Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1308 - 1308: Gone Forever

The box which was in the old man's hand dropped to the ground, which surprised Long Chen. Why didn't he take the box with him when he ran? Was it a trick?

At the same time, Long Chen cast a wide net of his Divine Sense to keep an eye on his surroundings, but the old man didn't appear near him. 

"Did he run away?"

Frowning, Long Chen observed the box which was lying before him. 

"What are you looking at? Just pick it up! It must be a good treasure!" Blood Dragon Emperor yelled, hurrying Long Chen. "A treasure from the Heaven is as powerful as you can find. Don't think about it twice! Don't just watch it and take it!" 

Long Chen, on the other hand, was still suspicious. This seemed a bit too suspicious. He couldn't help but shake his head, frowning. 

"This was just too convenient.. I don't think the way the old man talked about my death; he was going to give up so easily," Long Chen muttered, frowning.

Blood Dragon Emperor flew towards Long Chen, frowning. "Man, you're such a coward. It seems clear that the old man was all talk. As soon as he saw you use space too, he grew scared and ran away while leaving it behind. Now stop being an idiot!"

"Fine, if you won't pick it up, then I'll do it," he further added. 

"Wait, no!" Long Chen yelled, but it was too late. By the time he tried to stop it, Blood Dragon Emperor had already touched the box. 

"What?" The Blood Dragon Emperor yelled, turning back. "Did you really think it was going to blow up because I touched it? A powerful treasure like this can't be that shallow. Now that I proved that it's not dangerous, pick it up."

Long Chen still wasn't convinced entirely. It was too odd. But it was also true that nothing happened even Blood Dragon Emperor touched it. "Am I really thinking too much?"

"But where did that old man go?" Frowning, Long Chen looked around, but he couldn't find the old man. It was as if he had disappeared. 

"Fine, I'll check."

Ultimately, he also decided to keep the small box in his ancient ring. 

He took a step forward and touched the small box; however, as soon as he picked it up, he disappeared. 

"Huh? What?"  The Blood Dragon Emperor's mouth opened wide as he saw what had happened. 

"Where did he go? Don't tell me it was actually a trap, and I messed things up?" While Blood Dragon Emperor was wondering what the mystery of the box was and where Long Chen went, his mouth opened even bigger as he realized that an even bigger problem was waiting for him. 

The old man had sent his heirs back to the clan, and they had informed about this attack to everyone in the clan. People from the Clan had come out in large numbers. 

Moreover, most of the Elders could use Space too. Before the Blood Dragon Emperor could realize the scope of trouble he was in, he realized that he was surrounded from all sides. 

"I just had to force him to touch the box. Let alone him, now even I'm in trouble," Blood Dragon Emperor muttered, regretting forcing Long Chen to touch the box. 

"Do you have anything else to say? That's why we say greed is bad. Now that greed will make your friend rot for his entire life. On the other hand, you'll be cut into smaller parts and eaten. You can only blame yourself for this."  A powerful voice came from the sky, filled with a mocking intent. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor looked up, finding the old man in the sky. "You! What did you do to Long Chen! Where is he?!"

"Well, as I said, he's in a place where he'll spend the rest of his life," the old man answered. "Well, at least he will have a life. You, on the other hand, won't even have that!"

"I already sensed your strength. The only person who was dangerous was the guy you hid behind.  You're pathetically weak on the other hand," He further added. 

"Is that so? Fine! Just because the Monarch is weak, ants think they can dance over his head? Even though I don't have my body, I'm not going to fall like this! It doesn't matter! I'm going to take you out! I don't need him for that!" Blood Dragon Emperor declared proudly as he started getting bigger. 

He didn't know where Long Chen was, but he knew that he couldn't depend on him. Since the old man talked with such confidence, it was clear that he wasn't coming. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor knew that he couldn't depend on Long Chen. Instead, he needed to take care of things himself. And he had an idea. 

He wasn't stupid enough to face all of these people alone, but he knew that there was another person here who was going to love this opportunity. All he needed was for Zhu Chang to appear here. After that point, everything was Child's Play. 

Zhu Chang was the son of the Heavenly Black Tortoise Clan. The Heavenly Beast Clans were comparable to the Heaven or the Demon Realm. He would certainly know more about this box. Moreover, he was also going to easily kill these people 

As long as he succeeded in calling Zhu Chang here, everything else was easy. But how could he call him here? That was a question in his head. It seemed like Zhu Chang was already having fun with the Dark Spirits that he was fighting. 

"That's right! If he senses a battle here, he won't be able to control himself! He would come here to take part! I just need to fight back until he realizes that a battle is happening here. Soon, he'll be here!" Blood Dragon Emperor muttered. 

"What are you mumbling? Saying your last rites?" The old man asked. 

"No, I'm saying your last rites!" Blood Dragon Emperor roared as he opened his mouth, shooting an energy wall towards the old man. Since he was going to fight, he was going to give it his all and make it as loud of a battle as possible. 

He didn't stop with attacking the old man as he flew up before attacking all the other people from the clan who were surrounding him. 

All the people used the space to dodge, making these attacks useless against them. 

"Heh? Was that all?" One of the middle-aged men asked, laughing.

"I guess you can say that," Blood Dragon muttered, smirking.