Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1206 - 1206: What Did You Do?

"So you aren't affiliated to any Empire in reality?" Princess Mimi asked Long Chen.

"Not at all," Long Chen answered, shaking his head.  ​​

"How about you join our Empire then? You'll be given a really high position, and you'll get great respect throughout the Empire. And we'll even help you with resources and other things. Will you consider it?" Mimi asked Long Chen.

"I don't think that would suit me. I prefer roaming free and living on my own terms. So no," Long Chen refused. 

"Argh, how about you just join us in name? You'll get all the perks, and I'll make sure that you don't get tied down? You won't be given any work, and you'll be allowed to leave whenever you want? Is that good? You'll get all the advantages and no disadvantages?" Mimi suggested again.

"That's an interesting offer. I can't help but wonder why you're giving me such an offer? Are you planning to take me to your Empire and capture me there?" Long Chen asked, laughing. 

"Not at all. Why would I do that? I just want to help a great talent of our Empire achieve even greater heights," The Princess said.

"Why would you do that? Let me guess... The same reason you attacked me? Because I saw your everything?" Long Chen asked, smiling. "And I kissed you, which should be an offense worth execution in the Empire."

"Ah!" As Long Chen told the Princess what he had done out loud, her face turned red. 

"Don't tell that to anyone, and I'll forgive you. Deal?" The Princess asked as she reached out her hand.

"Deal," Long Chen said as he shook her hand after standing up. 

"See? Now that everything's forgiven, I have no reason to punish you. If you want it, I can also take Heavenly Oath to prove myself," the Princess said. 

"There's no need for that. I can see that you're being genuine this time," Long Chen let out, realizing that she wasn't lying. 

"Then will you come with me?" The Princess asked. " You have no reason to say no."

"That's true indeed. I don't have any reason to say no," Long Chen said as he nodded. 

"Then will you come with me?" The Princess asked again. 

"I won't. My answer still stays no. Even though I'll get benefits, I still prefer my unattached lifestyle," Long Chen said, shaking his head. 

"Ah, again. Do you really hate my Empire and me so much?" Mimi asked. 

"Not at all. Who would hate someone like you? Certainly not me. But I still can't come," Long Chen answered. "But I can confirm that I'll visit the Royal City in the future. We can talk about it then."

"Really? You'll come to meet me? You're not lying, are you?" The Princess asked, surprised. 

"Why would I lie, young lady," Long Chen retorted. "Now, I do suggest that you get going. Your guards might misunderstand if you stay here long enough. They already saw that kiss. They might think we did more than that."

"What's more than that?" Princess Mimi asked. 

"Don't tell me you don't know what comes after a kiss?" Long Chen asked, stunned. 

"I-i don't. This was my first kiss," the Princess said, lowering her head. 

Long Chen didn't know how to react as he saw how Mimi acted. She was acting like a young bride who was shy.

"In essence, you should leave now. I'll tell you what happens after kissing the next time we meet," Long Chen answered. 

"You will?" Mimi asked, not knowing what she was actually saying. 

"I will. Get going now," Long Chen said as he smiled wryly. 

"Wait, if I leave, how will you leave? I have the stone that opens the exit. You can't leave without that. You should leave with us too," the Princess suddenly exclaimed as she remembered something. 

"Don't worry; I have my ways. I will be able to exit the same way I entered. Don't tell me you think I followed you to get inside?" Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes even though it was here. He had followed her, but when leaving, he didn't need her help. He could leave without any trouble. 

"Oh, that's right! You said you came here before us! How did you manage to do that?" The Princess asked, curious. She wanted to know the secret. From what she believed, no one should have been able to come in here. 

"Just consider that my special ability. I'm sure you saw a glimpse of it already," Long Chen responded. 

"Ah, that's right! You're able to teleport! Why didn't I think of this before? So that's how you were able to enter, weren't you?" Mimi asked. 

"Exactly. Now leave. I'll see you later," Long Chen said, nodding. 

"Alright. I'll expect to see you soon. So don't delay too much," the Princess said before she turned back. 

As she left, she didn't forget to take another glance at Long Chen. 

Long Chen sat down, spreading out his Divine Sense to keep an eye on the Princess. He was able to see her meet with the other maids, who seemingly asked her a few questions. 

As she answered their questions as she brought out her special stone, which opened the stone entrance. 

All the ladies stepped out and started leaving. 

The Princess and her guards went down the mountain. After the guards got off the mountain, they finally felt like they were safe.

"So, Princess, what do you think we should do with that man? Should we send the General to kill him?' the guards asked. 

"There's no need to do anything. I forgave him. We were the ones who attacked him again and again; even after that, he didn't attack us. He wasn't a bad guy; it was us who forced him. He was telling the truth that he was there before us," the Princess replied. 

" So don't mention meeting him again. This thing shouldn't reach my mother, or you know what will happen to you for failing on your duties. You know, don't you?" She further asked as if warning them. 

"We understand, Princess. We won't mention about the meeting and him taking your first kiss," the guards said, nodding. In fact, they were happy. 

This was what they wanted. Instead, they would have begged the Princess to not tell anyone if she had mentioned that she wanted to. Their life depended on it, after all. Now finally, they believed they were safe. 

"By the way, Princess, what did you do when you stayed behind? You took quite some time. Don't tell me that he did something to you?" As the guards had put down their worries, their genuine curiosity started.