Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1253 - 1253: Regret

"Everything is prepared now. If only this ring could locate the descendants of this bloodline, I would be done." 

It was clear to Xun now. She was fooled! Her previous emotions were fake. She had never been on any adventures with Tian Shen. 

Instead, the only real experience she had was with Long Chen. 

Opening her eyes, she stared at Long Chen, who was sitting on the bed with his eyes closed. 

Tears appeared in the eyes of Xun. She couldn't believe that everything she knew was a lie. Half her life was a lie. For a fake person, she was about to hurt Long Chen. 

Despite all that, Long Chen still helped her get a real human life. 

Her guilt was immense, which was from the bottom of her heart.

She opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out of her mouth. 

She couldn't gather any courage to say something. 

Snake Monarch noticed her plight and the tears in her eyes. He understood everything. He knew Xun was regretting as she realized how wrong she was. 

Snake Monarch flew towards Xun, circling around her.

"You're really lucky to have a person like him. Despite all that you had for him in your head, he never hated you. Don't waste this opportunity a second time," he told Xun. 

Xun nodded her head in regret. "I know."

She stood up and stepped closer to Long Chen as she wiped her tears. 

She sat on the bed, facing Long Chen. She reached out her hands and grabbed his hands.

As she grabbed Long Chen's hands, she noticed his eyes open. 

A confused pair of eyes looked at Xun as Long Chen opened his eyes. 

"Did you finish comprehending the skill?" Long Chen asked.

Xun nodded her head apologetically. 

Seeing the regret on Xun's face, Long Chen couldn't help but smile wryly. He understood everything. He knew she not only comprehended the skill, but she also used it on herself. 

"You used it?" he asked. 

Xun nodded her head. 

"What did you find?" Long Chen asked. 

"Everything you said was the truth," Xun said. "Half my memories were a lie."

"I already knew it. Anyway, what more did you find about Tian Shen? Do you know where he is?" Long Chen asked Xun. 

Xun shook her head, sighing. "I only saw his face after I came into existence. After that, he sent me back in the ring before tossing me to your planet. I don't know where he is."

"Sigh, it's fine. I'm sure he'll come to me himself as soon as my Bloodline reaches full concentration," Long Chen said. 

"Fortunately, we have a lot of time till that happens," Snake Monarch added. 

"Ah, Snakey. How many times have I told you not to raise any red flags?" Long Chen asked, glaring at the Snake Monarch. 

"What red flag? I didn't raise anything. I need hands to raise flags even if I wanted to," Snake Monarch responded. 

"Forget it," Long Chen said, too lazy to say anything. 


He shifted his attention to Xun as he continued. "Xun, you want to meet my family? There are some that already knew about you. I'm sure they'll love to meet you."

"I would love to meet them as well," Xun nodded. 

Long Chen held the hand of Xun before he sent her to his inner world.

"Keep an eye on this place in my absence. If there is any risk, place this talisman on my forehead. I'll wake up. Alright? Stay alert," Long Chen commanded the Snake Monarch before he also sent his consciousness inside his inner world. 

His body on the outside dropped to the bed. 


Long Chen appeared inside his Inner World and met with his Parents before he introduced Xun to them. 

When talking about Xun, he described her as the person that had always been with him whenever he needed any help. She was like his teacher that taught him a lot of times and helped him as his spirit guide. 

He didn't talk about the bad things, though. 

After introducing Xun to everyone, Long Chen left her here for a little while before he left.

 He knew he couldn't leave his body unattended like this even though he had Snake Monarch there to keep an eye on things. 


He appeared in the real world to find Snake Monarch looking at something outside b

"What are you looking outside?" He asked the Snake Monarch. 

"You woke up at just the right time. Look outside. A lot of Royal Guards are in front of the hotel. There's also someone powerful here. I can feel his powerful aura even from here," Snake Monarch informed Long Chen. 

Long Chen got off the bed as he walked towards the window.

Through the window, he looked outside. 

He could see that the Snake Monarch was right. A lot of the guards were outside. Moreover, that wasn't all. 

He also noticed a powerful cultivator who was looking around. Through the aura, Long Chen was able to make a few guesses. 

"It looks like he is the Western General. Only he could have an aura like this. His aura isn't as strong as Lord Glen, but it isn't weaker than mine either," Long Chen said. 

"Why do you think they're here?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen. 

"How would I know? But if I were to guess, they're probably here because of the Qi Disturbance which was caused by what we did."

"Or it could also be because that thief is hiding here," Long Chen explained. 

"Huh? How did they know we're hiding here?" Snake Monarch exclaimed in shock.

"By thief, I meant the other thief!" Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. "I wasn't talking about myself!" 

"Ah, that's right! They must be on his trail!"

"The possibility of that happening is really low. Let's just ignore them for a while. In any case, they're never going to know it's us they're looking for. No need to be concerned."

Walking back, Long Chen laid on the bed, resting. 

There was still time to meet the Princess. Until then, he had nothing to do but relax. 

"Yeah. They can never find us," Snake Monarch added as he also sat beside Long Chen.


Outside the hotel, the Western General nodded. "You're right. I feel the Disturbance as well. For it to still be here, the Qi Depletion must have been a lot."

"Exactly. Our men also said that they believed it was coming from a certain floor of this hotel. They even checked that place, but they didn't find anything," the captain replied. 

"Which floor? Take me to it!' the Western General said.