Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1113 - 1113: Going To The Dark Soul Sect

"So he is still hiding inside. We would be searching for this Palace. Come with us," the First Envoy told Emperor Du as he walked again and started following the trail.

The five envoys were following the trail of Long Chen, which had brought them to the Royal Palace of Du, but the trail didn't end there as it brought them to a room. 

"This room is where the trail ends. So he is hiding here," the First Envoy said as he looked at his team members. "Get ready for battle."

"This?" Emperor Du muttered. "I don't think you will find him here if this is where he went. So you don't need to be ready for battle."

"Why not?" The first Envoy asked. 

"Because that room is actually a portal chamber which leads us to a different world. If he entered that room, he already left for the connecting world, it seems," Emperor Du answered as he opened the door to reveal an empty room. 

A spatial formation could be seen carved in the room. 

The Envoys recognized this formation. 

"This is a single stage Teleportation Formation. That's good. That means it doesn't have multiple destinations. We haven't lost him. We will go where he went and catch him," the First Envoy said as he stepped over the formation. 

The other Envoys also stepped over. 

"Actually, this formation isn't strong enough to take you there. I'll bring a few Origin Stones to help the formations," Emperor Du said as he started leaving. 

"No need. We already know about this formation. Do you think we wouldn't know about its limitations? Don't worry; we will supply it with Origin Energy," the Envoys said to the Emperor. 

Just as they said, Emperor Du saw the formation start shining. The light was so bright that he was forced to close his eyes in surprise. 

As the light disappeared, Emperor Du opened his eyes to realize that the formation actually worked. The four Envoys had disappeared. 


The travel of Long Chen continued for days where they saw nothing but the sea. Days turned to weeks as the journey continued before one morning when they actually reached the Port.

The Port was under the control of the of the two major righteous sects in this continent.

As Long Chen reached here, he remembered how everything had happened in the past. He was chased by all major sects, Righteous and Evil.

He was surprised at the time how the sects knew about him killing their major disciples, but only now did he realize that it was the work of Wu Lia. 

He was still upset with the major sects, but he didn't seem to be after revenge. He didn't want to wait even a second before opening the tomb of the Great Saint King to see what treasures were there. He had a feeling that the treasures were going to be amazing. 

Moreover, the Dark Soul sect where he had become a disciple also existed in his path. He wondered if he should stop by and meet some people there. There was one such girl that he certainly wanted to meet there. 

The girl that had supported him throughout his time in the Dark Soul Sect. She had also stuck with him in the Divine Heaven Sect when they entered with the disciples of all major sects. 

Even though every disciple of his own team had refused to work with him, that girl still stuck with him. He also remembered one strong minded guy who helped him in that time despite being from another Evil Sect. 

They had barged inside the engagement ceremony of a Righteous Sect Head Disciple and ruined it because he wanted his revenge. 

"I really was someone who liked my revenge from the start—such embarrassing memories. I feel like I have grown up so much," Long Chen muttered as he reminisced about the time he had spent here. 

He had gone on many adventures and faced many adversities. Even though it was sometimes hard, he cherished all those experiences, which made him what he was today. 

"Alright, I have decided. I will stop at the Dark Soul Sect and meet the few old faces," Long Chen said to himself as he decided.

"Little Snakey, continue. We still have a long journey to go through," he told the Snake Monarch. 

"Don't you want to talk to those pests that are coming towards us?" Snake Monarch asked as he looked at the City Guards flying on their Tamed beasts towards them. 

"Hmm, I honestly don't want to settle my score since I'm in a hurry. Let's leave," Long Chen said, shaking his head. 

He raised his hand towards the Sky to use the Thunder Blade, but he intentionally missed the aim, making the thunder blade fall just a few inches away from the guards. 

"I have come here from the continent of light for an important business. Don't stand in my path or disturb me, and you shall be fine. And if you do, not only you but your entire sect will suffer. Don't make me make you the Second Divine Heaven Sect!" Long Chen threatened the guards as he pointed his Dark Sword at the guards. 

Hearing the threat and seeing the powerful attack, the guards were already frightened. In any case, they had no intention of annoying Long Chen. 

They could already see that the man in the sky had crossed the entire sea on his beast. That means he is a very strong cultivator from the Continent of Light. Annoying him would be a death wish since a person like this would be treated as a chief guest even by the Sect Master of their Great Sects. 

The only reason they were trying to approach the giant snake was because they wanted to greet the man in the sky and ask him how they could help him and where he wanted to go since the guy was new here. 

Now that they had received the threat, they even dropped that plan as well. 

They went back to the ground and didn't do anything. 

"Good Kids. I guess people do become sensible in front of strength. If I had said the same thing before I left the continent, these people would have said that I was courting death, and they would have attacked me with the intention to kill," Long Chen said as he sighed. 

"Little Snakey, now that we are done, let's leave," Long Chen said, and thus, the Snake Monarch started moving, going in the direction of the Tomb of the Saint King.