Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 978 - 978: Sneaking Out

Long Chen sat on his bed as he smiled. It was amusing for someone to think that they could stop him by using the guards outside.

He was someone who could control space. This much was nothing from him. Let alone getting out of here, he could even Teleport instantly to the front of Mingyu's door. 

However, it wasn't the time yet. He knew that he couldn't leave so fast. At Least not until Mingyu's father fell asleep.

To keep an eye on her father, he spread out his Divine Sense and covered not only his room but nearby rooms as well. 

His Divine Sense had many more advantages compared to the normal spiritual sense that most Cultivators possessed. 

Long Chen's divine sense could not only cover a larger area compared to the Spiritual Sense of a Cultivator in the same realm, but it was also more stealth. Not even higher realm Cultivators could find out that they were under the Divine Sense watch of Long Chen. 

As the Emperor didn't know Long Chen was keeping an eye on him, he couldn't protect himself against Long Chen's watch. 

As Long Chen laid on the bed, he kept waiting for the Emperor to fall asleep. It wasn't good if he left and the Emperor came to check up on him. He wanted to wait for him to sleep first to decrease the risks of being found out. 

"Sigh, how long? Just what is he doing sitting like that alone?"

Long Chen saw the Emperor sitting on the bed alone, not doing anything. Shouldn't he be trying to sleep? Why was he sitting like a statue? Long Chen wondered as he frowned. 

"Ah, got it. He is cultivating! He cultivates like that. Interesting and new. Shouldn't he be Cultivating in a proper form? Cultivating while sitting at the edge of the bed?" 

After some time, Long Chen realized what the man was doing. 

Since he was Cultivating, it was clear that the man wasn't going to sleep for quite some time, but he also wasn't going to leave his Cultivation. So he was safe. 

"I think I can leave now. If he leaves his Cultivation and comes to check up on me, I can only blame my bad luck," Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly. 

"In any case, it's not like I'm doing some big crime. I'm only going to my woman. So what if she happened to be their daughter?" he added as he stood up. 

Not intending to waste a single second more, he decided to leave. 

As Mingyu's room was not within two hundred meters of him, he couldn't use short-range Teleportation to get to her, but he didn't want to use a long-range one either. 

He only had two uses of that in a day, and he had decided that he was only going to use them in emergencies. Even if he was here, it was still better to keep the uses safe. No one knew what the future held for him after all.

The best option was to go through multiple bursts of short-range Teleportation in places where no guards existed.

He had already seen the arrangement of guards from Mingyu's rooms to here, so he knew where to go. 

He right away disappeared and appeared exactly a hundred meters away from where he previously was in an empty hallway. He didn't waste a moment better as he once again disappeared and appeared in a different place. 

He kept Teleportation in short ranges while keeping him away from sight and soon reached the room of Mingyu. 

The corridor in which Mingyu's room was, didn't have any guards, but the corridor leading up to her was fully guarded. Fortunately, Long Chen was able to skip that through his Teleportation. 

Standing before Mingyu's doors, Long Chen smiled. Being here was the proof of your victory over his father in law who thought he could stop him. 

He knocked on the door of Mingyu lightly before he started waiting for her to open.

"Who is it?" Mingyu asked from inside. 

Long Chen made his voice heavy to make it sound like his father. "It's me. Open."

"Father?" Mingyu exclaimed in surprise as she stood up in haste to walk towards the door. 

As soon as she opened the door, she was hugged by someone. She opened her lips in shock, only to have them be closed by someone. Her eyes opened wide in shock, but she calmed down as she realized that the person in front of him was Long Chen. The taste of his lips was also the same. 

Long Chen wrapped his arm around Mingyu's waist before he stepped inside. He didn't forget to close the door being him with his other hand. 

Mingyu moved her head back to free her lips as she breathed heavily. "How did you come here?"

"Your father took all the precautions to make sure I didn't sneak out, but I managed to. Don't worry. He wouldn't know," Long Chen answered as he rested his head on Mingyu's shoulder while hugging her tightly. 

"How can I stay away from you after all. After a long time, we finally have a place we can relax at. If we're still not together, it would be a shame," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly. 

Mingyu gazed at Long Chen suspiciously as she asked, "So what is your plan for tonight?" 

"The plan? Isn't that obvious?" Long Chen inquired as he chuckled. He freed Mingyu from his embrace before he picked her up like a Princess. 

He walked towards the bed with Mingyu in his arms. Mingyu had already realized what the plan was. It was too obvious now. 

She would have to be an idiot not to know.

Long Chen gently placed Mingyu on the bed before he said to her, "Wait a second. I'll be right back."

He turned back and walked towards the door that was closed. He locked the door properly before he walked back to Mingyu. 

"This is better now. No one will disturb us," he said gently before he took his robe off. He threw the robe to the side before removing his shirt. 

As he removed his shirt, his well-toned muscles were revealed before Mingyu's eyes which seemed to be getting better with time. 

Long Chen climbed on top of Mingyu, who couldn't help but rub his chest gently. 

Mingyu gazed into Long Chen's eyes as she with her eyes that were seemingly getting emotional.

"Thank you for doing so much for me. You not only saved my life but brought me back home. I know it would have been impossible without you. You faced so much trouble to make it possible."