Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1295 - 1295: Trashy Garden

Long Chen flew above the water, finding the island before him. The island looked very big, but it didn't look anything special besides that. It was a perfectly bright and ordinary island. 

Plants and trees occupied most of the island, making it seem like a friendly place. It was also perfectly brought, and nothing like how Long Chen expected the place to look like when he heard that it was called the Dark Spirit Island. 

He also couldn't see any Dark Spirits. He did find a few birds happily flying above the island, chirping. 

"Is this the place? What adventure could there be? This looks like a picnic spot?" Zhu Chang let out, rolling his eyes. He couldn't believe he was excited for this place. 

He looked back at Long Chen as he talked. 

"Don't look at me. It's my first time here, as I told you. I'm just as surprised as you are. I didn't expect this place to look like this at all," Long Chen shrugged, removing all the responsibility from this. 

"It was him who told me that this was a frightening island where dark spirits roamed, and death was everywhere," he further added. 

"You!" Zhu Chang glared at the Blood Dragon Emperor. "Explain yourself!"

"What you see is the superficial calm. The island is certainly the most dangerous place in the entire world. Let's just begin the search. You'll see what I meant. Just be alert," Blood Dragon Emperor let out, shaking his head. 

"Just remember one thing though! Don't touch anything or anyone without my permission. Since you two don't know anything about this place, it's for the better," he continued. 

"I won't touch anything. I'll only be here for the World Traveling Stone," Long Chen agreed. 

"I can't promise anything. I'll touch whatever I find interesting. But you don't have to worry about it. I can take care of everything," Zhu Chang declared, not taking orders from the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Shall we go in now?" he asked Long Chen. 

"Yeah. Let's start. The search will take a long time too, since the island is bigger than I expected," Long Chen muttered, flying towards the island. 

"Shall we split up then?" Zhu Chang asked. "We can cover more areas that way? Moreover, can we have our individual adventures? When I find the World Traveling Stone, I'll call for you. You'll know then."

"Splitting up?" Long Chen repeated. He understood that it was a good idea, especially when Zhu Chang wasn't greedy for the world traveling stone. He was a Heavenly Beast who had his dignity. 

"Yeah. Shall we? Or do you want me to stay with you? That way I can certainly help you more, and you'll be safer. But we won't be able to cover as much area then?" Zhu Chang responded. 

"I'm fine with it. Let's split up in that case," Long Chen agreed. "Let's be done with it faster. But be careful. And don't be possessed by the Dark Spirits."

"Dark Spirits? It's impossible. Only Heavenly Beast Spirits can possess another Heavenly Beast. I doubt there would be one in this world. Moreover, even if there is, they still can't possess me because of this," Zhu Chang raised his hand, revealing a bracelet. 

"This bracelet is a gift from my father. It can protect me from any form of possession, no matter who the Spirit belongs to," he explained. "It should be you who needs to be safe instead."

"Don't worry about me either. I already have ways to protect myself too. Spirits can't really harm me. Many have tried, and many have failed," Long Chen replied, taking a subtle glance at the Blood Dragon Emperor who rolled his eyes, realizing that Long Chen talked about him. 

Turning his body slightly, he started looking towards the bright sun, looking away from Long Chen while ignoring him. 

Smiling wryly, Long Chen shook his head. "I'm going in then. Best of luck. Hope you have fun adventures."

"You too." Zhu Chang also started flying away, he entered the Dark Spirit Island, but he went in a different direction.

As for Long Chen, he chose the other direction, entering the Blood Deshi Island. 

Even though it was a day, cold dew was still gracing the grass. Even some droplets of water could be seen at places and occasional puddles of water which were filled with Waters, making it seem like it rained here only recently. 

Long Chen landed near the puddle of the water, avoiding it. 

"So, tell me something. Do you know where your Dragons tossed the stone?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Was it near the sea? Or was it near the center of the island?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"How would I know? I only know that he tossed it somewhere on this Island. I didn't want to find it later, so I wouldn't have cared about where he threw it," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"Sigh, it seems like we'll be searching the whole place aimlessly for a little stone," Long Chen muttered, sighing. 

He started walking through the forest, looking around. Firstly it was a forest island which made it challenging to find the stone, and secondly, they didn't even have an approximate place where they could find it. 

Walking on the long grass, he advanced further, walked slowly as he looked everywhere. 

After taking thousands of steps, he finally stopped. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor watched him stop, wondering if he found something.

"Did you find it?" He asked Long Chen. 

"I did find something, but I don't think it's what I was looking to find. Look ahead," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor, moving aside.

As Long Chen stepped aside, the Blood Deshi Emperor was able to look ahead. 

"Huh? That..."


In a different part of the forest, Zhu Chang was also walking on the ground, casually. Even though he also searched for the stone, he was mostly concerned about finding something fun. 

He was looking for an enemy or at least a challenge. Unfortunately, it had been under half an hour, but he hadn't found anyone so far. 

Everything felt just a bit too ordinary as if he was taking a walk in the garden in his Palace. There was no threat here at all. 

"This place is so boring. I hate this place! Come on, someone, come out and face me! Make it fun for me!"

"This place is cr*p! Why does it have a good name like Dark Spirit Island to ultimately be a trashy garden? F*ck this place. After I find the stone, I'm going to destroy this whole f*cking Island for f*cking with me!" he let out.