Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1017 - 1017: Heavenly Demon Race

Amongst the big number of people that were standing here, only one of them was the real threat to Long Chen with the formation he was holding. As long as the formation wasn't here, Long Chen would be able to do anything he wished in this place.

He would be the Emperor of this place who would be impossible to stop. Space was his biggest ally after all, and that ability itself was stopped with the help of this formation. He knew that the first thing he needed to do was to stop this. 

The dark-haired man was the one who was holding the formation in his head, looking at Long Chen and the Emperor. 

The Emperor, on the other hand, was looking at Long Chen, who was breathing heavily. 

The Emperor noticed Long Chen looking towards the dark-haired man while trying to be subtle. 

"Hahaha, do you think I wouldn't notice it? You want to target him, don't you?" the Emperor said as he pointed towards the dark-haired man, stunning Long Chen, who seemed taken aback. 

It was as if he hadn't expected the Emperor to realize his intentions. 

The Emperor raised his hand towards the Dark Haired man as he commanded, "Throw that scroll here! You're too weak to protect it. He might try taking it from you. As long as that's with me, he can't do anything."

"Yes, Your Majesty," the dark-haired man responded as he threw the formation scroll towards the Emperor. 

The fellow guards that stood near him were shocked by the sudden action of the Dark Haired man. 

"You duffer! What did you do?"

The guards screamed at the Dark Haired man.

"Huh? What do you mean? I listened to his Majesty's commands. Do you want me to say no to him?" the Dark Haired man said. 

"What commands? What do you mean?" the guards yelled, even more furious. 

"What?" the dark-haired man couldn't understand their words. What was this guy trying to say?

It was only then that he realized what had happened as he saw ahead. He had made a big mistake. 

Previously, he thought that the Emperor and Long Chen had stopped fighting, but only now could he see that the two were still fighting. 

Moreover, the scroll was not thrown towards the Emperor but towards Long Chen. He couldn't understand. What happened? Was he dreaming? Was he hallucinating now, or was he hallucinating before?

"You idiot!" Even the Emperor himself was furious at the dark-haired guard for throwing the scroll here. 

However, if he has thought for a little while, he would have realized that it was probably because Long Chen fooled the guy. 

Only the Emperor here knew about Long Chen's Illusions. But he was too enraged to think clearly about the reason for his guard throwing the scroll here. 

First, he needed to get the scroll so that it didn't land in Long Chen's hand. 

"That's mine!" Long Chen commanded as he flew towards the scroll that was flying towards him. 

Four beautiful wings appeared on his back, two golden and two black, increasing his speed even further. 

"Those wings?" The sudden appearance of Long Chen's heavenly demon wings stunned the Emperor, who looked at Long Chen, wondering how it was possible. He remembered reading about wings like these before. How did Long Chen have these?

According to the ancient book that Lu Junwan read when he was young, wings like these belonged to the Heavenly Demon Race that lived in the Demon Realm. 

The Heavenly Demon Race was said to be legendary. They were called Demons, but in reality, they could be compared with the warriors of Heavenly Realm who were like gods to people. 

The Heavenly Demon Race and the Heavenly God Race were the two of the strongest races. How did Long Chen have the wings of Heavenly Demon Race? Why?

Was he a descendant of the Heavenly Demon Race? Was he a Heavenly Demon himself? In any case, if that was true, Long Chen was an even more significant threat.  

The Heavenly Demon Race was seen with disdain in the whole universe. That's why the term Demon was vilified. It was said that the Heavenly Demon Race had wiped a lot of civilization that so much as annoyed them. 

Even the Immortal World didn't involve themselves in the conflict of the Heavenly Demon Race.

As for the mortal worlds, they couldn't stay out of the conflict. 

Amongst the thousands of mortal worlds, more than half of them were under the Heavenly Gods Race, while the other half was under the Heavenly Demon Race.

Since this world was under Heavenly Gods Race, obviously they hated the Heavenly Demons despite never seeing them before. 

Now that he has seen a person who could potentially be a Heavenly Demon, Lu Junwei was conflicted. 

He knew that he had to stop Long Chen and kill him. Not only that, he needed to inform the Immortal World about the appearance of the Heavenly Demon here. If he failed to do any of that and it was exposed, he would be considered a traitor by gods if exposed. 

He was heavily conflicted now. Previously he thought he must capture Long Chen but after this discovery, killing him was the only option. But if he did that, he was going to break the heart of Mingyu. 

It was a hard decision, but he had no choice but to do it, even if it meant breaking the heart of his daughter. 

"I can't let him escape!"

He flew as fast as he could to catch the scroll before Long Chen. If Long Chen caught the scroll and destroyed it, this was going to be difficult to stop him. 

Unfortunately, his speed was slower than Long Chen, whose speed was augmented by the Heavenly Demon Wings. 

He realized that he couldn't catch the scroll faster. There was only one option left for him now. 

With a heavy heart, he decided to do something. He decided to kill his pride and attack his opponent when his back was facing him. 

As a proud warrior, he never attacked an opponent whose back was facing him as it was an act of cowardice in his eyes. But now that he had no other choice, he decided to do the same. 

In the last moments, this was all he could do. 

Moreover, Long Chen had no defense now. A single attack was going to kill him. 

The Emperor stopped chasing Long Chen as he waved his hand. A scythe made entirely of Qi shot out towards Long Chen's neck, faster than the speed of Long Chen.