Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 921 - 921: The One

That was when Long Chen stood up and started stretching his arms as if he woke up after a long sleep now.

"You're up so early? Hahaha, it looks like you're excited about the completion as well. It will start tonight, so it should be fun. I am excited too. The teams would probably train the entire day so they can perform better at night. We wouldn't need to escort them any longer. We can focus on more important things," the middle-aged man let out.

Long Chen nodded his head, agreeing with the man.

Throughout the day, he didn't do anything that could possibly bring suspicions to him. He did what other people around him were doing, and that was to keep an eye on the palace and make sure that the security arrangements were right. 

Who was to know that the biggest threat to their security and their target was actually the one who was making sure that their security was fine.

He had just finished some pretentious work, and he was walking towards another portion of the Palace. That's when he saw a group of people that he hadn't seen before.

It was a group that was being escorted by two of their guards. The group had three Youngsters and a middle-aged lady that he hadn't seen before. They weren't the ones that he had seen before, so it was highly possible that these people were the team from the worlds that were yet to arrive. 

It was also possible for them to be the team from the exact world which he wished to target. 

Amongst the three youngsters, one was a girl who could be the Qiandi Princess. The other two people were a guy, one of whom matched the description of Tricion Prince that he had received from Mingyu. 

Even though he knew that it was too soon to be thinking about things like this, he still had a feeling that these were the people. 

He didn't know if it was because he had formed a perception of these people or if it was actually the truth, but the person who matched the description of Tricion Prince was the one he found to be looking like a scheming person. 

"Wait, who are these people?" He called out to the two guards who were escorting them.

"Oh, they, these are the guests that would be taking part in the Trial. They are from..."

The guard started answering them, but the people didn't let them finish.

'You can talk your nonsense later. We are not here to listen to your conversation. Take us to your Emperor right now," the middle-aged woman who seemed to be the guardian of these three people said in a grim tone. A terrifying aura was coming out of her that even made Long Chen feel slightly intimidated. 

The woman was certainly not anyone weak. She was at least a Peak Heaven Realm Cultivator, he thought.

"Ah, we apologize, Madam. Let me take you to him right away," the Guards instantly felt horrified by her. They ignored Long Chen to save their heads and left the place.

Long Chen remained standing behind, watching the men leave.

He turned back and left as well. He walked back to his own room instead.

Since his roommate was busy outside, he had the room to himself. The first thing he did after entering was locking the door before he brought a brush and paper out of his storage ring. He sat on the bed and started drawing. He drew the portrait of the boy that matched the description of the Tricion Prince whom he had just seen.

He soon finished the portrait, which wasn't perfect, but it managed to match most of the features of the man. It did seem like the person he saw.

After finishing the Portrait, he sent his consciousness inside the Fake World.

He found Mingyu inside the Fake World, who was Training with the other girls. He could see some essence of Space Law in her movement.

'Interesting. I thought it would take her a long time to feel the space despite me telling her a few things about my Space Law. It's a Supreme Law, after all. Understanding it naturally shouldn't be easy, but she seems close.

"Her movements contain some space essence. She should soon be able to understand Space Essence as her understanding continues growing at this speed. The Space Law isn't much farther after that either," Long Chen muttered as he observed Mingyu's movement for a few seconds.

It was only after he felt he had enough that he decided to interfere. He used his Will to bring Mingyu out of the Fake World.

Mingyu's sword was about to clash with the sword of Ming Lan in this training Battle, but just when the swords could clash, Mingyu disappeared.

Ming Lan, who had prepared herself for the impact against Mingyu, lost her balance as Mingyu disappeared. She fell down.

"This guy... He just had to bring her out right now. Couldn't he wait for a few seconds?" Ming Lan muttered as she rolled her eyes. She patted the dust that was on her clothes before she stood up. 

"Well, he brought her out. That must mean he is safe," Zhiqing let out. She was standing in the back, watching the battle of Ming Lan and Mingyu.

"That is true. I thought he would call us out after a few days. He didn't call out my mother, according to turns. That must mean he isn't completely in a safe zone. He must have needed Mingyu for something else, I believe," Ming Lan replied to Zhiqing. She had understood Long Chen, and she knew that this didn't mean he was completely safe. This only meant that he was relatively safe but not completely out of harm's way.

Mingyu appeared in the real world before Long Chen. The sword was still in her hand, which she instantly kept in her storage ring.

She saw Long Chen, who had taken off his Mark of Mischief. She instantly looked around to make sure that he wasn't injured or in danger. It was only after making sure that there was no danger that she calmed down. 

"Where are we?" She asked Long Chen.

"I am in the Royal place. Don't worry; I am not in danger. I am impersonating their guard with the help of this little guy," Long Chen let out as he showed her the mask.

"Anyway, let's get to the main point as to why I called you here," he got to the point and showed her the portrait he had made before he asked, "Do you recognize him?"