Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1156 - 1156: End Of Tribulation

Long Chen had formed his Law Seed of Heavenly Thunder, making his body adjust to the energy of lightning. Finally, he started feeling more comfortable, as if his body had begun healing. 

The violent energy of the heavenly lightning dragon was purified by the Sword of Time into something that could be absorbed by Long Chen.

But even then, he was feeling that chaotic energy inside him, but as soon as he formed the Law Seed of Heavenly Lighting, the chaos inside his body died down.

He again ate a Life Healing Pill as he looked towards the sky through the barrier that was around him. 

Another Dragon had appeared in the sky, roaring wildly. The dragon this time seemed to have two long horns that seemed to be like two thunderbolts themselves. 

Even the people in the distant city could see the dragon in the sky. They were all scared for their life wondering if the gods had finally come to destroy their world. 

The Dragon advanced towards Long Chen, but it didn't clash directly. Instead, it opened its huge mouth, firing a powerful lightning bolt. Behind the lightning bolt, the lightning dragon also traveled down.

The lightning bolt clashed with the dark shield, which didn't even flicker. It seemed as if the shield was a wall while the lightning bolt was a toy. Instead of breaking the barrier, the lightning bolt was swallowed by the Dark Shield before it clashed with the lightning dragon, again taking the lead. 

The Sword of Time was a God-Grade artifact. As for these dragons, they were nothing before the Sword of Time when it had just started showing a fraction of its power.  The power of time, mixed with the Darkness that came from beyond time itself. 

Tenth Stage of Divine King Realm... First Stage of Divine Emperor Realm... Second Stage of Divine Emperor Realm... Third Stage of Divine Emperor Realm... Fourth Stage of Divine Emperor Realm... Seventh Stage of Divine Emperor Realm. 

Finally, Long Chen's breakthrough stopped as he reached the Seventh Stage of the Divine Emperor Realm. 

The Second Dragon was also swallowed by Long Chen, who felt more comfortable than he had ever felt during this Tribulation. 

The Law Seed of Heavenly Lightning was helping him absorb the energy even better while also taking some of that energy for its own. The Law Seed of Heavenly Lighting was also increasing in size as Long Chen absorbed another Lighting Dragon. 

It had soon grown into the Law Sapling of the Heavenly Lightning, bringing Long Chen's comprehension up a notch. 

"The last dragon... Last Breakthrough. Do your best. Give me more breakthroughs! Give me all you have," Long Chen muttered as he grinned. 

He took a deep breath before he looked at the sky, roaring. "You are too weak! Your Lightning Dragons are too weak! They aren't even worthy of being my pets, let alone the tribulation that tests me."

" Don't tell me that's the best Heaven can do? The mighty heaven that is said to be the almighty universal power, that's the best you can do?"

As Long Chen's mocking continued, another Lightning Dragon appeared in the sky, even stronger than before. It also came crashing down towards Long Chen. 

One last clash before the Tribulation was going to be over. Even though Long Chen was happy that the Tribulation was going to be over, he was also sad about it. This was the last speedy breakthrough. After this, he doubted he could even achieve such fast breakthroughs. At least not until the next Tribulation.

As for this last clash between a sword and a dragon, the sword was once again victorious as it won the battle. Long Chen couldn't help but smile as he absorbed the last speck of the energy. 

His breakthrough continued and finally stopped at the Fifth Stage of the Divine Saint Emperor Realm. 

"Finally, it's over," he muttered as he dropped to his knees, sighing. "I'm going to miss the dragons."

A Spatial Portal opened before Long Chen as he was sighing. 

"This portal?" Long Chen wondered, frowning. 

"Don't worry. Since you're too strong for this world, this portal will send you to a random place in the Immortal World. That's what it's here for. Everyone goes through it," Xun told Long Chen.

"Alright. Just give me a minute of time to rest," Long Chen said as he placed his hand on his chest. He was finally starting to feel the effect of so many breakthroughs at once. He felt like he was sick.

"I would advise you to act fast. Because you might not have noticed, but there are four people who have been looking at you immensely since the start of the Tribulation. And from what I can guess based on their reaction to the Tribulation, they are probably the Envoys from the Immortal World that were here to capture you," Xun told Long Chen as she warned him.

"Only the lightning that protects the Tribulation is keeping them at bay. But now that the Tribulation is over, that lightning will soon disappear too. Leave fast. You might be strong, but we have no idea how strong they might be. It's better not to take the risk," she further said.

Long Chen stood up, still feeling nauseous. He glanced where Xun was pointing at and noticed four men staring at him. 


The Envoys were waiting for the surrounding lightning to disappear when they noticed Long Chen going down to his knees before the Spatial Portal. 

They were scared that they might be late since the border lightning that came because of two Tribulations was taking longer to go. But as they saw Long Chen sit on his knees, they felt like they had a chance. It seemed like Long Chen wasn't going to leave, but that's when Long Chen suddenly stood up and glanced towards them. 

"He knows about us!" The first Envoy said as he glared at Long Chen. It seemed like their luck was truly bad.

Long Chen not only looked towards them, but it also seemed like he was smirking. He started walking towards the portal right before their eyes. He didn't forget to show them his middle finger as he stepped inside the Spatial Portal. 

As Long Chen stepped inside the portal, it disappeared. As for the lightning surrounding the mountain, it was still there. It was only after five minutes that lightning disappeared. 

Even though the lightning disappeared, the Envoys didn't move now. It seemed to be useless to go to the mountain now that Long Chen had left. All four of them had a disappointed look on their faces.