Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 949 - 949: Found

After he finished using the Law of Space and Law of Darkness to contribute to the universe he was creating inside his Martial Space; he focused on the Law of Illusion. 

What was a universe without stars? As most people only created a small world, thinking of stars was a far-fetched dream. But he needed them as he was not only creating two worlds but also the surrounding space. 

The Law of Illusion sapling also started shining brightly as it started creating the stars in the vast emptiness of darkness. Simultaneously the world kept being created as the Qi changed shape to form the world. 

The earth was made, the trees were made. Even the seas were made. Everything that the world could have was created slowly but steadily.

The process was much slower, though. It took him seven hours to finish creating two worlds. Finally, the small universe was completed, which contained two worlds. 

There was only one thing that was lacking. It was a sun that this world didn't have. 

Usually, people who broke through to the Heaven Realm used the golden core as their sun to have a golden Sun, but Long Chen had the Red Core, which he felt to be unsuitable for creating a realistic world. 

He thought of a plan to solve that as well. Using his Law of Illusion, he made the red core look like the blazing hot sun that looked like the real sun. Even though it was still red in reality, it seemed yellowish now, and so was the light coming from it. 

After completing the reshaping of the Red Core, he started moving it towards the small universe he has created, which seemed to be in a smaller space than the red core's size. 

As soon as the red sun touched the space, which was much smaller than it, it was sucked inside without a trace. 

The red core disappeared from the Martial Space and appeared in the middle of the universe that was created by him. It was placed in the center of two worlds that he had created. 

The light from the red core managed to brighten one side of the world while leaving the other side of the world in darkness. The world was rotating slowly at the same speed at which the earth moved to make sure day and night were proper in the world. 

It had been ten hours since Long Chen entered the cave to break through, and he had already finished the creation of the universe, which had two worlds. One seemed to be the same as the earth in his previous life while the other was the same as the one in this life. 

After he was finished, the worlds finally started functioning. 

The small space which contained his University changed color and became more like a black dot that moved slowly closer to the Martial Soul of Long Chen before it stuck on the forehead of the Martial Soul like a small third eye which was only as big as a dot. 

This whole process lasted for so long, which made him tired. Albeit he was finally done. He had felt his body being elevated as a small barrier was broken through as soon as the black dot stuck on the forehead of the Martial Space. 

At the same time, the people who were outside also noticed a change. 

Many youngsters were walking through the forest in search of the three leaves golden flowers. Most of them have been through various battles already, but only a few of them had managed to find the flower. The ones who hadn't found the flower focused on hunting beasts instead. 

Even though some had noticed before, it seemed more evident now. The beasts in this world were getting more violent. Roars could be heard coming from everywhere. It took them a while to understand why. 

As the beasts were more sensitive to any change in Qi, they had noticed it before. The humans only did so now.

"What's happening? Why is the Qi density decreasing?" Meng Qian wondered as he also felt the same. 

"Maybe some beast is going through a breakthrough? This is possible when that happens," Meng Huling answered with his best guess. 

"Strange. Which beast would consume so much Qi for a breakthrough? A person would only consume enough Qi to make a change in surroundings when they break through to the Saint Realm. It's too much for a Heaven Realm breakthrough. Is another Saint Realm beast going to appear?" Meng Qian asked as he looked towards the sky. 

"Maybe. Even if it's a Saint Realm beast, it must be a special one. It's still not done. The Qi is still decreasing," Meng Huling pointed out. 

The people from the Dark World were walking in the direction of Long Chen.

"I never thought that man would kill him. From the footsteps, it seems like that guy went in this direction."

Only two people from the Dark World had remained. They had already seen the dead body of their third partner, who they had sent to keep an eye on Long Chen. Even though it was shocking for their partner to be killed by someone, they believed it was done by Long Chen. 

Now the two of them were on Long Chen's trial, getting ever so closer to the hiding location. 

"Strange. I feel the Qi decreasing. And it's moving in that direction as well. Whatever is breaking through is in the same direction we're traveling," One of the two muttered. 

"I feel the same," the other chimed in. 

They had the ability which allowed them to see the movement of Qi. Using that, they knew where the "supposed beast" was. 

However, they weren't trying to track the origin of Qi's disappearance. They were only trying to track Long Chen's footsteps which happened to be in the same direction as the disappearance of Qi. 

They soon reached the origin of the Qi disappearance. 

"Hmm? The Qi is going down there?" Ning let out in confusion. 

"The beast is underground?" Mu inquired. "Well, since we're already here, let's just kill and get some points."

"No. Something doesn't match." Ning said as he looked around. He soon found a giant stone placed in the corner. Some of the Qi was going from that place as well. 

He walked towards the stone to test his theory. As he reached the stone, he picked it up. As soon as he picked the stone, a smile appeared on his face, which was bright. 

Inside the cave, Xun sensed the rock being removed as the light entered the cave. "Such bad timing."