Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1138 - 1038: Forcing Down

Chapter 1138: Chapter 1038: Forcing down

Not a single person here understood how Long Chen was able to grow so much. While Prince Zhu thought that Long Chen was actually an old man disguised as a young guy, Yue Fei knew the truth, and she understood that it wasn't the truth.

She had seen Long Chen many times before, and he wasn't old at all. In fact, there was a time when he was even weaker than her.

"You're a Heaven Realm Cultivator?" Yue Fei asked Long Chen, making sure.

Long Chen glanced back at her, but he didn't say anything. He wondered if he should really tell her that he was a Saint Realm expert now. But that would be too shocking.

"You've broken through to the Earth Realm. Not bad at all." Instead of telling the truth, Long Chen changed the topic.

Yue Fei took a deep breath as she sighed.

"Earth Realm is not bad? Says a guy that broke through to Heaven Realm? I'm not sure if it was sarcasm," Yue Fei asked as she smiled wryly.

"Why would it be sarcasm? I really meant that," Long Chen answered as he smiled.

"Anyway, tell me more. Did anyone else in your family survive other than Yue Lian?" He asked.

"Yue Luan is dead too. Only one brother of mine survived, Yue Ming, who wasn't in the city on that disastrous day," Yue Fei answered as he glanced back at the Royal City, which was getting more distant with each passing second.

'Her Half Brother is the only one who survived then?' Long Chen thought as he observed Yue Fei.

He didn't say anything as he stopped looking at her.

He still needed to think about how to tell her the truth, but first, he needed to help her.

The Sun Destroying Condor flew like lightning and soon reached the Royal City of Zhu, which was even bigger than Dragon City.

"T-the golden one is my Palace. Don't destroy it. I'll get her brother freed instantly," Prince Zhu told Long Chen as he saw them reaching Royal City.

"I won't do anything but talk. Don't worry," Long Chen replied, smiling.

Even though Prince Zhu heard Long Chen's confirmation, he didn't know why but he felt like something was wrong. He just couldn't put his finger on it. It didn't seem like Long Chen was lying either.

"C-can you put me down now? After seeing your true strength, only an idiot would dare to do something against you," Prince Zhu further said. He was still in Long Chen's grasp, and he still wasn't free.

Long Chen freed Prince Zhu and let him land on the back of the Sun Destroying Condor that had started going down near the Royal Palace.

The Royal Palace was surrounded by guards who saw a strange flying beast approaching them, but they didn't dare to try to stop him. Just the aura around the Sun Destroying Condor was enough to tell them that offending him was going to be a problem.

Moreover, they could also see their Prince on the back of the Sun Destroying Condor. Maybe the ones who were coming here were friends of the Prince.

They didn't pull out their weapons and just waited for Long Chen's arrival.

The Sun Destroying Condor landed on the ground. Long Chen and the others stepped down before the Sun Destroying Condor once again flew in the air and started flying above the Royal Palace.

Prince Zhu understood what it was. So this was what he meant when he said he wasn't going to do anything and only talk. He was also hoping to use his beasts as intimidation tactics.

'Looks like he really wants to show off,' Prince Zhu thought as he smiled wryly.

A powerful aura was surrounding the Royal Palace belonging to the Sun Destroying Condor. Long Chen hadn't even released his aura yet.

"Step aside. Let our guests enter. I need to take him to my father!" Prince Zhu told the Guards to step aside.

The guards listened without asking any questions, clearing the path.

"There's no need. Your father is coming," Long Chen chimed in as he placed his hands behind his back like an experienced old man.

"Huh?" Prince Zhu was confused as he couldn't see his father, but he soon understood. Long Chen was using his Divine Sense, which let him see everything inside the Royal Palace.

Just as he had said, the King soon stepped out of the Palace, attracted by the strong aura outside his palace.

As he stepped out of the Palace, he looked up only to find an intimidating beast flying in the Sky.

He soon found Long Chen standing behind his son as well. Even though Long Chen was standing there with a serene look on his face, there was no aura around him which made the King wonder who this guy was.

"Zhu? What are you doing here? And who is that beast?" The King asked his son.

"That beast belongs to this Great Master," Prince Zhu said as he respectfully gestured towards Long Chen.

"That powerful beast is this kid's? Fascinating," the King muttered as he touched his beard and straightened it.

"Father! You're misunderstanding! He's no kid! Talk to him with respect! You have no idea who he is!" Prince Zhu said as he started sweating. His father just called this Monster a kid?

"Great Master, please forgive me, father. He's naive," he asked for forgiveness from Long Chen as he bowed before him.

"Bring Yue Ming here. I want him now," Long Chen said calmly. It didn't seem like he was angry.

"Guards! Bring the brother of Princess Yue! Right now!" Prince Zhu commanded his guards, yelling.

"Zhu! What are you doing? Who is he? And why are you freeing her brother? Moreover, why is she here in the first place? Wasn't today her marriage?" King Zhu asked his son, getting irritated. There were many questions in his head.

"There's no marriage. I'm afraid it's canceled. Moreover, there won't be any marriage ever again unless it's with Yue's wishes," Long Chen finally opened his lips as he started stepping towards King Zhu.

"What? Who actually are Y-" the King again tried to ask, but before he could even finish his sentence, Long Chen released his aura.

As soon as Long Chen released his aura, it spread everywhere like a Tsunami.

His powerful aura wasn't limited to the short space. Instead, it covered the entire Royal City!

As the Aura hit the King, he was forced down to his knees as if his body wasn't in his control.

Not only King Zhu but all the guards also went down on their knees, not able to resist. Prince Zhu also went down on his knees.