Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1059 - 1059: I Have No Choice

"Who knew that the guy would be so strong? When you told me to lie about him, I thought he would be just a simple guy who wouldn't be able to do anything. I thought our life would work, and he would be punished. But everything went upside down," the General said, seemingly drunk. 

"Yeah. Who could have predicted it? Anyway, can you tell me again what the girl's last words were when you killed her?" the young man asked, seemingly curious. 

"Her last words? Hahaha, I still remember. She was freaking out that she would have to lie before the Emperor to accuse Long Chen for what he did. She said that he didn't even do anything, and she just fingered herself, actually. But she was still prepared to lie, believing that you would help her lie," the General said as he laughed, remembering the girl. 

"That naive girl. Did she really think we would trust her for such a thing? If she had lied before the Emperor, she would easily be caught since she isn't trained like us. I don't think she realized what was actually happening even when I threw her out the window, making it seem like she killed herself," he added. 

"I really hope the Emperor never finds out about this. He would kill me for sure for lying to him actually," he further said, sighing. He took another sip of the wine. 

"Hah, I don't think you need to worry about that. He might not know about it, but everyone except him knows already," the young man said lazily. 

"Huh, Your Highness, what do you mean?" The General asked Long Chen, confused at his words. Something seemed strange about these words. 

"Sigh, why don't you look behind you?" the young man asked as he raised his mocking gaze. 

The General looked back hastily, scared. Did this mean someone was behind him?


A shocked scream escaped his lips as he realized what was behind him. There was a Golden mirror behind him that was telecasting everything that had happened here.

It was telecasting everything to other mirrors. Through his letters, Long Chen had arranged everything. In their rooms, everyone he sent the letter to was watching this in their mirrors. 

This was an artifact that was basically a big expense, but there were many who could afford it. All they needed to connect to a mirror was the order of formations behind the mirror. By making the same formations, they could connect to the origin mirror. 

Through this letter, Long Chen had shared the formation. 

As for the people who possibly couldn't afford such mirrors, Long Chen left such mirrors for them. As for how he was able to procure such things, it was simple. He had stolen the mirrors to distribute. 

The only letter which was basically different in composition was the letter that was given to the general. That letter didn't contain anything about such mirrors and these formations.

Moreover, Long Chen had cleverly placed the mirror behind so that it was difficult to spot by General whose back was going to face the mirror most of the time. 

"Your Highness! What did you do! You exposed me! But did you forget? My fall is your fall since you planned everything! Why would you expose us?!" the General shouted as he stood up. 

"Oh, did I say I was your Highness?" The young man replied without any expressions as he brought his right hand towards his face. 

The man slowly took off a mask which changed his face to normal. Seeing the real face of the young man, the General's face turned pale. 

"P-prince Consort Long Chen?'

The face which appeared before him was the face of Long Chen. The face of someone who had the strength to kidnap the Prince from right in front of a Saint Realm Emperor who was the strongest person in the Empire. 

He was someone who dared to kill effortlessly inside the Royal Palace and still be able to escape unharmed.

"Your Highness isn't here. He already got the punishment for what he did. Only you were left," Long Chen replied calmly as he stood up calmly. His glass of wine was still in his left hand, from which he was occasionally taking a sip. 

"You were just as wrong in all this as him since you framed me. You know, I could just as easily have killed you when I came back. But I didn't. Since no matter how many times I tell the truth, that stupid father of my wife refuses to believe that his son could be so evil. As for my wife, she's also too naive. She blindly believes her brother."

"As for the citizens of this Empire, they believe anything their Emperor says. So despite being innocent, I was framed as a rapist. I was forced to lose all my innocence because of you. So killing you was definitely something you deserved, but first, I need my innocence back."

"And I need to shove this proof right up the a*s of Emperor Lu. Now that I did it, it's time for you to get what you deserve," Long Chen explained as he started walking towards the General slowly, who kept taking a step back. 

"L-long Chen, look. I had no choice. Prince Wang asked me to do it. I couldn't refuse him. He was going to be the future Emperor, after all. I was forced. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Try to understand my plight. Please forgive me. I am willing to hold your legs and accept my mistake before the Emperor, don't kill me!'

As the General kept stepping back, he ultimately reached the wall with no place to step back. He couldn't move anymore.

"Oh, you had no choice? That's understandable," Long Chen replied. He took another sip as he turned back, as he sighed 

"T-thank you for understanding. You're really a god. Thank you for your mercy," the General said, realizing that Long Chen had forgiven him. 

Long Chen was walking back towards the table. 

Taking his silence as the permission to leave, the General started walking towards the door to leave. He knew that he was exposed and the Emperor was going to punish him. But anything was better than death. 

As he turned back, he didn't notice a sword appear in Long Chen's hand. 

"You have no choice. I have no choice either. I hope you understand," Long Chen said. 

Hearing his words, the General turned back as a bad feeling engulfed his heart slowly.