Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 584 - 584: Flames

" On the other hand, another son of your Family's bloodline will be living the king's life because of his incredible talent. If only your mother had found a husband like Mu Yun's husband, she and you might have had a decent life as well. See how the wrong choices of your mother destroyed so many people's lives," she added again.

Long Jun didn't react, but he occasionally looked at the screen ahead.


Long Chen opened the door with the flame symbol and saw a barren land inside. He could also feel hot winds brushing against his face even though he had not entered the room. 

On the other end of this room, he saw the stairs. 

"The stairs. I guess they take the person to the next floor, but it shouldn't be so easy. This room should be a trial, and so should other rooms. I should try other rooms to see what's inside them," Long Chen muttered as he closed the door.

He looked towards the other door, but his expressions changed as he noticed that the other doors had disappeared. There was only one door in this corridor that was still left, and that was the door which was right in front of Long Chen, the door with the flame symbol.

'I guess the other doors disappeared when I opened this one. It must've been seen as my choice, and one can probably only choose one here. I can only enter this one now," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the door before him.

He opened it again and entered the room.

As he entered the room, he felt his skin burn as if thousands of flame devils were trying to burn his body to ashes.

Long Chen took his first step inside the room, but that caused some kind of chain reaction as the whole ground started burning. 

'Oh? This place... It must be a trial to cross through the fire, but it's nothing to me. This little things can't affect me with my laws,' Long Chen thought as a flicker of black flashed through his eyes.

A thin layer of spatial barrier surrounded his body, which was invisible, which made it so that the flames couldn't even touch his body. The flames were separated by the separate space between them and Long Chen's body, but since the space couldn't be seen, to the other, it just seemed like the fire couldn't affect Long Chen.

Long Chen walked ahead and landed on the ground as he smiled.

He quickly passed through this room and reached the stairs at the end of it.

Even though this was nothing for Long Chen, the ones that were watching him on the screen were surprised a lot.


"Looks like he did awaken some of his father's abilities. The flames didn't harm him. Hahaha, that man's son might just become another terrifying creature in the future," The Temple Master laughed as he saw Long Chen pass through the room easily.


"How can he pass through so easily. He's definitely cheating. That room should be one of the most difficult! That fire can pierce through any defensive skill and burn the Cultivator! He's definitely cheating," Elder Fu Min snorted.

" Are you calling my son a cheater?" Mu Yun let out as she released her aura that filled the whole field. Even Fu Min was forced to take a step back.

"Ah... No, not at all. I was just mumbling about something else," Elder Fu Min said as she waved her hand.

Mu Yun kept glaring at her but ultimately retracted her aura as she stopped looking at her and focused again on the screen.

"Congrats, Mu Yun. Your son is doing great,"

A lot of Elders congratulated Mu Yun after seeing Long Chen's amazing performance.

"Thank you," Mu Yun thanked everyone who congratulated her, but she was still concerned for Long Chen since the farther one went in the trial, the more difficult it became.

Ruan Yi was standing in the back, smiling.


Long Chen climbed the stairs and reached the second floor of the Hall of Death.

He found himself in an empty room. There was no door to leave this room. The stairs that led downstairs had also disappeared. Long Chen was trapped in this room.

"What am I supposed to do?" Long Chen inquired, but he knew that no one would answer him.

"There seems to be no way to leave this room. You can teleport back using your space law, but that would be unwise. You can probably break the walls of this room if you used all your strength, though," Xun told Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

" I can't do that. I can't do anything that is too shocking. I can show some talents since Mu Lin was a genius, but breaking the room will be too obvious. Also, I can't use it without using my skills and the King's Sword," Long Chen said as he shook his head.

"Hmm? Is he talking to himself?" Ruan Yi asked as she saw Long Chen's lips moving.

" He must be talking to himself. Anyone would. Getting closed in a room without any information would be confusing," Mu Yun replied.

"He won't be alone for long. The next candidate that passes through the first floor will also end up in this room," Ruan Yi said.


Long Chen walked to the walls of the room and tried testing them to see if there was something that he was missing, but he found nothing strange here.

He even checked the ground, but everything seemed familiar. He found nothing that could leave him to the next room. All the walls had the same strength, according to him, so the walls were definitely here. There was definitely no secret door in the walls. At Least there was not one yet.

" It would be best to just wait for now. There must be something that's going to happen in this room, which will open the path ahead," Long Chen muttered as he walked back to a wall and sat down.

After ten minutes passed, Long Chen saw an opening being made on the ground.

He stood up and saw the stairs. He also saw a person coming up through the stairs.

" It's you," Long Chen let out as he saw the person. " You are quite late."

It was Wang Zun that had finished the first and the second trial. His Second Trial was comparatively easier since his luck was good, and the door he chose turned out to be one with an easier trial. His trial was much easier than the one of Long Chen.

"Mu Lin? You're here too!" Wang Zun let out in a loud tone after he stepped on the floor and saw Long Chen.

The stairs behind him disappeared as well after he stepped on this floor.

Long Chen was smiling as he saw Wang Zun. He had received an idea about the purpose of this room and why he had to wait.

His assumption was proven to be right as he heard a voice.

"The two of you need to battle, and only the winner can pass to the next layer of the trial. The battle needs to be a battle to the death once it starts. Both of you have one chance to leave this battle without fighting, and that is if one of you crush your escape Crystal, and leave the trial. If no one crushes the crystal, the battle will begin, and the door will only open if one of you is dead."

A voice echoed in the whole room, which sounded like the voice of the Temple Priest.

" You heard the voice! Hurry up and crush your crystal!" Wang Zun told Long Chen.

"Oh? Why do you think that I will be the one crushing my crystal? Do it yourself if you're in such a hurry," Long Chen replied casually.