Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 629 - 629: Failure Or Success?

Long Chen stood on his Spirit Sword and started flying in the direction of the continent of dreams as he wondered what new things he would get to see inside the Continent of Dreams.

The continent looked so vast that it seemed as if it stopped the entire sea.  There was a golden barrier all around the continent that separated it from the sea.

The only opening in the barrier that Long Chen could find was the official entrance to the continent where the ships were parked, but that place wasn't easy to break through. Even though Long Chen wasn't near that place, he was still able to see a plethora of problems in that place. The place was crowded with Cultivators, and he realized that most of them were Cultivators of the continent, checking everyone that entered the continent.

Long Chen couldn't go through the official entrance without bringing trouble to himself.

"The barrier seems pretty powerful. Not bad for a shabby continent in the lower realm," Xun muttered as she appeared near Long Chen and started observing the barrier.

"So what if it's powerful. It still has a big flaw that makes it useless against me," Long Chen replied casually as he kept his hands behind his back while flying towards the continent, yet far away from the official entrance.

"And what flaw would that be?" Xun asked Long Chen.

"The flaw is that it is semi-transparent. You know that the barriers can't prevent my Law of Space from activating. Even that Ancient Tomb wasn't able to stop me from using it and could only cut my Teleportation mid-way. Even if this barrier has that much strength, it would still be that useless in stopping me. A simple Teleportation would get me through," Long Chen explained casually.

"It's good that you know your strengths, but you should never grow overconfident. Sometimes anything is possible. This world has so many things that you can't even comprehend a fraction of it. There are many strange and mysterious barriers in this world. If you start relying on your Space Law too much, it's possible that you'll get in trouble one day or another," Xun told Long Chen as she sighed.

" I know about that, but this place is not the Immortal World. They wouldn't have any barriers like that. Space Law is like a myth. Even if someone had the barriers to stop spatial travel using Space Law, they wouldn't even think about it in a lower realm like this. Also, this is the only option I have if gaining an entry without having to kill. There's just a little risk," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

" There is indeed a risk, and I'm not telling you not to take this risk since it's obviously better than ramming through from the main entrance without thinking anything," Xun said, shaking her head as she explained her point.

" As for your first point, Why do you think a lower realm can't have things like those barriers? If the lower realm can have the inheritance of my master, then it can have anything," She added.

"That does make sense, but still... as I said, I'm not doing this because I'm overconfident, but I'm doing this because it's the best and most peaceful option, and you know that I love peace," Long Chen told Xun as he innocently smiled.

"I'm surprised that you can say that with a straight face," Xun replied as she rolled her eyes.

Long Chen reached near the coast of the New continent, three thousand kilometers away from the official entrance of the continent.

There was a semi-transparent barrier before him, and on the other side of the barrier, only barren land could be seen.

"This place should be safe. There are no guards on the other side at all. They must definitely trust the security of the barrier.

He didn't even bother testing the strength of the barrier and straight away started using his Law of Space.

Long Chen's eyes changed color and became like starry space. A flicker of spatial crack flashed around Long Chen for a brief second before Long Chen disappeared.

Long Chen appeared once again, but this time, he was on the other side of the barrier.

Long Chen looked back and saw the sea, which was separated from him by the barrier.

"As easy as it could be," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

" I guess you actually did it. You managed to enter the continent without getting caught. There shouldn't be a need to worry now. Just be alert and continue moving forward. Nothing bad can happen anymore," Xun told Long Chen as she nodded her head in appreciation

Long Chen couldn't help but sigh as he heard her words. He felt like facepalming himself. 

"You just had to do that. Why do I have a feeling that there's a red flag above my head now," Long Chen let out as he looked at Xun. 

He once again brought his Spirit Sword out of his storage ring and stood on it as he started flying away.


The Continent that Long Chen was currently standing in was called the Continent of Dreams. There was only one way to enter and leave this place, and that was the official entrance.

The Official entrance had many powerful Cultivators keeping guard. Even the weakest of those guards was a Peak Sky realm Cultivator, while the strongest ones were way stronger.

An older man was standing near the entrance of the entrance of the Continent of Dreams. The old man looked like he was in his mid-fifties. He was wearing a White Cultivators robe. 

He was looking at some papers in his hand when someone came flying towards him.

The person flying towards him was a middle-aged man who looked like he was in his late 30s. The man had silver hair and beautiful blue eyes. This man was also wearing the same robes as the old man, but there was a single difference.

While the old man's robe had 3 Stars, the silver-haired man's robe had two stars.

"Master Wuya!" The Silver Haired man said to the old man as he landed before him.

The old man had the highest authority here, and he was responsible for the security of the Continent against foreigners. He was called Lian Wuya.

"Guqin? What are you doing here? Did something happen?" Master Wuya inquired softly. Even though he didn't speak any loud, his voice was filled with so much power that the silver-haired man heard it quickly, even though it was nothing more than a whisper.

"Something big has happened. I needed to urgently inform you," Guqin replied to the old man.

"What happened? What can be so serious that you needed to come here to inform me," Wuya asked Guqin as he glanced at him casually.

" The formation activated. A foreigner has appeared in our continent without the pass," The silver-haired man answered Wuya with a grave expression on his face.

"Someone entered without the pass? Does that mean someone was able to pass through the entrance without getting checked? Or could it be that the person used some other methods?" Wuya muttered as he frowned.

The Continent of the Dreams had a rule that everyone here knew about. The people that came here from other continents had to follow a formality.

They all had to pay a fee to enter the Continent of Dreams and register themselves. They also had to give a drop of their blood for the registration. After the registration, The foreigners were given a pass. They were called legal foreigners, and the access only worked as their permit to enter the continent.

Every once in a while, there were Cultivators that tried to sneak inside without registering because they couldn't afford to pay. Still, the security of this continent was so fierce that in the last thousand years, no one has succeeded in entering without a pass.

That was why Wuya found it so strange. Someone had managed to enter, and he entered without a pass. It was shocking, and it also broke his confidence in the security of the continent. He believed that it was because of the lax guards that didn't notice someone sneaking inside.

The Continent had so many measures in place to prevent Illegal foreigners from entering. They even had measures in place to see if illegal foreigners entered inside the continent.

They had surrounded the area inside the barrier up to the length of five kilometers with a formation that alerted them if any person without a pass stepped inside the barrier. 

When Long Chen entered the continent, he had stepped on the land, which activated the barrier and alerted the Cultivators about him.

Long Chen was thinking that he had sneaked inside, but the reality was that the Guards of the barrier already knew about this now.

" Do you have his location?" Wuya asked the silver-haired man as he glanced at him.