Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1041 - 1041: Surrender

"The first battle is over! Prince Du Liang lasted for six minutes. If no other candidate lasts for longer than six minutes, the winner would be Prince Du Liang with top rank." 

General Wuki declared the winner before he told Du Liang and Emperor Meng to go back. 

Emperor Meng watched Du Liang leave.

"Wait a minute," he called out. 

Du Liang stopped as he turned back. 

"Can you tell me one thing before you go? Why wasn't I able to hit you? Did you use some skills? Or was the one I was attacking an illusion of yours? And if it was an illusion, why was it realistic enough to fool my Spiritual Sense. And where was your real body hiding?" Emperor Meng asked, trying to solve his curiosity. 

He didn't think he could rest in peace without the answer. 

"I apologize, but I can't answer that. My father made me promise that I won't expose this secret ever," Du Liang replied earnestly before he turned around and left.

He walked back to his father and sat beside him.

"Good work, my son," Emperor Du told his son. 

"Hmph," Du Liang rolled his eyes and didn't reply.

"Are you angry that I didn't let you go all out in the battle? I had a reason behind it. Please forgive this father of yours?" Emperor Du asked his son, smiling apologetically. 

"Fine. Only this time. But you'll have to fight against me instead. And I won't go easy on you," Du Liang said as he gazes at his father. 


Emperor Du felt hesitant, but he ultimately agreed, "Fine. But don't go too hard in the battle against me."

"Tell me one thing," Du Liang asked his father. "Why did you tell me to surrender after five minutes only? I could have lasted longer. So why only five minutes?" 

"Because five minutes are enough. I won't take that long to defeat Ji Shan. Stretching the battle for longer was useless. Five minutes are already too long. Qian Yu wouldn't last more than three minutes. As for Ji Shan, his opponent is me. So you can guess."

"I would see how accurate your assumption is. But I think you're underestimating them. That Ji Shan is different. I don't know what it is about him but stay wary of him. I get a strange feeling from him as if he isn't normal. He is at least more threatening than the others two from what I felt," Du Liang told his father, warning him about being complacent. 

"Don't worry. I know what to do," Emperor Meng said. 


Long Chen was still lost in his thoughts. What he saw of that displacement ability was shocking. He could find no weakness in it.

He was still wondering how he could counter that ability if he ever faced it. 

The second battle without Qian Yu had already started, but Long Chen wasn't into the fight. Instead, he was still thinking about how to counter Du Liang's skill.

"Even though I'm only assuming, I believe he used spatial displacement. The Sword of Time also uses that. Maybe I can use the Sword of time to counter him? Normal attacks are useless, but a God Grade Sword that can cut space and time might be useful?"

It was only after a long time that he was finally able to think of something. It was an idea that popped up in his head. Even though it was only an assumption, this made sense. 

This was the only choice he had anyway. If it didn't work, then he had no idea what to do. 

"Xun, do you think it will work?" He asked Xun to get her opinion. 

"It might. Or it might not. But I hope you won't use the Sword of Time. Don't fight Du Liang. You have no relation or enmity with him. You won't even need it anyway," Xun answered. 

"True. But it's better to be prepared for every situation," Long Chen answered. 


The battle between Qian Yu and the Second Emperor was soon over as well. It didn't last long either. Qian Yu felt the need to surrender when only three minutes had passed. She also survived the next one minute before the battle was over. 

She was second on the list now. First was Du Laing with six minutes of time. The second was Qian Yu with four minutes of time. 

"Princess Qian Yu lasted for four minutes. Prince Du Liang is still in the lead. If Ji Shan is defeated or killed within six minutes, Prince Du Liang will win this for the world of Fengshu. If Ji Shan lasted longer, he would win! But before the final battle, we would give both sides three minutes to make strategies," General Wuki declared. 

Looking towards both sides, he continued, " Emperor Du and Ji Shan, please come into the arena after three minutes!"

Even though he gave three minutes of time for strategies, the side of Fengshu didn't even bother. They were all sure that Emperor Du was going to finish the battle before five minutes were over. 

The other side also didn't talk much. 

Emperor Meng only told Ji Shan one thing. 

"You have to win at whatever cost! You're not allowed to surrender, do you understand?"

Ji Shan nodded in response to the question without much emotion. 

Even though the Emperor seemed hopeful that his side might win, his sons didn't share the same thought. 

'What benefit of talking so much? It's not like anyone would wait for him to surrender. He would be killed within seconds by his opponent,' Meng Qian thought.

Even the other princes thought that their side had no hope of winning. 

"Three minutes are over. Come on stage."


Emperor Du and Ji Shan stood on opposite sides of each other. They were ready to battle. 

Long Chen also sat straight for this fight. This involved his long-time friend, after all. He was worried for Ji Shan. He was hoping that Ji Shan would be defeated and not killed. Or he would at least last longer than six minutes because if that happened, the battle would be over, and he would win. 

Any outcome was better for Long Chen as long as it didn't end with Ji Shan's death. Even Zhiqing was worried for Ji Shan.

"I don't understand. Why is he even putting his life in danger for your enemies? You left him with his lover far away from the Emperor. How did he even get involved in all this?" Zhiqing asked, frowning. 

"I'm wondering about the same thing," Long Chen replied, frowning. 

He was also confused. How did it all come to this? He wanted some alone time with Ji Shan to get the answers, but he wasn't getting that either.