Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1051 - 1051: Interrupted

"What happened? You don't want to enter my body? You're pretty rude. You hurt my emotions. Pay for that!" Long Chen laughed as he flew towards the Dark Spirit with his Dark Sword, intending to cut him. 

The Dark Spirit was still feeling the burning pain and wasn't able to move.  It could only watch Long Chen come closer to it. 

Was he going to die? That's what the Ancestor thought as he saw the intimidating sword coming towards him, roaring to cut him apart. He had no hope left.

The Sword of Time reached near the Dark Spirit, but it couldn't hit. 

A metallic sound was hurt as the Sword was intercepted by another sword. 

"Young man, enough is enough. All three demands of yours were fulfilled. Now leave and don't interfere in our tournament. Or..."

The one who was stopping Long Chen was none other than Emperor Du. He couldn't watch the Dark Spirit die since it was a participant. If he were dead while they did nothing, he would be seen as weak. There were many political reasons at play as well.

"Or what?" Long Chen asked, frowning. "Or you'll use that frightened bunny skill to dodge all my attacks?" 

Long Chen didn't bother with cordiality at the moment. The man was threatening him. And he didn't care one bit for him. 

"This man threatened my family and tortured my friend. Not only that, he tried to take over my body. I don't care about your tiny tournament. Go play house somewhere else," he said. 

The pitch-black sword had once again started shining with dark light, just like Long Chen's eyes. It was unclear if it was the sword influencing him at the moment or him influencing the sword since both were the same now. 

"I'm saying for your own wellbeing. You already committed crimes worth death by killing our guests. I'm still letting you leave alive. I already have a reason to kill you. Please don't give me one more reason. I'm sure you understand," Emperor Du said calmly without moving back. 

Hearing the Emperor's words, Long Chen couldn't help but laugh. His laughter was mixed with a bit of mockery, it seemed. "So you're using my own line to threaten me. It's funny."

In the back and forth of the Emperor and Long Chen, the Dark Spirit was finally able to move. It knew that it was the most vulnerable in its Spirit form. 

It needed a new body. The two closest to him were Long Chen and Emperor Du. Emperor Du was as strong as him before his death. So he couldn't be possessed. As for Long Chen, that guy was even worse. Possessing him was no less than dying. 


Back in the Esteria Empire of this world, Mingyu's father had just entered his Royal Chamber. He had tried hard to find Long Chen, but it seemed useless. 

"That guy once again escaped. He took my son as well. I swear to god if he did anything to Lu Wang, I'll twist that man's neck with my own hands," Emperor Lu muttered, frowning. 

"Your Majesty, don't worry. We will find his Highness. He would be safe. The search is still ongoing. Please don't stress," the Royal Eunuch said to the Emperor. 

"How can I not worry? My only son is missing. I don't even know if he is alive or not. I can't think about anything else. My mind isn't working," the Emperor sighed as he sat on the throne, frowning. His concern was still evident on his face. 

"Your Majesty, today should be the Trial of worlds. You couldn't attend, but you can still watch. Maybe that will help you calm down a little? It should have started by now," the Eunuch informed the Emperor. He couldn't see his Emperor worried and suggested this to divert his mind to other things. 

"Sigh, fine. Let's see," the Emperor muttered as he lazily brought out a big silver mirror from his storage ring. 

The mirror flew in the center of the hall as it started showing the visuals of the arena. 

At first, the Emperor didn't even bother to look. He closed his eyes, still worrying about his son. It was the Eunuch, on the other hand, who saw. 

"Your Majesty! Prince Heir is there! Look! We found him!" the Eunuch exclaimed. 

"Hmm? He's there? Why would he be there?" Emperor Lu exclaimed as he raised his head to watch. 

"What the heck?! He's clashing with Emperor Du? Did he truly lose his mind?"

Watching what Long Chen was doing, the Emperor stood up, shocked. 

"He's only inviting his death," the Eunuch muttered. 

"If he died, we would never know where my son is! I need to get my answer from him first! Only after telling me about Ji Shan is he allowed to die!" The Emperor roared in rage as he brought a long distance Teleportation Talisman. 

It was a pretty rare talisman as it was able to make a person Teleport to wherever he wished, no matter how much the distance. The only limitation was that the location must be seen by the person personally prior to using the Talisman. 

Without thinking twice, the Emperor used the talisman as he disappeared. 


Since there was no other person close enough to the Ancestor, he decided to take over General Wuki. He seemed close enough. And he wasn't a Saint Realm Cultivator yet. It seemed possible to possess him. 

The Dark Spirit flew towards General Wuki like lightning, instantly appearing beside him. Long Chen noticed that and ignored Emperor Du as he Teleported behind general Wuki, trying to kill him since the Dark Spirit had already entered him. It was impossible to bring it out without killing the main body. 

Also, it wasn't as if General Wuki was any good guy, so Long Chen didn't feel bad for killing him. General Wuki was already someone who deserved a thousand deaths for the things he did. 

It also happened to be when Emperor Lu appeared in the arena. Emperor Du flew towards Long Chen to stop him from being rash. 

'Emperor Du, stop! Don't attack him!" Emperor Lu called out. He believed that Long Chen would be dead if Emperor Du attacked him. That couldn't be allowed. At Least not now. 

As Emperor Du stopped to look back, Long Chen thrust his Sword towards General Wuki's heart. 

"Kekeke, you're too late, kid," a grim Voice came from General Wuki's mouth as he moved, dodging the attack while simultaneously creating distance between him and Long Chen. 

"It's never too late," Long Chen replied as he again appeared near General Wuki while swinging his sword with full force.