reached Long Chen, who bravely faced the lightning bolt with his Sword of Time. 

Once again, a clash between the sword and the lightning took place, which was won by the Sword. 

In the battle of two sides, Long Chen was getting strong, but he was also suffering. The more he absorbed, the sicker he felt, but he knew he couldn't give up. Each lightning bolt was a blessing for him, and he couldn't waste any.

Moreover, something else was also happening with Long Chen at the same time. 

The more he absorbed lightning, the more he was learning about the lightning. It was as if his comprehension of Heavenly Lightning was increasing.

Second Stage of Sky Saint Realm... Third Stage of Sky Saint Realm... Tenth Stage of Sky Saint Realm...

Long Chen's cultivation kept increasing by leaps and bounds. He was gaining the cultivation in minutes, which cultivators worked for thousands of years to gain, and he had only finished absorbing the Second Lightning Bolt. 

As the Second Lightning Bolt disappeared, Long Chen didn't sit like last time. He knew there was no rest. The faster he finished, the faster he could be free. 

He again pointed his sword towards the sky as he again challenged. "Is that all you can do?"

Another lightning bolt took shape; this time, it was not only longer but thicker as well. The bolt was as thick as the mountain Long Chen was standing on. 

"Gosh, I think you should stop challenging the heaven now. Your condition is already not stable," Xun reminded Long Chen. 

"Hah, what's the fun in that! I want it all! I want all the strength I can get! I want to swallow everything!" Long Chen declared as he again faced the heavenly lightning proudly. "Let me take in everything! Give me all you can!"


"What is happening? I don't understand. The third lightning bolt is at least ten times stronger than the first one?" The third envoy asked again, confused. 

Despite being from the Immortal World, they couldn't understand this phenomenon. They couldn't hear what Long Chen was screaming on the mountain.

"Maybe Heaven really wants to exterminate that guy?" The Second Envoy said. " In any case, it's only better for us if he dies!"


First Stage of Heavenly Saint Realm...Second Stage of Heavenly Saint Realm... Fifth Stage of Heavenly Saint Realm... First Stage of Immortal Saint Realm.

Even the third lightning bolt was absorbed, which brought Long Chen to the Immortal Saint Realm.

Long Chen's breathing was slow, but his eyes were fully determined! He wanted to finish it all. Only four were left!

"I will overcome you! You can't harm me!" Long Chen declared loudly, trying to gather his energy. 

He also swallowed a life healing pill to give him more energy. 

"I'm made to rule you! No one else! I'll get what I deserve, and even you can't stop me!" Long Chen roared, still trying to make Heaven angry. He only had four lightning bolts left, and he wanted them to be as strong they could. 

Another flash appeared in the sky as a Lightning Dragon came out of the clouds. 

"Is that a Dragon?" Long Chen muttered.