Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 890 - 890: Steps

Long Chen and the girls were escorted to the room where they were going to stay. Long Chen had been given only one room as he only desired one.

Since he had introduced both the ladies as his wife, he didn't need to book two rooms. They were going to accompany him in the night anyway.

They stepped inside the room and closed the door.

Long Chen looked at the girls and told them, "There is only one bathroom." 

He asked, "Who wants to take shower first?" 

"Are you sick?" Ming Lan asked as she curiosity gazed at him.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Long Chen asked, confused.

"No, it's just that normally you, ah, I mean you like to accompany in the washroom to... Keep company. But you're not coming today," Ming Kan asked, confused. 

"Hahaha, oh, so that's what it was,"Long Chen let out as he started laughing. 

"Sorry for that. I just have a few things to take care of. So I can't accompany you girls," he continued.

"Oh," Ming Lan nodded her head.  She held Mingyu's hand and dragged her to the bathroom. "Let's go."

The two girls went into the shower room to have a shower leaving Long Chen behind.

Long Chen sat on the nearby bed. Xun's soul was also sitting near him, watching him.

"I am free now. Tell me how I can use my bloodline to grow my blood," he asked Xun.

"Are you really going to use it now?" Xun asked.

"Not really. I just want to know the method for now. I would still prefer to save that for later if I can," Long Chen pointed out, shaking his head.

"Do you really expect to find other ways to travel like the portal? It would be risky if you do that. I would not have told you the method since I knew it would be more useful the later it is used," Xun said. 

"I thought you would be too eager to use the method if I told you and waste this opportunity on all laws. I wouldn't have said before the right time if I hadn't thought that it would be too risky for you to find the portal. Use it now and don't even try to get close to the emperor," she continued. 

"I know what is right for me. Don't worry. Just tell me the method," Long Chen retorted.

He was already somewhat annoyed by Xun's scheming but trying to see her control him was making him even more annoyed.

He took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Fine. Die for all I care. Why should I worry," Xun let out as she pouted. "I'll sure you'll find out how wrong you are if you even try. Then you can come back and apologize to me."

"Sure. If that day ever comes," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

"Tell me the way now," Long Chen said.

"Alright. Open the access to your thoughts. I'll transfer some knowledge from my knowledge. You should be able to understand what it actually is," Xun replied.

Long Chen sat in the bed in a meditative position as he closed his eyes. 

He allowed Xun to access his thoughts. Soon, he was able to feel Xun's presence in his head as pieces of information started entering his head.

He could see a scene where a person was sitting in a meditative position. He could also see the inside of the person's body. He also had a view of the man's Martial Space where a Law Sapling was placed.

"Is this me?" He asked.

"No. This is an imaginary scene which I formed using my knowledge to make you better understand things," Xun's voice resounded in his head.

Long Chen nodded his head as he started observing the imaginary body before him. 

He saw the man cutting his finger lightly with his teeth. The finger started bleeding.

The man again placed his finger in his mouth and sucked the blood, but the blood didn't enter his body.

Long Chen could see that we soon as the blood entered the man's mouth, it was changed to what seemed like the origin essence.

"How did he do that?" He asked, stunned.

"Your blood is made entirely of Origin. So it can easily be converted to the origin as long as you wish, but as you're a human, you can't use Origin Essence. Only immortals can use Origin for attacks, but you can definitely use that for your essence," Xun said softly.

"As you own the blood, you can use it. You can also convert it easily. After finishing the first process, you must divert the first drop of Essence that is converted using this method to your Martial Space and nourish your Law Sapling with the essence. The first nourishment is also the last nourishment, and it can help your Law Sapling grow by one entire phase," she continued.

"Oh? One entire phase? So that's why you said it's good the later I use it. It's kind of like rare medicines that can make a Cultivator jump one major realm. Now the Cultivator can use that to jump from Spirit Establishment Realm to Gold Core Realm.  Or he can use it when he is in Heaven Realm to break through to Saint Realm, which requires thousands of times more energy than previous realms," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

He continued, "Using it early actually seems like a waste now."

"But it's essential if you want to leave the world. Or you can wait until you break through to the Saint Realm. Then you can easily pass through the barriers between the worlds to reach higher realms," Xun answered.

"I don't have that much time. That seems to be the problem," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

"Anyway, I do need this breakthrough to update my Space Law. If I don't, I would need to travel for months to reach back to the Tomb of Saint King even after I manage to take back the token from the Prince. It is much more efficient to do it now than it is to do later. I do need more strength now as well. As for waste, it would be a waste, but it's a calculated waste," he continued.

"Exactly. You do need it now. So use it. These two steps are the only things you need to do. You would be multiple times stronger then," she continued.


Long Chen was answering when he heard the door of the shower room open.

"Are you talking to yourself?"

Ming Lan said as she stepped out. She wasn't wearing anything.