Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 644 - 644: Reforging The Body

Long Chen crashed inside the house and just so happened to land on the bed, above a middle-aged woman.

The woman had just woken up when she saw a stranger fly inside their house and land on top of her. She couldn't help but scream out loud in fear.

Long Chen looked at her blankly.

He didn't say anything as he stood up and Teleported outside like he was never there.

The woman saw Long Chen disappear and couldn't help but scream even louder in fear as she lost consciousness.

While Long Chen Teleported outside in a hurry, a ball of fire landed on the house, creating a blast inside the house. The house was destroyed, and the girl inside the house was killed instantly, without even knowing what had hit her.

Long Chen appeared outside and looked at the destroyed house with a frown. He realized that the girl was dead, and he would've been injured too if he hadn't escaped the house in time. He wasn't annoyed at how an innocent person was killed just now but more annoyed about how they had almost injured him in the process.

He looked to his left and saw the two Elders looking towards the door.

"One of them knows the Law of Wind. His mastery is not bad either," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the Elder that had hit him with the wind last time.

"That Bastard! He again escaped!" The Elder noticed Long Chen standing at the distance and realized that Long Chen had escaped. The frustration was killing him as he had genuinely believed that this attack should've injured Long Chen seriously.

He waved his hand again as two invisible blades of winds moved towards Long Chen.

As they were about to near Long Chen, the Elders thought that Long Chen was going to be dead; it didn't seem like Long Chen was moving. They realized that Long Chen wasn't going to dodge.

'That idiot! No matter how many tricks he has up his sleeves, he can't do anything if he doesn't even see the attack hitting him,' The Elder thought as he grinned.

The other elder also realized it and started talking to Long Chen, provoking him so that Long Chen didn't even realize that an attack was coming towards him.

"You're a kid! You can surrender, and you'll live! Think carefully!" The second Elder, as he looked at Long Chen, trying to hide his grin.

While they were confident that Long Chen would be dead, their expectations turned upside down as nothing happened to Long Chen.

It seemed as if the wind blades just passed through Long Chen's body without injuring him in the slightest. It was as if Long Chen was a ghost that couldn't be touched, but they didn't know that it wasn't that Long Chen wasn't hit, but the reality was that just when the wind blade was about to hit Long Chen, a slight distortion appeared in space in front of Long Chen as a small spatial crack appeared in front of him that swallowed the wind blade.

The Wind Blade left from the second spatial crack that appeared behind Long Chen. It happened so fast that they didn't even have time to see the spatial crack.

Long Chen did this to break the confidence of the Elders. He wanted to see the shocked look on their faces and utilize that opportunity to strike back.

'Did they really think I wouldn't do anything after knowing about their Law of Wing. If they are wind, I am space! If they are earth, then I am the universe! If they are monsters, then I'm the darkness that swallows even the Monsters,' Long Chen thought as soon as the wind blade passed through his spatial crack.

While the Elder who had attacked Long Chen was standing still, he didn't realize that the Spirit Sword had sneakily fallen back from the battle with the sky realm Elders. The Sword had started flying towards the Heaven Realm Elder.

"Elder Sun! Be careful!" The Sky Realm Cultivators called out as they saw the Spirit Sword flying towards the Elder. They realized that it was probably going to attack the Elder.

Elder Sun was the Elder that had the Law of Wind. He was stunned by how his law of wind didn't hit Long Chen. He was shocked since the attacks that had his Law of Winds are impossible to dodge. They never miss either. While he was in shock, he heard voices calling him to be alert.

He looked back, wondering what was happening when a sword came before his eyes, impaling his forehead.

The Forehead of the Elder was penetrated as the sword passed through, leaving a big hole behind.

The Elder fell down on his knees as his eyes turned blank, but that's when the sword came back flying and separated his head from his body. The head and the body of the Elder fell down on the ground separately.

There was only one Heaven Realm Elder left that instantly jumped back as he saw Long Chen killing his fellow Heaven Realm Elder, but that's when Long Chen appeared behind him with his King's sword. The Elder was about to land back. He was mid-air, but as Long Chen appeared behind him, he went straight into the sword, which was already aiming towards the top left portion of his back. 

The King's Sword easily penetrated the back of the man and passed through his chest as it left from the front.

The man was impaled in the sword as he hung mid-air by the sword. His life force was sucked in by the sword as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He could feel his life force shrinking, but he didn't give up.

"I-i will die, but I will kill you with me!" The man said weakly as his core started shining. His eyes changed color to the poisonous green color.

"Long Chen! Leave instantly! Don't stay here! Get at least fifty meters away from him now!" Xun suddenly let out in an urgent tone.

Long Chen heard the urgency in her voice. He was about to take a moment to slice the head of the last Heaven Realm Cultivator, but as he heard her voice, he gave up on the idea. He knew that something must be wrong. He was also getting an ominous feeling from her words.

He instantly shrouded his body with a layer of space to protect himself from anything that came towards him before he used the Teleportation and Teleported as far away from the Heaven Realm Elder as he could.

The Spirit Sword wasn't so fast, though. It couldn't get out of the proximity of the heaven realm Cultivator.

As Long Chen appeared two hundred meters away from the Heaven Realm Cultivator, he saw the Heaven Realm Cultivator's body bursting. A dark green gas came out of the body. A cloud of the Dark Green Gas covered a range of fifty meters.

Even though Long Chen had left the range of the cloud, the spirit sword hadn't managed to do it.

The Hilt of the Spirit Sword was touched by the dark green gas.

After some moment, the cloud of the dark green disappeared. The bodies inside the dark green cloud had disappeared; only an ugly looking liquid of red and brown was left behind where the bodies used to be.

Long Chen also saw the hold of his Spirit Sword melting. The hilt that had come in contact with the dark green cloud had disappeared as if it was burned by the most potent acid.

"This... Was that gas acid? What skill is that?" Long Chen asked as he frowned.

"That's not acid. That was poison," Xun said to Long Chen.

"That was a self-sacrificing skill of the people that comprehend the Law of Poison and form their poison seed. It destroys everything in their fifty meters range, but it also kills them," She added.

"That is a difficult skill. If it wasn't a self-sacrificing skill, it might have been a really useful skill that I would've tried getting," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the spot where the man used to stand.

He glanced back at his Spirit Sword that was flying before him. It was only a blade now, which was missing its hilt.

"The poison is so powerful. It even melted the hilt of my Treasure Sword. It damaged my Sword," Long Chen muttered as he looked at his Spirit Sword with a frown on his face.

"Don't worry. Only the body of the Sword is damaged. The Spirit inside it is still intact," Xun replied to Long Chen.

"Can I transfer the Spirit from this damaged sword into a new sword?" Long Chen asked Xun.

"You can't do that, but you can reforge the sword with an even powerful sword as base material. Its body will be healed, and its grade can increase too," Xun responded to Long Chen.