Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1101 - 1101: End Of Trail

Watching a dragon-like snake appear before her, the old lady found herself shocked as he took a few steps back. 

She couldn't help but wonder, just who were these people? They had a dragon as a Mount?

As for the man, he was giving away the treasures like it was candy? Was he some Prince? Just who was it that she saved? And just how strong was he to heal from such grave injuries? These people, they were too out of this world. Is this how strong Cultivators were? 

In her village outside, there were no Cultivators. She rarely got the opportunity to meet the Cultivators, and even the ones she met were not much stronger than ordinary people, but these people before her seemed like true Cultivators. 

She still remembered how Mingyu had beaten the guy and his whole gang in the village that tried to talk vulgarly before her. She was strong as well, and from their conversation, it seemed like Long Chen was much stronger. 

These people... A smile spread on her face as she thought about the things that had happened before her. She was glad she got to know such kind Cultivators who became a part of her family, even though for a short time. She was going to cherish these memories forever. 

She waved her hand gently as she saw the giant Dragon-like beast leaving, carrying Long Chen and his wives. 

Mingyu and Zhiqing also waved in return as they said, "Wish we meet again!"

Long Chen was the only one who wasn't waving since he already felt weak. He didn't want to save what slight recovery he had in his muscles. 

Soon, the Snake Monarch disappeared from the view of the old lady. The lady walked back to her small hut, smiling. 

"God bless those kids," the old lady said one last time before she entered inside her house.

After entering the house, she sat on the bed before she finally looked at the watch which was given to her by Long Chen. 

Long Chen had also told her how to open it. As she opened it, she was finally able to see what Long Chen had left behind for her. As soon as she saw what it was, her eyes opened wide in shock. 

So many treasures and so much gold! She believed that her ten generations could spend with both their hands and still they wouldn't run out of this money. 

The money was just so much. "My son left because he wanted money and luxury. And here I have so much money but no one to share it with. How unfortunate," the old lady muttered as she sighed. 

She hid the ring under her bed, realizing that she was only going to attract trouble to herself if she wore this ring while being in public. 


"That lady was so nice. I'm glad to be able to see such people. Otherwise, all we meet are crooks and evil people," Zhiqing said to Long Chen as she looked ahead, breathing the fresh air. 

"True. She was a nice lady. She saved my life, yet she held no greed. When I gave her the ring, she didn't even bother to look inside. That was when I realized she wasn't doing anything for money," Long Chen said, smiling. 

"True. If it were a greedy person, they would have stopped listening to me and looked in the ring. Even after we started leaving, she didn't look. I doubt she would ever use the wealth you left in the ring. That ring will probably stay in an obsolete corner of her hut as she lives her old life and dies," Mingyu agreed. 

"That's for her to decide. But yeah, if I ever return to this place in the future, I would certainly go to meet her," Long Chen said as he laid down on the back of the Snake Monarch as he rested while waiting to reach his destination. 


The Five Envoys of the Immortal World had become four as they trailed the dark aura that was left behind by Long Chen.

They carefully traced the Dark Aura as they traveled, making sure that they didn't make a mistake. Even though this made them slow, they didn't care. 

Their travel continued for days as they passed through many cities and forests in the trail of Long Chen. 

They don't even bother to take a break for eating or resting along the way. 

It was only on the fifth day when they actually stopped, mid-air. 

"Strange. The aura must stop here. And after this, there's no trace of him," one of the Envoys said, frowning. 

The four envoys started going down, wondering what might have happened. 

"Did he use a talisman to hide his aura? Or Teleport away from this world from here?" Another one expressed a possibility. 

The first envoy shook his head, rejecting the possibility as he landed on the ground. 

"I don't think so. Look at this. Blood...," He said, pointing at the blood traces on the ground. 

"I believe I have a theory—the Battle between two Heavenly Demons. One was killed, and the other ran away, hopefully Long Chen," he said as he bent his knees and placed his finger on the ground. 

"As for the other Heavenly Demon, he was extremely injured, but even in that condition, he traveled so far. It was at this place where he couldn't take it anymore and fell down, losing consciousness or even dying," he suggested. 

The other Envoys seemed to be agreeing with him as they nodded their heads. "Possible. That would explain everything. As he fell, his aura stopped. Maybe he died here?" 

"He didn't. Someone dragged his body from here, it seems. We need to trail the blood," the first envoy said as he started walking in the direction, which was the same where the old lady had taken Long Chen. 

Since the lady was old and Long Chen was heavy for her; she had to drag him a bit which in turn left these trails that were being followed by the Envoys.

The blood trails were leading them right to the hut of the old lady. 


Long Chen had reached the Empire of Du where he had first stepped foot in this world. The Royal Palace of this Empire was the place that had the portal that connected this world and the world, which was his destination. 

The problem was that he still wasn't at his hundred percent, though. And to reach the portal, he needed to travel through many defenses. And if he crossed paths with Emperor Du or his son, it was going to be chaotic.